Saturday, 17 June 2017

Pope Bergoglio appoints abortion advocate to Life Academy - Cardinal accuses Catholics of not understanding "love"


The Pope of Rome has appointed a pro-abortion advocate Oxford Professor, Nigel Biggar to the Pontifical Academy for Life.

Archbishop Paglia, an alleged apostle of Jesus Christ accuses Catholics who have raised their voices at this outrageous Bergoglian action as being "sensationalist," and not understanding what "love" is. This from the putrid example of a man who commissioned homosexualist erotic art for his Cathedral and wears funny sunglasses whilst swishing his drink.

Paglia is a disgrace, a man unfit for the high office he holds. 

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You must love as he reminds us all on Twitter.

Do you realize the crisis that the Church is in? Some will say, "the Church has always been in crisis." No, this is not true. They are ignorant of history. They are truly ignorant of the faith. 

The saying, "the fish rots from the head first" has never been more appropriate then it is right now. 

Please try to defend your rotten fruit of Vatican II or your Novus Ordoist culture.

You can't.


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

It is true, and has always been true - lovers of sodomy are internally disordered. The practice of sodomy scrambles one's brain and obliterates one's moral sense.

If I love, I encourage a murderer to stop murdering. If I love, I encourage a woman and a mother to respect God-given life, to live in dignity and to practice virtue.

Does this sodomite believe that it is necessary to invite murderers and proponents of murder to a dialogue about respect for life? - He does. His brain is scrambled. His god can be found only in a pride to sodomize parade. This is the reason why he brought it to the church near him.

Anonymous said...

Readers, and no doubt your good self, are aware that 'paglia' is Italian for 'straw'.

Anonymous said...

The word love is thrown around so much these days ,its becoming a cliche,lust seems to have dropped of the radar.yet millions of its victims suffer from its effects ,women forced into prostitution ,child abuse ,yet never a word comdemning it.

Peter Lamb said...

Father Arnold Trauner's Sermon for the Sunday in the Octave of Corpus Christi, June 18th, 2017

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.
My dearly beloved in Our Lord,

The Gospel of this Sunday in the Octave of Corpus Christi shall be the occasion to clearly point out a fundamental point with regards to the present crisis in the Church.
Those who refuse to come to the feast prepared for them, are in the first place the chosen people of the Old Testament. God had sent them his “invitation” multiple times, through their Prophets. When the Son of God himself had become flesh, and invited them to the Eucharistic banquet, they went their way saying that his words were hard, and that they could not hear them (cf. Jn 6,61).
Those who refuse to come to the feast prepared for them, are also all the Catholics who find excuses for themselves in order to stay away from Holy Communion.
The conditions which determine whether one can or cannot receive the Holy Eucharist, are very clear. They can be found in any catechism. The soul must be free from mortal sin: Our conscience must not reproach us one single mortal sin not yet confessed and absolved, at the time of Holy Communion. And one must receive Holy Communion foremost in order to please God, and to grow in holiness; and not for human or earthly reasons, like being seen by others or any kind of showing off.
We can develop today’s parable somewhat and come to a point of actuality.
We can imagine some of the invited guests to have gone off to a different banquet or another invitation that happened at the same time! In fact this is what many Catholics, misled by the appearances in the present crisis, are doing today.
They go and receive the communion wafer of the Novus Ordo cult.
Some attend celebrations according to the “old rite” where good and evil, right and wrong are mixed and intertwined. This is the case with all celebrations carried out under the care and auspices of the nominal Catholic hierarchy – the “indult” or “motu proprio” celebrations. Not only do those nominal Catholics at least implicitly accept the false hierarchy (bishops) as the true Catholic hierarchy – which is very serious once you have realized the scam and the imposture underlying the Novus Ordo; but they also expose themselves – often in an un-reflected manner – to receive invalid Sacraments since many of these celebrations are led by non-priests, i.e. men ordained in the Novus Ordo by bishops “consecrated” according to the invalid new rite. Even if the man presiding the indult celebration has been ordained with the “old rite” (as in the case of St Peter’s Fraternity, and sometimes in other places also), this does not make him a validly ordained priest as long as this “ordination” has been carried out by an invalidly “consecrated” bishop.

Peter Lamb said...

Some attend Masses said by validly ordained priests, according to the pre-Vatican2 rites, but “una cum” the nominal hierarchy. Even if such priests say that “they only pray for Bergoglio’s conversion” when they mention him as “the Pope” in the first prayer of the Canon of the Mass (“una cum famulo tuo Papa nostro Francisco”), they are objectively wrong since this prayer in this place clearly means a profession of unity with the governing Catholic Pope. The private intention, or the subjective understanding of the celebrating priest cannot possibly change the objective intention and meaning of the prayers of the Catholic Church – God forbid! Thus such Masses (as is the case with St Pius Xth society) are objectively stained by capital schism. They imply a blasphemy: Identifying the Catholic Church with the Novus Ordo set-up (which is only nominally Catholic, but not in objective reality) and accepting its hierarchy as the Catholic hierarchy while refusing to follow its teachings, laws and liturgy.
Some will ask: “Why bother us with such complicated explanations? Why should we, as lay people, care about the intricacies of theology?”
These matters are in no way complicated, no more than any matters directly concerning our Faith. They are immediately concerning the good of your soul. The validity or invalidity of Sacraments is an objective matter, it must be judged only according to the universally recognized principles and terms of Catholic doctrine.
It is your problem in as much as you are aware of there being a problem that concerns Catholic doctrine, and also your immediate spiritual good. Whereas those who are in total ignorance about the objective problem may be subjectively (individually) excused from sin, those who have been made aware of the problem cannot deem themselves exempt from sin if they still accept to expose their soul to unworthy or invalid sacramental rites.
Certainly those people who refused to come to the banquet prepared for them, in today’s Gospel, still fed themselves that day. But they were in the wrong place, and they knew they were!
Why would anyone want to eat worms or rotten food, when there is good bread and meat at their reach? It would be utterly crazy to do so. But unfortunately this is the pattern of any sin: It is in the mind and in the will. What we do unknowingly or unwillingly might be objectively sinful, but it is not subjectively sinful. Whatever we have come to know, by one of the manifold means which God uses to carry out his providential plans, imposes on us the duty to act in accordance with this knowledge.
Sinning is profoundly unreasonable in the sense that it is opposed to the right reason. All our acts must be fundamentally tending towards the true good, the salvation of our souls.
But sin is committed with reason, i.e. knowingly. Otherwise there would be no sin! A maniac, or a little child might commit seriously harmful acts, but there is no moral responsibility on their part since they are deprived of the use of reason.
So let us make good use of the most important faculty that God has given us: our intellect or reasoning power.
May Our Lord, present in the Holy Eucharist for our adoration and as our spiritual food, grant us the grace to live according to what we know to be undeniably true, through Faith. And may He and all the Saints help us to ever better put our will in conformity with the divine will: our sanctification and holiness (cf. 1Thes 4,3).

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Chad H. said...

Another delightful man elevated to power in the Vatican. Oh, joy.

Anonymous said...

That painting would not be out of place in a brothel.That the locals have not kicked up a stink about it is unbelievable .Imagine sitting with children at Sunday Mass ,having to look at that,and including himself in it,the ultimate selfie.

Anonymous said...

Our Lady of Good success Newsletter .What is WRONG with this picture???? 100th anniversary of Fatima file:///C:/Users/mmcm1/Downloads/The%20Last%20Challenge%20final.pdf

raphaelheals said...

I do believe those are rainbow coloured glasses.

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

The Holy Father has no vices accorded to him.
He is Christ on earth.
There are always charitable reasons to persuade. The rest could be needlessly scandalous. The principal mark of Catholics in this world is fidelity to the Holy See. If you don't like a particular edict, act on it only when it pertains to your existence or your responsibility.

Vox Cantoris said...

robert Levine said...
The Holy Father has no vices accorded to him.
He is Christ on earth.

What kind of blathering idolatry/papolatry and bunk is this?

He is most certainly not "Christ on earth" any more than St. Peter was. Would you say that the popes who were children, murderers, fornicators and sodomites were also, "Christ on earth."

He is the "Vicar of Christ" on earth. Vicar, meaning a "deputy" or someone "acting in his name," but NEVER, EVER is he "Christ on earth."

Your papolatry, and that of millions of other Catholics caught up in your papal positivism is part of the problem.

What poppycock.

What hogwash.