Saturday, 19 August 2017

Basilians once again - a story of perversion from Sudbury to Calgary

On Wednesday, a lawsuit was filed in Calgary court against a religious order of the Catholic church, alleging decades-old sexual abuse at the hands of priest and teacher at Bishop Grandin High School Father Frederick Cahill that left a former Calgary resident permanently scarred. Just two weeks ago, I wrote about the latest accusation of sexual perversion and abuse by a priest of the Congregation of St. Basil, the Basilians; the attack on the young man took place in Sudbury. Just last week, we have been made aware of another case of a perverted and sodomite priest of the Basilian Congregation, this time in Calgary.

The Statement of Claim is available on Sylvia's Site - The Inquiry where all the filth of the Basilians perverts and sodomites has been long documented, along with the attacks by priests on young men and girls in Canada.

The Basilian biography refers to Cahill as being "angered by injustice." Born in Newfoundland, we can see a continuing pattern with priests and victims in that province. In the statement of claim, this sodomite is accused of laying down on top of his victim and fondling is privates, just as a priest did to him. The young victim also had expressed interest in the priesthood.

The rot of this Congregation is deep, Sylvia's Site has a whole series. For example, Jack "hands on" Hanna, a priest who remains in an official position as Secretary-Treasurer.

The fact is, the leaders of the Basilians, whether in Texas, Michigan, Ohio, New York State, Ontario or Alberta, knew of these perverts and did nothing. In most cases, the bishops where they "served" knew and did nothing. The continuous blood-letting of news of the abuse crisis has not ended. The victims take years, decades even to find the courage to come forward and in many cases, the perpetrators are already dead, as in the Sudbury and Calgary case. They cannot be held accountable by the victim but they have been judged by Almighty God.

My words to the victims of pervert priests are important to take to heart.

If you have not yet come forward, you must. These Orders and Bishops must be held accountable before man and God.

The crimes of men must not affect your faith in God or the beautiful truth of His Church. I tell you this truthfully and personally. God is true, the Catholic faith is real, men are vile sinners. They must be outed and you have a duty. You have a duty to yourself and you have a duty to God to do your part to reveal this filth to cleanse the Church. It does not happen by itself.

Find the courage brother. Be a victim no longer. Hide in shame no longer.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

The Lord Jesus will protect you.


Ana Milan said...

I never heard of the Basilians before you brought them to my attention Vox, but they seem straight out of Hell & should be immediately closed down. I pray the victims will come forward to make this possible. It will help them mend their lives & ensure others won't be similarly affected. God love them all!

Rab said...

Now people will start associating holy father St. Basil the Great with these impious men. Away with the lot of them!

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