Friday, 28 August 2020

Once again, Daniel Horan OFM, an alleged Catholic priest, proves himself to be a sniveling, effeminate little creep!

Let's allow this effeminate little scumbag speak for himself in a now deleted tweet.

Way to go Danny boy. Proving once again exactly what you are!

Father Z has coined the term, Horan of Babylon!

Actually, I am just advised by Father Z in the combox that this wonderful name actually orginated with our good friend, Eccles!


Fr. John Zuhlsdorf o{]:¬) said...

To give credit, I learned today that @BruvverEccles came up with that. It deserves wide promulgation!

Vox Cantoris said...

Got it!

Thanks Father.

Maudie N Mandeville said...

No pro-life nun could have supported the pro-abortion genocidal Nazis and we have only to look to Fr. Horan to find that not all 'Catholics' are Catholic.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Marrano.

Frank said...

The saddest and most maddening thing about Priests like these is that they go on down the road spouting this type of junk, and never suffer any consequences.
(And yes, I am aware that "it ain't over til it's over", but the scandal that it causes is disheartening.)

Kathleen1031 said...

Somebody should have told Padre Pio this information since he was the one who called the Rosary "the weapon for these times". Why did Jesus instruct the disciples to purchase swords? Jesus did not say throw away your swords.
If Horan is so adamant about nonviolence, has Horan or any bishops denounced the violence at the riots? Has he encouraged prayer for police officers under attack by Marxists in an effort to quell violence against them? Our "non-violent" men of the church are not going to do that, because some violence is more equal than others, and one wonders who and what they actually endorse.
If people want to be pacifists, let them be pacifists. Fr. Horan has that right, but he is misrepresenting Jesus Christ and aspects of the faith. Christ was not a pacifist. This is an insidious lie that has confused many Catholics.

NBW said...

Horan is a shocking and sad excuse for a Franciscan friar. He writes for Jimmy Martin's "America" and the National " catholic " Reporter.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

A lot of our shepherds believe we are the Church Picnic not the Church Militant. How many have made any kind of statement condemning the violence associated with Antifa and Black Lives Matter with their Marxist agendas? Instead, we have bishops like El Paso Mark Seitz kneeling and Wilton Gregory encouraging the protests and even organizing his own.