Sunday, 7 November 2021

Your right to be a fool

A letter was written by Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster to Arthur Roche, the Archbishop now in charge of the Congregation for Divine Worship. Both Bergoglian minions. I won't comment on it, you can read the actual correspondence and erudite commentary by Father Hunwicke, Father Zuhsdorf and Dr. Joseph Shaw below.

What I will state is this.

If you think there are no enemies to the traditional rite who will pounce to shut it down then you are a deluded idiot. If you think that your "right" not to wear a mask after you've been requested to do by your pastor on orders of the bishop who "owns" the property justifies your defiant political protest whilst putting the continuation of that Mass in jeopardy, you are a stupid fool and in the grave sin of disobedience to legitimate authority. You may not like it but that is a fact. 

If you wish to stick your finger in a light socket, well, you go right ahead. You sin against God because it would be suicide. God set the laws of physics and you know it. God set the power of legitimate authority. You don't need to like it, you need to obey it. The bishop has the right to require your mask.

If you, out of your pride, do this, you are objectively committing a sin. It is not a sin to wear a mask. If it is a sin on the part of the bishop to require it, God will deal with him. If your intransigence causes people to suffer the loss of the Holy Mass, God will deal with you. The lack of respect you show for courageous priests trying to navigate this crisis for the good of your soul is a disgrace.

If this offends you, too bad. You have no right to cause other people the emotional and spiritual suffering that has already hit various communities over this issue and that of the repugnant motu proprio linked below.

They are coming for us. Why would you jeopardize everything? Shame on you. You dare put it at risk for your stupid pride? The sorrow of many will be on you.

I have no sympathy or respect for you. Whether you do for me is not my issue. 

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