Friday, 21 August 2020

Nino Cavoto a Toronto Priest accused of sexual predation from time in New York!

There is some very sad news to report from Toronto.

Nino Cavoto, the Pastor of Our Lady of Sorrows of the Holy Moly Doors and former Salesian priest in the Archdiocese of New York has been removed from ministry. The Archdiocese of Toronto received information that allegations have been in New York that Cavoto sexually abused a minor whilst there between 1979 and 1983. Cavoto is, of course, entitled to his defense and due process. There is no indication, at this point, that Cavoto engaged in any abusive behaviour with a minor in Toronto. 

Some time after Summorum Pontificum a rather nasty comment was made in the church bulletin there about it. It was sent to me and I wrote a post on it. Nino didn't appreciate it and would have known where I was involved in church music at the time. He clearly applied some pressure and I was "asked" to remove the post. Nino made controversy when he removed the original crucifix which was preserved on the reredos for a rather beautiful but unnecessary icon of Christ Pantocrator. Its not as if colour or mosaic were lacking in the church. An action that upset the artistic symmetry of the original design. He went further when the beautiful oak doors were replaced by a bronze monstrosity at over $400,000,00 with an engraved spelling mistake. Why are these important? Because of the narcissisms they reveal. 

It is interesting that the accusations should come forty years later. It reveals that it often takes this long for a victim to deal with the crimes but also reflects the changes in statutes of limitation. 

Where there is smoke, there is not always incense, sometimes it is fire. The Toronto "A-Team" just lost one of their own. 

All of this is so very, very sad. For the victims of these "alleged" perverts and the affect on evangelisation and the beautiful truth of the Catholic faith so destroyed by the infiltration of those who came in to use their power for their own selfish and demonic desires.


Anonymous said...

Vox, I just saw this and having been in the SSPX , I agree 100%

Vox Cantoris said...

I have written before on the abuse crisis and sodomites embedded in the SSPX. I have done this while remaining friends with those in Toronto. I believe they appreciate my balance and I have said to them; “A pervert’s a pervert no matter how Trad.”

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right ,Vox!

We also experienced the cult mindset . The mothers of boys at the sspx chapel vied with each other while whispering in their son's ears in the basement after Mass prodding them to garner the priest's attention towards them.
What these pathetic moms had no idea about, was that the priest was himself a homosexual. They would do anything to get their boys in his Commando group.Meanwhile the young men in their late twenties knew what this particular priest's sexual orientation was all about because one of them was in the seminary with him where they ALL knew.
God help the one woman who piled her children into Suburban and drove across country to the sspx owned monastery where same priest ran once he was confronted at two chapels by parents for risking the lives of their pre teen sons on a hazardous mountain climb where they got lost , suffered hypothermia and literally had to be rescued........
Yes in tears this woman and her son begged the priest to return from the monastery out West, while her husband and others back home marveled at her infatuation and stupidity. So very sad.They ended up in divorce.

Badcatholic said...

For anyone proved to have committed even one of these heinous and disgusting acts time should be no bar to punishment. However, I will observe, based on prosecutorial experience, that these perverts seldom do an act thirty or forty years ago and quit. It makes one cautious. Perhaps there are more recent victims to come forth. All you can count on is that if they are truly guilty, they didn’t do it once and quit.

Anonymous said...

What really confuses me is how can the "Faithful" priests do and say nothing knowing well who and what is in their ranks ?
Do they not believe in a singular judgement prior to the general judgement? What will they say to Our Lord? "I kept my mouth shut in order not to cause more scandal." Then they will be shown how many more suffered abuse because they did ,"...not want to cause more scandal."

Unknown said...

What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Anonymous said...

Unknown,The problem is that the
"innocent until proven guilty" in these sort of crimes KNOW their victims will not process the true nature of the crimes perpetrated upon them until many years past the Statute of Limitations.
Hence, most of the perps remain 'innocent' in the eyes of the law and their superiors , because they cannot be proven guilty.

Charity Joy (Gabrielle) said...

I agree. Shame on you all for so harshly judging before anything is proven. Innocent until proven guilty is our tradition. God have mercy!

Anonymous said...

Interesting article.......Nino Cavoto was pastor of St James Parish Colgan, Ontario for for some time during the late 1980s and early 90s. He was clearly out of place there. I always felt that while he spoke well, it was never from the heart. He was not nice to the altar boys and he repeatedly spoke in an abusive way to a friend of mine, who is an immigrant. He seemed distant when you spoke with him and he was rude to many people. He also spent parish money frivolously and inappropriately considering that the parish was not wealthy. I always felt that he was trying to cover up his personal pain with an artificial, calm. He needs prayers as do his alleged victims.