Monday, 26 June 2017

Pope Bergoglio refuses "dialogue" and "encounter"


Anonymous said...

I saw that last Thursday night. Raymond Arroyo, Edward Pentin & Fr. Murray gave a good analysis imho. God bless & keep them - they're doing a much needed work for the Church.

Ana Milan said...

While I fully support the Dubia I'm getting very tired of the creepy allegiance shown by the four Cardinals towards PF. It is as plain as daylight that PF is not Catholic & should never have been elected to the Papal Office, nor indeed to any office within the CC. He doesn't intend (or even pretend) to uphold the Deposit of Faith, Magisterium & Tradition of the CC handed down by the First Apostles & is busy rewriting the Ten Commandments by changing pastoral teaching which is rooted in Catholic Doctrine. No pope (even the bad ones) has ever attempted this before. Even the Arian heresy was not on the same scale as Bergoglioism. They will soon lose credibility if they don't immediately & publicly make the formal correction & call for an imperfect council to get rid of him. Truly, Jesus Christ & His Holy Mother are watching. The Dubia must be answered for the unity of the CC to remain intact either by PF or by the next elected pope which must come about soonest.