Sunday, 6 January 2019

A Blessed Epiphanytide to one and all

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Lover of the Truth only said...

And...A Blessed Epiphanytide to you and yours as well, Vox. Sorry it is late and I also want to thank ou for your post on Roxy, as a dog owner I can relate. We went through a very painful mourning when we had to let go of our previous dog who passed away much too soon at the age of seven. That was eleven years ago but I remember very well, and I have been blessed to have dogs in my life always as a child, then later in my twnties and thirties and then on. I hate imagining what it will be like without our beautiful furry companion of late, but we will meet that challenge when it comes, hopefully not to soon, and with God's Help.

Unless one is a dog owner they cannot really relate to the massive hole that is left once our beloved gifts from God are gone. We then realize just how special they are, if we have not done so before which a lot of us have I must add, also remember what they can teach us about loyalty, patience, happiness, grattitude for the most simple of things yet important things like food, water, nature,the ability to play and above all companionship, and undconditonal love and protection.

Yes indeed God works through all of His creation, and they also are amazingly perceptive and perceive a lot more then we can ever know. Also all their instincts are God given. Oh and a most important charactersitic is their desire to learn and please and they get delight when they are opeying and pleasing their master. Ummm...what can we learn from that? Jesus does nothing in vain.

So...I am sorry I am late in saying, so sorry for your loss Vox and Fox and God Bless You both. I hope and pray, that maybe you might also be relieved of any prolonged mourning, if you are still going through that and maybe like us if it seems God's Will you are able to be Blessed with another.

Yours through Jesus Mary and Joseph
For Life