Saturday, 4 December 2021

Neil Oliver: Governments amount to hundreds, we amount to millions - the...


Evangeline said...

He saved the best for last. "They are few, and we are many." What dead-on accurate words, we must realize them and remember them. Mr. Oliver speaks the truth. It is time, people. We choose to be slaves or not.
What I always come back to is, these people in government are our employees. They don't exist on their own, they work for US. Outside of the US, that relationship may be written down differently, as I know it is in Australia. In America, our Founders worried and anticipated totalitarians, and wrote a Constitution and Bill of Rights against it. The US has government of the people, by the people, and for the people, and it is codified in our Constitution that if we the people, do not like the government we have, we are legally entitled to tear it down and put one in we DO like.
But freedom is not just concepts on paper. Freedom and liberty live in people's hearts, as Mr. Oliver said good and evil do. It is encumbent on every breathing person to decide if they desire freedom and liberty enough to fight for it.
One other thing, that "elbow bumping", is a sign of a compromised, weak individual. Shake hands like a human being. You bump elbows then proceed to touch "infected" objects all day long. It's stupid, and looks like a salute to tyranny. Refuse to do it. Let people stand there with their elbows pointed out and leave them hanging. Maybe good sense will return and people will realize they are being conditioned to salute or goose-step, and will stop it.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...


the elbow bumping is probably going to replace handshakes, and some people are not going to stop wearing muzzles, even if it should be permitted.
We are many, but among us most have submitted to the tyrants, with a sense of own heroism.
Many have taken the injection to be able to travel, but are saying now that they took it for the "common good". They heard on TV that taking the injection makes them into heroes. Children are being told that in schools. The trusting and naive children are being told that taking the jab equals love for their grandma and sister, and not taking it is selfish and evil. /The bishop of Rome keeps saying the same thing./ They are told to pressure their parents to get the injection, should they not have done so yet.

I do not think that it matters, how many we are. The majority are looking on, as we are marginalized, as we are told that soon we won't be permitted to enter grocery stores. They are looking on, as their co-workers are fired. They are looking on, as some die and get injured by the jab. They are looking on, as excess heart attacks after jabs in children and healthy young athletes are contributed to climate change. They even deny it was the jab, when their own children die soon after the shot.