Friday, 25 January 2019

Bishop of Covington proves he's a sniveling coward

The Bishop of Covington in Kentucky has issued a statement. The pathetic, wolf-coward states that he was "pressured" for a response and of course, threw the boys and young Mr. Sandman, under the bus. He even goes after various Catholic commentators over his cowardice who dared to criticize.

The sins in this whole matter are legion.

What a pathetic excuse for a Shepherd of Jesus Christ.

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Irenaeus said...

What a sad, sad man.

Dan said...

Funny that decades of complaints about sexual predation never seemed to "pressure" these guys.

MattM said...

"through the boys and young Mr. Sandman, under the bus. "

In think you mean "threw the boys and young Mr. Sandman, under the bus."

It is not my intention to embarrass you Vox, so please delete this comment, if it suits you to do so, as you make your correction.

Matt said...

2nd Dan's comment.

Feeling pressured requires a sense of shame and some threat to a thing they value. Unfortunately, to date, that pressure has been inadequate against what is really important to them.

Starve The Beast.

Kathleen1031 said...

Dan, pressure from the laity is little. Pressure from the media and wealthy elites is what makes these men wither. If we squeak, they can just emit just Francis-blather, and all are satisfied.
These sorry excuses for "bishops" are exactly right for today's False Catholic Church, they are exactly right and what that church deserves. Like a parasite which has invaded a host body, these men are a pale imitation of real bishops, the best Satan can do. He imitates, but he cannot duplicate. We see bishops in NY refusing to call infanticide what it is, and hold political figures responsible for that heinous crime, of murdering an innocent baby as he or she is being born! As the baby exits the birth canal and scissors are plunged into the baby's brain, or their spinal cord broken and severed. And still, we can't get bishops to condemn THAT behavior in the most direct terms, so we shouldn't be surprised I guess, at these men who abandoned to the wolves boys who managed to escape that fate 16 years ago.

This illuminates beautifully why our church has gone up in flames.
These men are at the helm.

Anonymous said...

I became so sick of the feminized men in the church years ago that I confronted my own Bishop and Bishop Timlin who actually told me he allows people to follow their own spirituality.So don't think he was great to allow the FSSP in his Diocese because he also allowed Polka Masses charismaniacs and Eileen George the nutty false mystic whose favorite dead horse Daddy God allows to roam around in heaven.I guess she is riding him now.She gave retreats for priests and seminarians and Card Bevilaqua, Bishop McHugh and Timlin had their clerics attend them.
Foy did issue a kind of apology......threatened with a lawsuit by the Covington boy's lawyer
For an excellent discussion on the emasculation of Catholic men and clerics the discussion here.

I also note that whether or not you are a sede, which is an easy out to have to stand up for what the institutional church has been doing under the guise of Catholicism now, if you are a real man you should speak out. Far too many mothers and grandmothers like myself have shouldered this burden for too long. Going back to the sixties several Grandmothers in Philadelphia rented a dump truck and filled it with the crap catechisms that Kroll had infested his Diocese with and dumped them all on his front lawn.
Catholic men ,by in large you have left women to fight for the Faith , to start the Catholic home school movement and to confront Church leaders the effeminate and feminists within the Church ! Almost ALL of the letters and confrontations of Cardinals and Bishops have been left up to women.
Maybe that is why so many priests Bishops and Cardinals would like to be women? They see courage.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Anonymous Grandma

Powerful words.

This media persecution of minors who acted like the only adults there, and following cowardice of Catholic hierarchy and Catholic men generally, have crushed me.

How can millions of fathers stand there and say and do nothing, as their sons are selected as scape goats for elimination by their inferiors? This is inexplicable outside of the satanic new world order and growing delusion. The delusion is only possible, because... lukewarmness.

Johnno said...

Threatened how?

What were the bullies going to do?

Call you names?

Tell on you to Francis?

Was Gillette not going to send you free razorblades any more?

And was it the threat of a lawsuit that pressured you to reverse course finally, your grace?

Anonymous said...

For decades the majority of people at any daily Latin Mass were little old ladies and some mothers with babies.
Then they robbed us by in large of the ancient Liturgy and still the majority , although less in number at the daily Mass, were old ladies and women with children.
The excuse was that men worked but where were they at the Five First Saturday devotions? again older women and mothers with children.
Now the majority norm is to live together instead of marriage. Foolish women become mothers ( of their boyfriends) and sex objects AND work outside the home too.
Someone has been setting a bad example for their sons and I'll wager it was not their own mothers.
God gave men authority over women but lazy cowardly men handed it over because it was just easier.

Why are we surprised to see the same among the clergy?

c matt said...

There was no pressure - other than being late to the virtue signalling party.