Saturday, 15 August 2020

Blasphemous Hindu dance in Cathedral of Naples for Assumption

While some of us were labouring today, shriven for the Feast and chanting two different Latin Masses four hours apart in two locations to honour the Virgin Mother of God, in Naples, something odious and blasphemous was taking place. 

Think not that the action of Bergoglio with the demonic idol at St. Peter's Basilica has nothing to do with our current state of affairs in the world. It certainly has had an effect. From the Wuhan Virus to escalating murders of innocents and violence in the streets of America, bolshevism and anarchy there and elsewhere, all can be pointed back to that blasphemous act. Now we have this. Blasphemy under the guise of so-called prayer for an end to the Wuhan Virus and allowing pagans to dance in the House of God.

O God, save us from these churchmen. Free your people.

Google translation and link below.

Naples, prayers and ethnic dances in the Cathedral for the Assumption

We prayed in all the languages ​​of the world for overcoming the pandemic, and for those who suffer from its effects, "at all levels and at various latitudes" in the celebration of the feast of the Assumption held in the Cathedral of Naples and presided over by the Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe. A liturgy, as usual by now, open to the songs and rites of the various ethnic groups of the populations and for this reason called the International Mid-August Mass, with the archbishop's initial and final greetings in seven languages. "We also pray for the intercession of the Virgin , whose Assumption into heaven we celebrate today. A feast that for us is Mary's Easter. It is the Mother who listens to us, in this moment of great uncertainty and pain in the world ", underlines the archbishop, in a Cathedral with a strict control of distance and with many tourists (especially Italians, but also French, English), dozens of whom they wait neatly in line outside, despite the scorching temperature of these hours, to avoid close contacts. In fact, the mask is missing for a few minutes only for those who dance and is at a distance from everyone else. The Assumption Mother is at the center of the invocations and the homily, which also touches on "the eternal struggle with the evil one", recalled by the first reading of the Apocalypse in which - Sepe emphasizes - "the forces of evil are overwhelmed by God". Among the faithful who also participated with choirs, percussion and dances, representatives of the African, Chinese, Sinhalese communities (in addition to those of the European community). And also in other points (from the offertory to the prayer of the faithful), the celebration which was also attended by the auxiliary bishops Lucio Lemmo and Gennaro Acampa, left room for the sounds and idioms of other cultures. The cardinal's thanks goes to all the communities: "Let us represent the Universal Church together, in brotherhood by this intimate union with Christ". Until the exchange of good wishes, felt in a special way since Sepe is already in prorogatio, and the now distinctive blessing of Sepe from the altar, which is in Neapolitan and does not need translation: 'A Madonna t'accumpagne.


Roberto Hope said...

What! No face masks? Outrageous

Tom A. said...

As I have said before and will continue to say, the bigger blasphemy is the Novus Ordo Mass itself.

Kathleen1031 said...

The Muslims may have a point. We have tolerated far too much. Souls go to hell for actions like these, those people (a nun??) sitting there, why are they sitting there? Do they not realize they are witnessing and participating in a blasphemous act that offends God Almighty? To have demons invoked at a Mass, well I'll be. You are right Vox, this and all we have seen has increased exponentially since the pope worshiped Pachamama on sacred ground and had the idol installed at the Mass by the bringing up of the demon bowl. Since that time all hell has literally broken loose in our world. That's why, to me, it was a turning point, because I can never see how the church has just ignored that as if every single thing in the universe was not different from those days on. It has to be, when the pope breaks the First Commandment on sacred ground, over the bones of St. Peter.
But Catholics just continue on, the church just continues on, as if nothing had happened and everything was the same.
Catholics are not fed with the word of God and the sacraments here. They are fed excrement such as demon invocations and worship of multiculturalism and they believe it's liturgy. Catholics are too often entirely lost, with no sense of discernment left.
Help us Lord, we're in the hands of evil men! Have mercy on us, especially those who have been led astray by the leaders of our own church.

Tom A. said...

And the worst blasphemers are not the Hindu dancers, but the modernist heretics in white robes desecrating the Sanctuary by their mere presence. Also sickening is the laity that tolerates these abominations. But NO V2 is a different relgion and a different faith so Catholics should have absolutely nothing to do with them or those in union with them.

Anonymous said...

It always seems it's a Christian church that's opening up itself to other religions, but I never see the opposite. When's the last time a Catholic bishop or priest spoke at a mosque? Or a Rabbi at a mosque? Our leadership is so wimpy but dying to get along with other religions when there is no reciprocation. To heck with that. Go proclaim in a mosque that Jesus is the only way to the Father. To heck with wimp Catholicism.

Anonymous said...

How is it ONLY the Roman Catholic Church commits and embraces this kind of blasphemy?

Tom A. said...

Wrong Anon 10:48. It is only the Novus Ordo false church that embraces this kind of blasphemy.

Kathleen1031 said...

Tom A you are correct, in my opinion. We attend a diocesan Latin Rite for now, but give no support to the church or diocese, only gift cards for the faithful priest. But how long can this go on. I can't in good conscience support the church any longer.

Anonymous said...


You are talking about gift cards to a priest of the pastoral filed (diocese) - not the SPPX - so I would not give this priest money - because the diocese will pay him his salary - you are still fooled into giving money to the diocese by this method.

Peter Lamb said...

Why does a Catholic sin against faith by taking part in non-Catholic worship?

A Catholic sins against faith by taking part in non-Catholic worship, because he thus professes belief in a religion he knows is false.

1.) It is wrong to be present at Protestant or Jewish services even when we do not participate in them, because such services are intended to honor God in a manner he does not wish to be honored in. If he instituted the church of his own he must wish to be honored in the ways of that church. In addition we then give bad example, and expose ourselves to the danger of losing our faith.

When necessary, for social obligations, a Catholic may be present at a non-Catholic wedding or funeral, but he must not participate in the services. In no case may he attend other services of non-Catholic churches, such as the installation of their ministers, sermons, etc

Peter Lamb said...

‘It is not permitted to be present at the sacred rites of infidels and heretics in such a way that you would be judged to be in communion with them’.
– St. Alphonsus Liguori, Theologia Moralis, Lib.5, Tract. 1, Cap. 3.

Bear not the yoke with unbelievers. For what participation hath justice with injustice? Or what fellowship hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath the faithful with the unbeliever? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God; as God saith: I will dwell in them, and walk among them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore, Go out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing: And I will receive you; and I will be a Father to you; and you shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.
(2 Corinthians 6:14-18)

It is not licit for the faithful by any manner to assist actively or to have a part in the sacred [rites] of non-Catholics.(Canon 1258 §1)
Whoever in any manner willingly and knowingly helps in the promulgation of heresy, or who communicates in things divine [=assists at sacred rites] with heretics against the prescription of Canon 1258, is suspected of heresy(Canon 2316)
It is unlawful for Catholics in any way to assist actively at or take part in the worship of non-Catholics (Canon 1258). Such assistance is intrinsically and gravely evil; for (a) if the worship is non-Catholic in its form (e.g., Mohammedan ablutions, the Jewish paschal meal, revivalistic “hitting the trail,” the right hand of fellowship, etc.), it expresses a belief in the false creed symbolized; (b) if the worship is Catholic in form, but is under the auspices of a non-Catholic body (e.g., Baptism as administered by a Protestant minister, or Mass as celebrated by a schismatical priest), it expresses either faith in a false religious body or rebellion against the true Church.
(Rev. John A. McHugh, O.P. & Rev. Charles J. Callan, O.P., Moral Theology: A Complete Course Based on St. Thomas Aquinas and the Best Modern Authorities, vol. I [New York, NY: Joseph F. Wagner, 1958], n. 964)

Peter Lamb said...

Mixed gatherings of non-Catholics with Catholics have been reportedly held in various places, where things pertaining to the Faith have been discussed against the prescriptions of the Sacred Canons and without previous permission of the Holy See. Therefore all are reminded that according to the norm of Canon 1325 § 3 laypeople as well as clerics both secular and regular are forbidden to attend these gatherings without the aforesaid permission. It is however much less licit for Catholics to summon and institute such kind of gatherings. Let therefore Ordinaries urge all to serve these prescriptions accurately.
These are to be observed with even stronger force of law when it comes to gatherings called “ecumenical”, which laypeople and clerics may not attend at all without previous consent of the Holy See.
Moreover, since acts of mixed worship have also been posed not rarely both within and without the aforesaid gatherings, all are once more warned that any communication in sacred affairs is totally forbidden according to the norm of Canons 1258 and 731, § 2.
(Holy Office, Decree Cum Compertum.)

Pius IX, Holy Office Letter, 16 Sep 1864: The novelty of “branch churches” “destroys at one stroke the divine constitution of the Church.”

Pius IX, Jam Vos Omnes, 13 Sep 1868: “No non-Catholic sect or “all of them together in any way constitute or are that one Catholic Church which Our Lord founded and established and which He willed to create.”

Leo XIII, Officio Sanctissimo, 22 Dec 1887: He who separates from the Pope “has no further bond with Christ.”

Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum, 29 Jun 1896: “Jesus Christ did not …institute a Church to embrace several communities similar in nature, but in themselves distinct, and lacking those bonds which render the Church unique and indivisible after that manner in which in the symbol of our faith we profess: ‘I believe in one Church.”

Leo XIII, ibid. The Church regarded as rebels and outside her “all who held beliefs on any point of doctrine different from her own.”

Pius IX, Mortalium Animos, 6 Jan 1928: No one is in Christ’s Church or remains there unless he acknowledges and obeys the Pope.

Pius XII, Mystici Corporis, 29 Jun 1943: They stray from divine truth “who imagine the Church to be something which can neither be touched nor seen, that it is something merely ‘spiritual,’ as they say, in which many Christian communities, although separated from one another by faith, could be joined by some kind of invisible link.”

Peter Lamb said...

The first sign or mark of this coming persecution is an indifference to truth. Just as there is dead calm before a whirlwind, and as the waters over a great fall run like glass, so before an outbreak there is a time of tranquillity. The first sign is indifference. The sign that portends more surely than any other the outbreak of a future persecution is a sort of scornful indifference to truth or falsehood. Ancient Rome in its might and power adopted every false religion from all its conquered nations, and gave to each of them a temple within its walls. It was sovereignly and contemptuously indifferent to all the superstitions of the earth. It encouraged them; for each nation had its own proper superstition, and that proper superstition was a mode of tranquillising, of governing, and of maintaining in subjection, the people who were indulged by building a temple within its gates. In like manner we see the nations of the Christian world at this moment gradually adopting every form of religious contradiction — that is, giving it full scope, and, as it is called, perfect toleration; not recognising any distinctions of truth or falsehood between one religion or another, but leaving all forms of religion to work their own way.
(Cardinal Henry Edward Manning, The Present Crisis of the Holy See Tested by Prophecy, Lecture IV [London: Burns & Lambert, 1861], pp. 69-70)

Peter Lamb said...

In 1864, Pope Pius IX issued the encyclical Quanta Cura, to which was attached his famous Syllabus of Errors, which contained 80 condemned propositions, among which we find the following under the heading of “indifferentism, latitudinarianism”:
15. Every man is free to embrace and profess that religion which, guided by the light of reason, he shall consider true…
16. Man may, in the observance of any religion whatever, find the way of eternal salvation, and arrive at eternal salvation…
17. Good hope at least is to be entertained of the eternal salvation of all those who are not at all in the true Church of Christ…
18. Protestantism is nothing more than another form of the same true Christian religion, in which form it is given to please God equally as in the Catholic Church….
(Pope Pius IX, Syllabus of Errors, nn. 15-18)

Peter Lamb said...

Communicatio in sacris is Latin for "communion in the sacred." It refers to the active participation by members of the True Church with adherents of false sects in non-Catholic functions. Here is what was taught:

1. 1917 Code of Canon Law
Canon 1258 sec. 1: "It is unlawful for Catholics to assist actively in any way at, or take part in, the religious services of non-Catholics. sec. 2: A passive or merely material presence may be tolerated, for reasons of civil duty or honor, at funerals, weddings, and similar celebrations, provided no danger of perversion or scandal arises from this assistance. In doubtful cases the reason for assisting must be grave, and recognized as such by the bishop."
According to canonists Abbo and Hannon, the reason for this canon is because:
It is founded in the natural and Divine positive Law
The Catholic Church is the only Church in which, by Divine ordinance, worship may be rendered to God
Such communication with non-Catholics in their services involves a threat of perversion to Catholics or at least the danger they will become indifferent in religious belief
Catholics who observe it may take scandal
Non-Catholics may see in it a quasi-approbation of their services or their erroneous belief
(See The Sacred Canons, B.Herder Book Co. [1952], pg. 512; Emphasis mine) Note: That which is of natural law and Divine positive Law may never change and admits of no exceptions.

2. Theologians
St Thomas Aquinas: ""...if anyone were to...worship at the tomb of Mohammed, he would be deemed an apostate." (See Summa Theologica, Pt. II, Q. 12, A. 1, Obj. 2)
St. Alphonsus Liguori: "It is not permitted to take part at the sacred rites of infidels and heretics in such a way that you would be judged to be in communion with them." (Theologia Moralis, Lib. 5, Tract. 1, Cap. 3)
Theologian Prummer: To worship with non-Catholics in their manner is a denial of the Catholic Faith. (See Manuale Theologiae Moralis, Tomus I, Tract. VII, art. III)
3. The Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office
In 1729, the Holy Office stated that participation in heretic and schismatic worship is "universally prohibited by natural and Divine Law" and that "no one has the power to dispense" and "nothing excuses."

4. Pope Pius IX
"They should totally shun their religious celebrations, their buildings, and their chairs of pestilence which they have with impunity established to transmit the sacred teachings...They should avoid them as strangers and thieves who come only to steal, slay, and destroy. For the Church's children should consider the proper action to preserve the most precious treasure of faith,without which it is impossible to please God, as well as action calculated to achieve the goal of faith, that is the salvation of their souls, by following the straight road of justice." (See Graves ac Diuturnae, #4, 1875; Emphasis mine).

There are plenty more condemnations of false ecumenism, but these are enough for now :)

Pulex said...

Peter Lamb wrote citing a Holy Office decree from 1958: "laypeople and clerics may not attend at all without previous consent of the Holy See". Take note of the words "consent of the Holy See". So this was not forbidden in absolute terms. Maybe Card. Sepe has obtained such consent for the event in Naples. Or maybe, from all the documents and public acts from Holy See since then, such consent could be presumed?

Johnno said...

August 15th is also Independence Day in India, so usually for the Indian Catholic Community the Feast of the Assumption is also a patriotic day. But that usually just involves having the flag of India in Church, and some festivities after the Mass.

But this ain't it... Did the messaging get mixed up somewhere in Naples?

Anonymous said...

Ezekiel 22:26-31
[26] Her priests have despised my law, and have defiled my sanctuaries: they have put no difference between holy and profane: nor have distinguished between the polluted and the clean: and they have turned away their eyes from my sabbaths, and I was profaned in the midst of them. [27] Her princes in the midst of her, are like wolves ravening the prey to shed blood, and to destroy souls, and to run after gains through covetousness. [28] And her prophets have daubed them without tempering the mortar, seeing vain things, and divining lies unto them, saying: Thus saith the Lord God: when the Lord hath not spoken. [29] The people of the land have used oppression, and committed robbery: they afflicted the needy and poor, and they oppressed the stranger by calumny without judgment. [30] And I sought among them for a man that might set up a hedge, and stand in the gap before me in favour of the land, that I might not destroy it: and I found none.

[31] And I poured out my indignation upon them, in the fire of my wrath I consumed them: I have rendered their way upon their own head, saith the Lord God.

May Gold Bless You - BC