Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Appointed by Francis. Arrested!

I knew this picture of Pope Francis' banking adviser was out there but I couldn't find it. Thanks to Sarmaticus for posting on it. 


No time to write.

Read here.

Or here.

Or especially even here. 

And here from Tantumblogo:

The woman mentioned below – Francesca “Immaculate” Chaouqui – is quite a creature.  She played a substantial role in the original Vatileaks that helped bring down the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI.  She was “rewarded” for her performance in the period circa 2009-13 with a substantial role in the Vatican Prefecture for Economic Affairs, the activities of which (in a predecessor form) also played a huge role in bringing down the pontificate of PBXVI.  There was substantial scandal when this self-promoting libertine and exceedingly progressive woman was promoted to this position by Pope Francis.  She apparently feels no compunction biting the hand that feeds, in now leaking numerous additional economic documents that form the basis for two soon to be forthcoming expose books on Vatican finances.  These books are oriented towards embarrassing and undermining the Church, furthering the flight of especially Italian souls.


Greg J Ben said...

On a personal level, we ought to learn a lesson from the Vatican Mess that has been going on since, even before Vatican II (Vatican II was the culmination, the result):

Don't mess with the world.

Don't court the world.

Don't please the world.

Your, job as a Christian (lay or clergy) assigned to you by Christ is the following:

1 - Obey His Commandments.

2 - Preach the Gospel.

3 - Accept the world's rejection, even if you're the last human believing in Christ.

4 - Await the Return of Christ.

And you will have peace with yourself and with God. But most importantly, you will have Eternal Life, seeing God face to face.

Faith - Preaching - Perseverance - Hope

If Christians, since the Apostles time, followed exactly all these four Commandments of God, the current mess in the Church would have never happened.

When Jesus comes back, will He find faith on earth?

I don't think so.

Dorota said...

@ Greg

He will. We know this.

When I tried to love the world, it would spit me out. I was hurt, I asked: "Why me of all people?"

Now I know. No matter how hard we try to be non-judgemental, understanding and supportive, we will be discovered quickly, if we love Truth more than our neighbour.

This is why I understood this pope so quickly. He loves humanity so much, and God so little, he has absorbed the ways of the world with all its treachery masked as kindness so completely, he doesn't even know he left no room for the Holy Ghost. I really think that his humility has deceived him and turned into its opposite. Pride is a grave sin. This pope might believe that it is his duty to save the world, when all he had to do was to LISTEN to the Word of God and to obey it. There is also Our Lady with her Fatima requests.

Anonymous said...

Vatican Arrests Portend New Banking Scandal http://www.henrymakow.com/

Tancred said...

I think she's still Bergoglio's creature. The books being published show him as the unsung hero.

S. Armaticus said...

There is an old saying that call me what you like, just don't call me late for dinner.

For future reference, it's S.Armaticus.

B/t/w the picture really captures her ambiance. And now that she's pregnant...