Wednesday, 2 August 2017

A tough few weeks - but fear not, Our Lord is Victor

The Archbishop of Ottawa, Terrence Prendergast, S.J. has been quoted in an article regarding the Spider on Notre Dame Basilica:

"I guess we thought people would see this as a sign the church is involved in Ottawa's celebrations," he said. "Many people, both Catholic and others, English and Francophone, remarked how pleased they were that Notre Dame was involved in our celebration of Canada 150."

Well, I guess His Grace, thought wrong, eh?

How did this happen? How did a man who one day can dress in fine lace and ordain men to the priesthood according to the ancient rites turn around and do this, and then try to justify it instead of offering an apology to those scandalized?
A good reader has written to express concern, due to the posts in the last few weeks. Forgive me for my negativity, my outrage. It seems to have begun with the gay Monsignor's cocaine party. How can we be anything but outraged by these men?

Homosexual orgies, cocaine and probably crystal-meth, financial corruption and the departure of one of Italy's most respected accountants, the tyrannical removal of faithful men in the Vatican, the "gay-abandon," of certain priests and their promotion through books of a tolerance for grievous sin, the attack on Catholics and now, a so-called, "excommunication" for speaking out.

In my own country, two of our leading churchmen engage in mind-numbing actions such as Prendergast's spider and Lacroix's (and the Atlantic Bishops) refusal to confront the facts of final impenitence of the person who commits suicide by allowing a doctor to murder them.

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We must remember that Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour has already won the battle and the war. Our churchmen are mostly cowards, many are worse. Many of them, maybe most of them, seem to have lost the faith and now find themselves as the manager in last Sunday's Gospel (the proper Lectionary), "to dig, I cannot, to beg, I am too ashamed." Others never had it and came in to the Church to undermine the faith. 

We must remain strong and faithful. We must remain at the Cross with Our Lord as he is crucified again. We must not abandon Him, or His Church no matter what comes. We must remain beside our Mother. We must beat off those who would rape Her, those who would defile Her beauty. God is allowing this. We must trust Him and remain faithful to Him in all that we know and all that we have. We know our faith and we can pass it on, we have our Mass, as long as we do, if it is taken from us, we can pray it at home, we have our rosaries and our Saints, we have Our Blessed Mother Mary. We are not alone. We stay with His Church and Her true traditions. We stand and speak out, we do not fail to be counted as one of His.

Let us pray for one another, please pray for me.


Anonymous said...

Dear Vox,

The only way the crisis in the Church will end is when 1) the Holy Father reveals the Third Secret of Fatima (I.e. the exact words of Our Lady which follow: "In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved...")


2) the Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Anything else just won't cut it.

Let's pray for each other, Vox.


susan said...

Vox...I'm gonna go all Maggie Thatcher on you here..."Don't go wobbly now, David!"

You aren't being 'negative'; you're being truthful. The oollyannas who can't handle truth need to be patted on the head and sent off to bed with a cookie.

There has never been the likes of what we're seeing in the Church today...N.E.V.E.R., and the demons in red beenies, and their lacky henchmen, want nothing more than to carry on their agenda without a light shone on them. Keep shining it! With any luck at all you'll be 'excommunicated' for it too....MAN!, what a gift to be able to lay at the feet of Our Lord; a pseudo-excommunication by the sodomite masons pretending to be Catholic prelates.

Don't listen to the Neville Chamberlains the warrior you are; the warrior God made you to be for this specific time in the battle...suit-up, mount steed, and keep blaring the battle the enemy every day, and be the most annoying burr in their perverted silk shorts. The Church Militant counts on your bold, truthful, exposition of evil; the church weenie wants you to be 'nicer', like cardinal wuerl (in't he 'nice'?)....which do you think glorifies the Lord?

TLM said...

PRAYER is so very important in these days!! We must be committed to pray for one another, and also to pray for the many heretics who consider themselves to be inside the Church of Christ. Pray for their COMPLETE CONVERSION to the truth of Christ in His Church!! PRAY for each other that we might be supplied the grace to withstand all the violent attacks from Satan himself from right WITHIN the Church and stand with Christ in His TRUE CHURCH until death. We must pray for each other also!! Pray for Bergoglio that he may also have a COMPLETE CONVERSION to the TRUTH and also for Benedict and for all of the Sons of the Church that they may have the courage and fortitude to speak out for the TRUTH!! PRAY THE ROSARY!!

Osusanna said...

Guess his church wants to be "of the world"? They are in a spiritual fog, or just plain lying. Prayers Vox.

Anonymous said...

That's more like the Vox I know and love! Thank you. And you can be sure you are in my prayers. God be with you.

Ana Milan said...

Those who remain silent in the Hierarchy, clergy & laity are actually failing by the sin of omission to support Christ's institution - the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church. They are only concerned about their own life styles & see the only way to keeping them is to please all & sundry &, of course, to obey PF. Few are of a sufficiently high moral or educational standard for the positions they hold. This is deliberate, as to have true shepherds prepared to die for their flock would go against NWO Marxism. They want to shut down the CC & make way for the godless NWO religion. Soros & Co. are paying them to do this, but when achieved will most likely stop the payments & then what?

The saddest outcome of this crisis is the amount of Catholics turning upon other Catholics who only want to uphold the faith of their fathers. Calling a notorious abortionist a 'forgotten great' while excommunicating a loyal 88 year-old man who is trying to uphold Catholic Doctrine (which this papacy doesn't want to uphold) is a blatant abomination & un-Catholic. Too many Catholic journalists & bloggers try to gag & handcuff decent Catholics who do not want these constant atrocities & desire to rescind VII in order to restore the CC to the position it once held. I suppose the only answer to this is that their bank accounts might dry up as there are still too many tranquillised lay people who consider blind obedience to be the order of the day.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...


let me remind you that you gave Bergoglio and his new abomination of a church a very substantial benefit of a doubt. You did not start waving your arms at the first sign of discomfort with it. Patiently you reported on the unusual and the alarming, despite criticism of more troubled individuals, including me. You gave an almost unlimited platform to Mark Thomas, and thanked him for his input.

Let me show you a real circus during the Holy Mass. You have seen a lot, but this might still shock. Those you fight against want the Holy Mass to be a circus.

Forget the rest of the video, just look at this circus recording, and know that this is what you fight against. No one should blame you.

It starts at 30:21

Peter Lamb said...

Great comment Susan!!! Vox is a Miles Christi!

Irenaeus said...

Coming from a 23-year-old, and one who's just starting out, I hope you are aware you are a bastion for young folks like me. I too am often charged with being negative, spreading heresy, calumny and the like. I too speak the truth, and am hated for it. Don`t let the nay-sayers get you down. Yes, you may have a few bad weeks (as it has been for me, as well). They come and go. But what I admire about you is that you are incredibly patient with those who accuse you of being such-and-such. You don't give in, unlike me. You hold your ground. Yes, you get frustrated and angry, but it takes you much longer than your peers to get to that level.

Yes, it may be a good idea to take breaks from time to time if you feel you need it to be that way ... but why stop, when all of us are called to be members of the Church Militant?

Barbara Jensen said...

Vox, I am disturbed by the latest rendering from Steve Skojec at 1P5 who is cautioning 'prudence' regarding Bergoglio. His recent article appeared just after the most recent article by Maike describing the excommunication, by the Argentinian Bishops, of Professor Galat, a well-respected and elderly Catholic media celebrity. Professor Galat spoke openly about Bergoglio's heresies on his television program 'A Cafe with Galat'. He also expressed the viability gf Bergoglio's pontificate being invalid. In September the Bishop of Rome will be visiting Argentina and it appears that the quisling Argentinian bishops want to curry favor with the demon in Rome and so they threw Galat under the bus.
I would have commented on 1P5 but I have been banned by Skojec long ago, as have many others. The website Abyssus Abyssum carried these recent 1P5 artifices by Maike and Skojec and I commented there also on Skojec's piece. The reason that I bring it up here is that there seems to be a misunderstanding of the depth of the situation in the Catholic Church by many, and each individual Catholic will have to face the fact that we have moved well beyond allegiance to Canon Law. We are now faced with the clear and present duty of upholding the FULLNESS of the Catholic Faith, no matter what. This is what Professor Galat has done. He is a role model. He spoke the truth, and because he did, he was punished with excommunication by heretical bishops. I say they are heretical because these bishops punished this brave man for upholding the Faith. We each are going to be called to do the same as Galat did if we want to remain loyal to God. People of prominence in Catholic media--like yourself-- will be faced with either acquiescing to the drumbeat of 'Shut up or pay the price' coming from Rome, or standing with Christ and letting the chips fall where they may. Are we each willing to pay the price that Professor Galat has paid in order to be loyal to Christ and His Gift of the Revelation of His Father? What Bishop Galat did was exactly what the Bishops should be doing. Yes, they would suffer, as Galat did, a humiliating stripping that they never expected. They may lose their red hats. They may lose their precious titles and thwart their 'careers'. They will have to say with St. Paul 'I know nothing but Christ and Him crucified.' Believe me, Jesus waits to see what each of them will do. So far it doesn't look good.
Far from toning down your very incisive rhetoric, I say ramp it up! You speak as if you too should take Skojec's fear-riddled advice and 'tone it down bit'. He seems to warn, 'Look what happened to Professor Galat. Do you want that to happen to you?' He advises to rely on the Church hierarchy who have the 'official authority' to proclaim what Professor Galat has proclaimed and to refrain from doing what is very needed. What is needed is to speak up and speak forcefully. God has given you the forum to do so. He wants you to use it. This is no time to apologize for being strong and intense. Skojec has discomfort with those who challenge his intellectual meanderings by bluntly stating what is glaringly obvious. Pouring over Canon Law will not give one what is needed now. This is not some complex canonical/ political situation. It is either full allegiance to the Faith that our Savior gave to us, or it is alliance with evil. There is no middle ground. Fidelity to the Faith is our most pressing and most fundamental responsibility. When we fail in this we contribute to the overwhelming confusion of those who are not as grounded in their Faith. This is is exacerbated by the endless processing, processing, and processing some more by those who do not have the courage to live in Faith. Every martyr who died for his Faith was condemned and maligned by those who played it safe.
Playing it safe will not work in this present crisis. Our valor will be manifest by our courage in speaking up.

Kathleen1031 said...

I am not usually as impressed by the commentary as I am by the blog post, but today I am. Nicely written all, you have really captured it so well. Thanks to all.

These times are disturbing, and we are all probably every day stunned by how it manages to get worse each day, but, I admit I go a little crazy when I read some perhaps well intended commenter admonishing someone to back off, back down, start praying more, and end the "negativity". For some people, the church can go up in flames (which it is) but for heaven's sake, keep smiling. Positivity has become an absolute virtue, but it is zeal for God's house that is far more worthwhile! I am a middle-aged grandmother, but I am incensed at what we are seeing! It is hard to see these diabolical destroyers just have their way with Our Mother, she is raped every day. Is this terrible, violent imagery? Unpleasant to contemplate? Yes, but the reality is there, and as Church Militant we cannot shirk from it so that we maintain a false cover of wellbeing and God forbid, a veneer of artificial "peace".
There are many delicate flowers. They should not be reading blogs if it upsets them.

May God remedy this horrible situation soon, and be with us every day, to that glorious day when these days will be over.
Keep up the good work Vox. Please don't stop being who you are and don't stop what you are doing. Sunlight is the best disinfectant and we can, thus far, still communicate with each other about these travesties and scandals. As faithful Catholics, we must know what is going on. We have a right to know what is going on.

Ademar said...


Dear Vox,

Keep up the good work!!

Here's more grist for your mill:
I considered Cardinal Bergoglio to not be Pope long before some bloggers started to put forth that idea. Here's why.

1.) Unlike a bishop, whose ordination leaves an indelible mark on his soul, a pope is not ordained, so his papacy is a charism - a spiritual gift given to someone temporarily for the benefit of others. And, it can only go to one man at a time - Our Lord determined that Himself.

2.) A pope loses the papal charism either by dying...or by total resignation - not just in words but in actions, like dropping the papal name, white cassock, Vatican address, etc.

3.) Pope Benedict XVI resigned in words but not actions - anyone see Cardinal Ratzinger in black in Bavaria lately?

4.) Sooo...the papal charism has not left Benedict, and thus Cardinal Bergoglio is not Pope.


Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Kathleen1031

I admit, I often find more in common with some protestant pastors I meet via YouTube than with most Catholics these days. Just a few days ago I listened to one of them ask: Can the commandment - Stay positive! - be found anywhere in the Bible?

We know that 'positive' can only mean that which aligns our lives with the Word of God, and which brings us closer to Him.

Building bridges to hell is definitely not a positive action.

May God bless you.