Friday, 16 June 2017

Vox sends his congratulations to Stephan Ackermann, Reinhard Marx and the rest of the pathetic sons of Satan in the Diocese of Trier

Trier, the oldest diocese in Germany will see 96% of its parishes close.

Trier is headed by Stephan Ackermann, a rather pathetic example of a bishop.

Here is some wisdom from little Stephan.

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Chad Hagel said...

There's really no need to send your congratulations to the men in Trier, Vox. I'm sure they already have congregated in one of their basements to slap each other on the back, replete with expensive cigars and the finest of German beer. Congratulations has already been doled out.

How far my patrilineal ancestral homeland has fallen. O Germany, where is thy faith?

There's a saying about the Second Vatican Council: The Rhine flowed into the Tiber. Over 50 years later, I think it's safe to say that the opposite now applies: The Tiber flows into the Rhine.