Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Why are Cardinal Collins and the Canadian bishops trying to guilt Canadian Catholics over residential schools?

For the second week, the Archdiocese of Toronto Facebook page has featured reflections on the Advent Readings by Regina Bishop Donald Bolen linking all of them with the residential school system that was developed in Canada between 1880 and the 1960s. 

Residential schools for native Canadians was an official Government of Canada policy. It was designed to "educate" the children by removing them from their families, often nomadic depending on where in Canada and which tribe. The education involved the repudiation of their native languages and cultures. Economic development demanded that the provinces and federal government control the land to be sold off to immigrant farmers and developed for resources. Our native Canadians were in the way. It was a different time. The matter of the involvement of the Catholic Church and mainline Protestant ones was dealt with more than a decade ago. It came to the fore recently due to unmarked and abandoned graves being discovered provoking outrage. It is a complex issue. However, the Catholic Church had no business taking children from their families to re-educate them in anything. The bishops and religious orders of the day did the government's bidding for money, just as they have over the last nearly two years with the closure of churches. In fact, in many dioceses, including Toronto, people still cannot receive Holy Communion on the tongue causing many to continue an abhorrent eucharistic fast.

Now, Collins and his ilk are trying to blame the laity and tell us what we must do. 

No, you deal with it. I had nothing to do with this nor did my family which began in Canada in 1886. My grandfather, a merchant in Fredericton, fed many of the Micmac. In Toronto, my paternal one gave food away during the Great Depression. 

The laity did not do this. The laity must without any money that these deceitful bishops try to coerce in an effort to assuage the political focus of the day. 

Not one penny!


Evangeline said...

Because they are evil, weak, and stupid. The new religion is diversity, and men weak men like these in the church adhere to their new religion. These are not Christians. These are willing serfs to multiculturalism, into which they have been indoctrinated. The greatest sin? Not adhering to their new religion, not practicing political correctness or failing to bow to minority culture. Follow these men right into the trash heap of history. They care not for Jesus Christ. They care not for Christendom nor Christianity or Christians. They are largely effeminate appeasers, hoping to please their masters further up the Catholic mainstream church foodchain, as well as not be eaten by the hordes of non-Christian barbarians they fear. They hug the flaccid and submissive middle. Do not be confused. These men will not lead you to Jesus Christ, only their idea of a politically correct and feminine Christ they created in their own heads. Apologize for yourself! Apologize for your ancestors! Apologize for your skin color! Apologize for working hard and succeeding! Admit that you are inferior and "others" are superior, give up your homes, your jobs, and your self-esteem to anyone of color or just not from the West, who are your betters. Give up your culture, whatever it is, unless it originates from the desired nations or is pagan, and then you will get along with men such as these, just fine. You will not hear a defense of the early missionaries, who gave their lives to bring Christianity to the pagan natives. That is of no value to men like this. Missionaries were tortured, eaten, killed in the most brutal manner, and still more came, because to bring Christ to the natives was worth more to them than their lives. They understood the value of salvation and wanted it for everyone. They understood the Great Commission that Christ gave his disciples, and actually took that seriously and gave their lives for it. They did not believe that prostelytism was "solemn nonsense". They believed Christ and gave their lives for the souls of the people who killed them.
These men would not only have left the natives pagan, they invite them to worship pagan gods on sacred ground in the Vatican. If you're looking for Jesus Christ, don't look here.

Vox Cantoris said...

They should have indeed followed the example of St Jean de Brebeuf and all the Martyrs. Live amongst them, teach Christ and love them. Don’t participate in a government sponsored cultural genocide!

Barona said...

Only a corrupt local church would have followed the bidding of a masonic and Orange-protestant infested government. This the Canadian bishops did, just as their American brother bishops did, in their own desperate attempt to square the circle (known as "Americanism"). So too, the poison of "Canadianism" led these compromise cowards to follow their masonic-protestant masters in repudiating God's law and His Natural Law that parents are the primary caregivers and educators of their children.

These vile men, whom COVID has exposed as wretches, who locked us out of OUR churches, deprived (and continue to deprive us) us of the Sacraments, now want OUR money???

A Polish priest (a missionary in the north amongst the Natives) once told my father that the greatest crime/tragedy was how the government of Canada stripped the Native Canadians of their rights and reduced them to de facto children. Thus, they enslaved these poor souls placing them on perpetual welfare, deprived of their traditional lands and way of life. The Canadian bishops have been, and continue to be SILENT abut this outrage.

Vox you are absolutely correct: in fact, Pope John Paul II in a sermon here in Canada spoke about the real missionary spirit which involved living amongst and serving the Native Canadians.

Now we have these men who are silent before the gravest of evils (abortion, euthanasia, State totalitarianism, sexual perversion and attacks on the family) seeking to milk Canadians (many of them recent immigrants), none of whom had any involvement in these crimes. There is one group who DOES have an involvement in these crimes however. It is these bishops, who can trace their selection to previous generations of treacherous bishops who betrayed the Holy Family when they enjoined with the State to torture our Native brothers and sisters.

These men are shameless. It would be better that they sell off some of the hundreds of millions of their real estate, but I fear it would go to ruin, once in the hands of the Native Feudal "lords". The best solution I suggest would be these men en masse resign as a sign of admission of their betrayal of Christ and go and spend their final days as missionaries in the north.

Trying to steal OUR money for THEIR sins is beyond disgusting. May they spend their in sack cloth and ashes, serving the Indigenous communities.

Luciano said...

Read my lips NOT ONE PENNY

Unknown said...

If their is an admission from the Bishops of having been too accommodating to intrinsically evil government practices of the past, ought the Bishops of their day been more vociferous in their opposition? Should the Bishops have excommunicated Wilfred Laurier?
It is good that you raise the objection, based on the Bishops' unconditional apology that is was wrong to cooperate in an intrinsically evil act in the past, to our current crisis of Abortion and Covid. Do we need a commission in the future to rectify the lack of decisive action in our own day?