Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Cardinal Gérald Lacroix asks "who are we to judge?" You're an Apostle of Jesus Christ, that's "who!"

Cardinal Gérald Lacroix, the Archbishop of Quebec and Primate of Canada is a man deluded by political correctness and a mind of modernist confusion; a man that another generation of Quebec Churchmen would have sent off to a monastery for serious rehabilitation and a life of prayer and work. 

In an interview on the matter of a person asking for medically assisted murder/suicide, he said, "who are we to judge?" on the matter of them having a Catholic funeral


Suicide, is a mortal sin. There are mitigating factors, however, to the culpability of the individual. Given our understanding of mental illness and depression, some of those who took their lives are tortured souls, irrational, suffering from psychosis, great stress or other serious mental illness. They may feel trapped, may be goaded into committing such an act, bullied, threatened, insane. There are multiple reasons that would cause a person to commit such an irrational act. For these poor souls, there can, on our part, only be compassion and sorrow and a trust in the mercy of God.

Someone who asks to be murdered under my pathetic nation's new euthanasia law is totally different. That person, knowingly, intentionally and willfully takes their own life. They are of sound mind; in fact, the so-called "law' requires it! They not only have the mortal sin of their own suicide but they are culpable for asking someone to murder them. They are obstinate in sin, they have committed the ultimate sin, the rejection of the Holy Spirit and objectively speaking, every single one is in Hell.

Cardinal Gérald Lacroix is a coward, a pathetic man who in another era of great Quebecois churchmen would have been slapped by men such as St. Francoise Laval and I dare say, St. Andre of Montreal. A man who has long forgotten the admonishment by the Prophet Ezeckiel, 3:18:

"If, when I say to the wicked, Thou shalt surely die: thou declare it not to him, nor speak to him, that he may be converted from his wicked way, and live: the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity, but I will require his blood at thy hand."

Will Gérald Lacroix spend an eternity in the lowest pits of Hell with those whom he did not "judge," screaming back at him in anger for not preaching against what they did to themselves? The Prophet Ezeckiel says it without any hesitation.

Gérald Lacroix, a pathetic churchman with incredibly black hair for someone of his age.

Does he, or doesn't he?

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Irenaeus said...

Maybe he dyes his hair? Just like he and so many other prelates dye their opinions in orthodoxy.

Kathleen1031 said...

He looks like he does. This is one of the things I look for, fussiness being one of those things.

Ana Milan said...

Doctors have been carrying out euthanasia for decades but it has been silent & underhand & probably in conformity with their own particular conscience. My own father was a victim of the 'doctor knowing best' syndrome which left his family devastated. Also, you'll always have dissident clergy who are prepared to carry out Catholic funerals for members of terrorist armies e.g.ETA, IRA It will take a & even allowing a military presence giving gun salutes outside the Church & at the burial. Think of all the murders & maimings they had to their names yet, because of family requests, got what they wanted but didn't deserve & which gave scandal to the Catholic communities they came from.

Cardinal Lacroix is a typical Modernist who thinks PF is the mirror of God & mercy (without repentance) must always be shown. His "Who am I to judge" throwaway has been imbedded in their DNA by now & they cannot see beyond it. Of course, this attitude is easy & everyone likes to be liked, but it is not what God calls them, as consecrated clerics, to do. Not calling out sin for what it is, changing praxis by the backdoor which inevitably changes doctrine is fraudulent, but PF is Christ's messenger so it must be OK. It will take a gigantic backlash from the public, inc. the medical profession, to bring some sort of sanity to this situation but they are voters who can, & must, influence the next election which could well bring down the present Liberal government in Canada.

Anonymous said...