Saturday, 3 June 2017

"A slap in the face?" Well, then turn the cheek so we can slap you again!

Related imageMarcelo Sanchez Sorondo, an alleged descendant of the Apostles of Jesus Christ is the head of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. Sorondo has referred to the Americans pulling out of the scandalous, globalist, Marxist Paris climate accord as being a "slap in the face."

A "slap in the face," Even in this, he mocks a phase so associated with Our Blessed Lord.

This is the same ecclesiastical nincompoop that said that Pope Bergoglio can bind Catholics under the pain of sin who do not believe that global warming is a sin at the equivalence of abortion. 

Yes, he really said that.

The Pope has no authority to invent new sins, he is not a god. He is a very fallible man and Sorondo is a "loser."

Sorondo wants to speak of a "slap in the face." And what does this clown of an Archbishop think that faithful Catholics have been suffering for four years since the Jesuit hordes have taken over the Church emboldened by the embedded homosexualists and globalists.

There are fossils of ferns and palms in Greenland, Alaska and northern Alberta. I was taught this in school decades ago. A short Internet search will prove this to you. Therefore, we can conclude that the earth was warmer. 

Is there climate change? 


The climate changes and then it changes again and then it changes back. 

What these intellectual morons call Co2 is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by green things, trees grass, and the petunias in your garden. What these created things do is give off oxygen which other created things, like people and animals use to breathe and live. Therefore, the more C02, the more oxygen, the more life.

God created all of this. He set it all in motion. We are to be responsible with His creation. We should enjoy the meat he gave us but raise the animals happy and healthy and slaughter them humanely. We should not pollute the water and air which we all breathe, we should all plant trees, I've put in two lilacs, a mountain ash, a magnolia, three birch and a crimson maple on my property in the last twenty years. Do you think I've not covered my "carbon footprint."

These globalists and the ones embedded in the Vatican are liars. They are doing the work of the Devil who is Satan himself, in whom they do not believe.

They have created a false church and a false religion and they are going along with those who seek to take over the world and control all wealth and thought for their own evil purposes. All of them, are of the Antichrist no matter what colour of cassock they wear.

God bless and protect Donald John Trump, the President of the United States.

The next slap for Sorondo may not be as pleasant. 


Anonymous said...

Lol, i agree turn the other check indeed and more than once, because we have had to endure slaps in the face from the Vatican since March 2013.Jorgee Bergolio your one world Marxist agenda is beginning to crumble, as we say how long lord,how long!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

These Jesuits have created a faith- and thought-system which is not Catholic.
When I had doubts regarding the Catholic doctrine, I left the Church. I didn't know that that which I doubted was not Truth, and I feared committing sacrilege. On the other hand, why would I want to convince others that I was a Catholic, when I rejected and sometimes ridiculed some of what the Catholic Church has taught? - Perhaps I would like to do it, if I wanted to deceive people?

A person who rejects Catholicism is not Catholic, as a person who rejects Islam is not a Muslim, or a person who abhors and rejects sodomy is not a sodomite, and a Marxist who calls religion the opium for the people is not a faithful believer.

But these Jesuits, these -allegedly- men of and for the people, do not care for the most basics norms of a Christian life - honesty and simplicity. As Bergoglio is saying, it is not Catholic to say - this or that, because for a Catholic it is always this AND that.

I wonder if Bergoglio's Jesuit "education" enabled him to think and say it honestly or if he is deliberately misleading, deceiving us for a purpose known to him.

I used to talk to cultural Catholics, who rejected Catholic teaching, but insisted: I have a right to be a Catholic! Never in a million years would I have believed that the Bishop of Rome would pull all lies (this and that and that and that and that too) under the umbrella of the Catholic faith, When they called the Church universal, is it what they had in mind? - That an open enemy of the Catholic Church would bash faithful Catholics as fanatics and non-Catholic? Was that the plan?

Fr. Tim Moyle said...

The fossilized record of ferns etc. in the Arctic are signs of plate tectonics and continental drift. They are not proof of climate change. But we cannot deny that the climate of today is indeed changing. For me, the real question is: Is it being caused by humanity and our use of carbon-based fuels? At this point, there is certainly room for debate before we know the answer with any certainty.

Ana Milan said...

Vox, you refer to PF as a 'very infallible man' - I believe you mean 'fallible' as no-one can believe a word out of his mouth & he has no intention of answering the Dubia, which he would have by now if he thought he was infallible without speaking from the Throne of Peter. He is definitely trying to re-write the Ten Commandments & change Catholic Doctrine by praxis to meet the requirements of his NWO donors.

PF, Cardinal Sorondo, Fr. Arturo Sosa et al having no idea of the True Faith must rely on pushing forward Climate Change in an effort to divert our attention from that fact, but it won't work as they have no idea about Climate Change either, nor any other environmental matters & neither do the so-called experts (all of them Atheists) whom they have been in constant contact with. These men entered the CC with the sole objective of bringing it to ruin. We now have to await a Divine intervention as that is what we desperately require. It has gone beyond man to fix. The only hope we had (the Dubia) was stamped on by Cardinal Müller. He shouldn't feel proud of himself for bringing about its demise but probably will.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Moyle is correct. I`ve lived in Florida for 60 years and the climate has changed everyday.It`s scaring me and I need a safe space or maybe some inclusive ecumenical liturgical gay dancing would help.

peasant said...

I don't plant trees on my farm, I cut them and a lot of bushes down to enlarge the open space and provide for more sunlight and less shade for the vegetable gardens. Even so, God still provides a nesting place for the birds of the air. A word of wisdom which us peasants consider common sense: The time to prepare for the coming famine is while there is still plenty.

Anonymous said...

God bless the thrice married adulterer and pornographer? Do you not fear for your very soul writing such a blasphemous thing?

Unknown said...

Anonymous of 4:22am: if nullity declarations were granted, then the current marriage may very well be valid. Not for me or you to know. The corruption in the church is such that the documents of such cases are likely winding their way to judgemental demon motivated reprobateswho accuse and defame and calumnize their political enemies.

trying Catholic said...

Yes we can disagree with the Holy Father over questions of fact. Even prudential judgments about how to act. So far I agree with you. I don't think, though, we can respond to him with "I've planted a few trees". Environmental damage in today's world is different from what it was a hundred years ago. If everyone has a cow and puts the manure on their lawn, no problem. But if one person has 100 cows and puts the manure on his lawn, big problem. We are causing all sorts of serious harm to major ecosystems - tropical forests, the oceans, aquifers, etc. Of course, everything we do causes ecological harm - human beings are not angels. It is the price of progress We tell our children to put garbage in the can, but then we dump it in the ocean pretending it will go away! It does not! It is more important to save one human life than to save a dozen turtles. But if we can do both!

Johnno said...

"God bless the thrice married adulterer and pornographer? Do you not fear for your very soul writing such a blasphemous thing?"

What's wrong Anonymous? Did you complain when God praised Pagan Kings for favours they did for His Chosen people?

And funny thing about Trump's marriages, according to Barnhardt...

"FOUR: Several readers sent in info on the tangled web of the “marriages” surrounding all of these Trump relations. The most relevant to our discussion is the fact that Ivana Trump was Donald Trump’s first wife, but Trump was her SECOND husband. Ivana was married before she married Trump, from ARSH 1971-1973 to Austrian real estate agent Alfred Winklmayr.

So, that throws everything all a-kimbo. Trump has been very, very public about the fact that he views marriage as nothing more than a business transaction, and that the whole “for better or for worse, ’til death us do part” vow is a meaningless joke to him. If you don’t believe me, just do a search on “Donald Trump Howard Stern show appearances” and prepare to be nauseated. And every one of his “wives” has, as a condition of marrying him, had to sign iron-clad prenuptial agreements, which he has enforced with the utmost vigor. So, given that prenups invalidate a marriage in the eyes of the Church, because it indicates that both spouses do NOT view marriage as a permanent, binding covenant, and thus the ceremony that they call “a wedding” is actually just them aping the sacrament of marriage, it seems likely that Trump has never been validly married.

SO, since Trumps “marriages” to both Ivana (previously married and signed prenup) and Marla Maples (signed a prenup) are likely null, Melania’s marriage to Trump COULD be made whole and valid IF AND ONLY IF DONALD TRUMP TORE UP AND LEGALLY CANCELLED AND UTTERLY INVALIDATED THEIR PRUNUPTIAL AGREEMENT AND HAD THE MARRIAGE BLESSED IN THE CHURCH.

For Donald Trump to tear up his prenup with Melania would be a full-blown miracle, and indicative of a supernatural event that caused mass conversions, and I’m dead serious. In fact, I think it would not be too much to say that it would be the sort of thing that would happen as a direct result of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, it would be THAT “impossible” today.

Also, in regards to messes like we see with the Trump “marriages”, Our Lady under her title of “Undoer of Knots” would be a most apropos person to enjoin in prayer."

So it seems, ironically, that Trumps in a better position than the most adulterous Catholics.

Jack said...

It has been proven that all the medium altitude glaciers we can see now in the Alps had disappeared during the "medieval climatic optimum".
They were born again during the "Little Ice Age" (officially ended by mid 19th century) and now they are slowly receding while the global temperatures are climbing (only a scarce 1°C since one century).
Yes, climate is changing :Nothing new under the sun.