Saturday, 4 December 2021

Toronto area priest and proctologic aficionando Roy Roberts issues racist depiction of Our Lord Jesus Christ as a "terrorist."

Roy Roberts of St. Elizabeth Seton parish in Newmarket in the Archdiocese of Toronto issued a blasphemous statement about Our Lord Jesus Christ and at the same time, a stunning, obvious and clear racist statement equating all Middle Eastern men, including this writer, a descendant of four Lebanese grandparent immigrants, as all looking like "terrorists." As someone whose blood flows 100% from that beautiful land of St. Maroon, St. Charbel and my distant cousin Saint Rafqa I am offended and demand an apology!

Priest to apologize for 'racist' remark at Newmarket Catholic school - Newmarket News (

Back on September 17, 2012, we wrote here at Vox Cantoris: Musings on Orifices about Roy's upcoming proctological exploration adventure which Roy published in the parish bulletin. Alas, he has since removed the bulletin but not the evidence of his words. They live forever.  

We get poked and prodded and pricked in places... We are checked over and under and even where the "sun don't shine". Speaking of where the sun don't shine, it is time for my second colonoscopy. It is about two years behind (no pun intended) schedule... all good things must come to an end - so to speak... it is the preparation that is the drudgery of it all. They try to disguise the prep with obscure sounding processes like the drink "evacuates" your insides for the camera. (When I dreamed of being in pictures, this isn't what I had in mind). No one warns you of the act of violence that this liquid perpetuates on you with sudden and prolonged fury... So then, it is time to stock up on nice, soft, Cottonelle, move the television so it is visible from the w.c., juice up the DS Nintendo, put a book or two within reach, and get ready for an evening of "evacuations"... Cheers, and bottoms up, so to speak.

Our old friend, The Heresy Hunter wrote on this and other actions on the takeover of the parish by Roy.

Cardinal Collins has made it a habit of cancelling a few priests known to this blogger. If he's looking to cancel any others, Roy should be at the top of this list.


Unknown said...

By their fruits

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

One of the great advantages of being a Catholic over being a fool on a path of humanist self-acceptance and slef-realization is that we keep our bodily functions private and our private thoughts unexpressed publicly. Our parents have instilled in us a sense of proper conduct, which excludes public discussion of very private matters. The farther away I moved from my simple parents' "backward" ways during my life, the more prideful, classless and clueless I became. Thanks be to God I am back.

In this dark times, my family has been very blessed. First my Mother survived a serious surgery and sepsis, stunning her doctors, who called it God's miracle. Initially bed-ridden and in need of constant care, my Mother walks, cooks, and feels much better than before. Then my brother, the last one of five children, who was still wondering about in defiance of God, became interested in a random video about exorcists. He realized the reality of the devil, became frightened, and through this, began to see the need for God. We did not kill a fatted calf to celebrate, but only because we didn't have any.

This is something worth sharing, isn't it? Thank You God for all Your blessings. May God bells You and Yours.

It is so hard right now, and yet, we have each other here (when it is sometimes impossible to talk to own family members), and we know they Way, the Truth and the Life. It is Jesus Christ.

Evangeline said...

Dorota, so happy for your blessings! Thank you Jesus, you are so very good to us. Even in dark times, you are there.

I'm confused. Is that a priest? This does not look like a priest.
It is shocking bad manners for a priest to discuss a colonoscopy or other medical procedures. You can tell your Mom, your best friend, but not the laity, and not the public. Has Father not heard that there are priests/bishops who have been caught in flagrante delecto, with each other and with little boys and young men? That such acts made public cast a dirty pall over the entire church and priesthood, such that Catholic priests are now often the recipient of jokes and insults, since many in the public now consider them all vociferous homosexuals and flaming fairies? That to discuss his proctologist poking his nether regions, or the fact that he has publicly focused on his derriere is perhaps not a good look, for a Catholic priest in these times? Someone needs to tell Father.
Perhaps Father was having a bad day and is now embarrassed. Good. Father gets it. But as we have all seen too often, where there's smoke there is often fire, and I would be keeping a watchful eye if I were in that parish.