Friday, 4 January 2019

McCarrick, Pope Francis, St Gallen Mafia w James Grein


Melanie said...

He speaks of terrible things but I still hear things in this interview that sound contradictory. He states that John Paul and Pope Paul are part of the San Gallen agenda. Then he says he has a private visit w/JPII telling him everything and that he inspired him w/some kind comment and that as a Saint in a Heaven he moved around chess pieces to help him to speak out today. Then he reiterates that Francis, John Paul and Pope Paul all protected the institute vs. choosing Jesus Christ. These pieces don’t fit together. It just diminishes my confidence in the whole story. And also, your mother dies and you are more worried that she’s got this awesome funeral with the most elite of elite Cardinals in the world even though you’re privately aware that he’s involved in an evil conspiracy to destroy the Church from inside. If that’s true, it’s disgusting. That part I actually could believe, people are very concerned about appearances.

Anonymous said...

Melanie , could it be he has a mental disorder due to his years of perverted trauma?
Read this article carefully and understand that victims of pederasty, especially a long term victim ,commonly think themselves to be homosexual and often believe that is why ab adult male was attracted to them in the first place.
All the inconsistencies you describe might be attributed to his mental state which lends credence to the fact that homosexuality is a mental disorder and not a syndrome someone in born with.

TLM said...

Anonymous@11:06....I do believe you've hit the nail on the head. Clearly, if you watched him, his thoughts are fragmented. He suffers from years of abuse, TERRIBLE abuse from a diabolically insane predator. He suffers from PTSD and who knows how many other mental maladies. He has been given the grace to refrain from alcohol and drugs....and suicide. He has been given the grace to WANT to come back fully to Christ's Church. He is a SURVIVOR, but one that has survived only by the grace of God, and by the skin of his teeth at that. In a certain respect, he seems to be a 'victim soul'. He is emotionally scarred....permanently. In time the Good Lord will heal him fully, maybe not even in this life but the next.

That said, some things he didn't fully explain, as he would jump into the next thought. I think the John Paul ll thing and the Benedict and even Paul Vl seeming accusations didn't reveal the entire circumstances of their 'decisions'. Not only were his fleeting thoughts in the way, but as you noticed, he thought long and hard about some answers. He can only reveal so much information as he has been warned by his advisors and lawyer. All considering, I think he really did pretty well. He is a broken man and God's grace is the only thing keeping him afloat.

Irenaeus said...

In agreement with TLM and Anon.'s comments, as they are charitable and reasonable.

What I am not in agreement with is Melanie's assertion James is involved in some evil conspiracy. Look at the man, Melanie. He was abused for many years. I do not think he would be involved in some evil conspiracy, as that would encourage the very thing he speaks out against. Your comments are similar to the individual who runs "Priests are Cesspools of Impurity," oddly enough.

Melanie said...

When I wrote, “....privately aware that he’s involved in an evil conspiracy to destroy the Church from inside,” I was referring to McCarrick. He was privately aware that McCarick was part of an agenda to destroy the Church but blackmailed him into performing his mother’s funeral. I think overlooking the evil conspiracy to destroy our CHURCH so that your family looks good having the highest Cardinal in the Church at your mother’s funeral is problematic behavior. But you are certainly free to disagree.

Melanie said...

Are you accusing me of being the individual who runs, “Priests are Cesspools of Impurity?” I’ve never even heard of that and if it’s a blog I don’t run any blogs. So weird.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Catholic friends,
We live in the time of the greatest confusion.
It is quite understandable for Melanie and the majority of Catholic souls to lack the understanding of the malevolent practices of the diabolical.

There is a reason Mrs. Engel quoted Anne Cillis' phrase in the end of the Forward to her book , "The Rite of Sodomy".
The phrase being ,"Now you are one of us."
I called my author friend and chastised her as I thought myself the only person to reveal this to her, reminding her of an account I told her of one poor soul dying of AIDS in a hospice when his sister asked hm when he thought himself to be a homosexual.

"When I was twelve and Fr X sodomized me he said ,"Now you are one of us."
Mrs Engel responded , " MANY people have told me this exact same thing."

So you see my dear friends in Christ, this IS a BIG secret known mainly to Pederasts interested in grooming propagating and cultivating long term sexual sodomite relationships with youthful males.
They are , as one monk told me, "Demonic SOUL KILLERS".

Johnno said...

I'd have to concur.

People compromise and do contradictory things throughout their lives.

For example, most Americans are convinced there is a conspiracy within their own government that could destroy the country, and nobody trusts their own politicians. But in the end they all still participate in the system and vote the lesser of evils.

Women with abusive husbands may stick around for many years, and even smile in public with him.

We've all had to put up with people we don't like in particular circumstances and social settings or situations beyond our control.

No doubt this would also affect someone wanting a good funeral for their mother.

So there's no reason to doubt anything Grein is saying. That he has acted inconsistently or believed in inconsistent things and flipped back and forth on his opinions about John Paul II is perfectly normal.

Anonymous said...

Melanie, here's the backstory about James asking McCarrick to officiate at his mother's funeral. James' siblings asked him to call McCarrick because he was a family friend for decades. James didn't want to call him and told the siblings he had, but that McCarrick never got back to him. But after they kept asking him to, he finally called him. It wasn't James' idea. At that time, his siblings didn't know about the abusive relationship. That's what he said during the first interview he did with Taylor Marshall.

Anonymous said...

The McCarrick revelations opened a door for Law Enforcement and the FBI.

TLM said...

Yep, I agree with you Johnno...100%. Yes, it appears to people that have not been abused for years that his insistence for McCarrick to come back and be the celebrant for his mother's funeral is 'off'. First of all, HE was not the only one burying his mother. He does have brothers and sisters that at the time were not aware of his abuse, or did not buy James' story of abuse. After the close ties McCarrick had with his family, they would not have clamored for McCarrick to celebrate the Funeral Mass? They knew James had close ties with him, so that was more than likely HIS JOB to get him back. (just a scenario that is very typical of families planning a Funeral Mass that I'm aware of personally) Also, after years of abuse, James' moral compass was intact? He was emotionally solid?.....Ha! Yeah right! To me, it's a miracle, and I mean a REAL MIRACLE that he is where he is today! Anonymous @ 6:22PM had it correct....these demons are SOUL KILLERS!

Irenaeus said...


Thank you for clarifying.

I was unclear myself. I was merely remarking on the similarities your comment had to the person behind "Priests Have Become Cesspools of Impurity" - an awful blog. I was in no way insinuating you were the person behind it. My apologies.