Monday, 8 November 2021

How will you bear losing your Latin Mass community because of your pride over wearing a mask?

Seeing how you have now determined to go to other blogs to comment about this writer and the reality you still refuse to address, validates my decision to shut down all comments, I had considered restoring them though without the anonymous trolls. I've now decided that it's just not worth it.

A mask is a minor inconvenience in order to preserve the good. You don't deserve the good.

In the early days of SARS-CoV-2 in March 2020, gosh, it seems so long ago, I wrote on this blog about the wearing of a mask in church. It was prompted by a specific community that refused to do it even though the pastors in whose churches the Latin Mass community was guest literally begged them to comply. Those two communities were eventually barred from the use of two churches. I spoke with the leadership there as did the President of Una Voce Canada and we both stated the same thing. You will lose the Mass, this is neither the line in the sand nor the sword to fall on. They did not listen.

Right now in the Province of Ontario, the Chief Medical Officer of Health has ordered the wearing of a mask in indoor spaces and municipalities are enforcing it through by-laws (to my American readers, and ordinance.)

This post is not about whether or not masks work to limit the spread of any virus, are good or bad for you or whether this is all a communist plot to turn us into compliant sheep. My own opinion is that they stop droplets which can contain a virus and in some conditions would be a benefit, for a few minutes, maybe an hour (as surgeons wear for many) not a big deal and it can be anything from a communist globalist plot to an irrational fear of death to a legitimate act in a pandemic. Therefore, any comments about the pros and cons of masks or outrage at this writer will not be published. So, I am telling you write now, save your time and move along!

In Canada, and I believe the United States and much of the west, the dioceses exist under the term "corporation sole." The corporation is vested in the actual person of the bishop. The bishop owns the church, the rectory and everything in it from the organ in the loft to the refrigerator in the rectory kitchen, it is his. One may not like it but the owner of the property has the legal right to tell you how to behave on his or her property. If the bishop tells you to come into church you must have on a shirt and shoes, you would not argue. A mask, under the current government diktats for good or ill, is no different. 

It is not a matter of conscience. It is not compelled speech. It does not indicate agreement. It simply follows an order by the State and the owner of the property, (the bishop). While one may disagree, it is within the realm of "legitimate authority." St. Thomas More would have put on a mask to save the Mass and save his life. He would not have, out of sinful pride, jeopardized the survival of a community. He would have acted in charity to the needs of others and offered up the inconvenience of the hour in a mask to preserve something greater. He would "have given the Devil his due" to uphold the rule of law and preserve that which needs preserving.

Even the Society of St. Pius X priests whom I know have made it very clear. You wear a mask in the church so as not to provoke the State to shut them down! If it is good enough for them, in order to preserve their mission, it is good enough for you!

Do not! I repeat, do not give the Devil anything else. Do not put, out of your own pride, the existence of your Latin Mass community at risk of being killed of, particularly in this time of Traditionis Custodes. In fact, if you follow your pride and refuse to put on a mask because you think you are so much holier than those of us who do put it on, you are participating in an evil that will hurt everyone because you will have given the Devil and his minions the sword with which to cut off the heads of your neighbours. In your pride you are committing an uncharitable act against your neighbour because of the suffering that they will endure if the Devil and his minions have their way. Don't do it!

Friend, grow-up, man-up, woman-up, Catholic-up. It is not about you!