Friday, 30 June 2017

Cardinal Gerhard Mueller removed from curia! Oh, and that drunken, drug-laden sodomite cleric?

Just stopped at home for a quick lunch break and what do we find?

From Rorate

Methinks he was a bit too honest to Raymond Arroyo.

And Hilary.

No, not that Hillary.

Keep it comin' George.



Ana Milan said...

Cannot feel sorry for Cardinal Müller. He had a golden opportunity to stand with the four Cardinals & sign the Dubia but flunked it. Not only did he reprimand them but he also prevented them from issuing the formal correction at the time promised. Now that he has lost his esteemed office maybe we can expect him to do what he should have done back then & encourage those silent prelates (whose silence was possibly the result of his reprimand to the four Cardinals) & priestly orders to back the Dubia & get the formal correction made in order to restore the credibility of the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church of which, as Cardinal,he is a holder of high office. The momentum for doing so is now in this centenary year of Fatima.

Irenaeus said...

Yeah, sure, like that retreat is going to magically solve all of his problems. It won't. Retreating into the mountains is meant to solidify you to face all the issues that you have at the base of the mountain. Remember the Transfiguration, Cardinal Coccopalmerio, and how God reprimanded St. Peter!

susan said...

"Oh, and that drunken, drug-laden sodomite cleric?"

...gee Vox, you're gonna have to be a whooooole lot more specific than that.

Dan said...

Two possibilities - the Pope got upset because Mueller kept insisting that the heretical wasn't happening... or....

Mueller knows what is about to be foisted upon the church and protested.

Kathleen1031 said...

Dan, you have to be kidding, you can't be giving this pope the benefit of the doubt, can you? Please, not at this point.

What I don't get is how these old perverts are still having drug and whatnot parties at almost 80. Satan must give these geezers some help.

Johnno said...

It's going to be someone who is obviously schooled in the kneeful theology of Kasper and the Amoris of Adultery, and the Si of Laudato.

Also it seems that Francis is demanding priests concelebrate Mass rather than individually.

Sounds like he's getting people used to seeing multiple priests at Mass... all the better for when the Lutherans join in and everyone silently consecrates the 'Eucharist' or 'just bread', according to their own beliefs and formulas.

Anonymous said...

Well Berdemino has had a good week, he gets rid of C Pell and C Muller within the same week... Bravo jorge the demonic, clearly you think our lady will not be able to crush your masters head.It appears you are winning the battle for Satan, but remember jorgedemon you you will reap what you sow!

Dan said...

Kathleen... I may not have been clear.

What I mean is the Pope WANTS to be the "heresy pope" and Mueller kept trying to spin it business as usual.

The other (more likely) scenario is that Mueller protested loudly concerning a coming announcement from the Vatican.

Ignotus said...

What does the Holy See have in common with The Archdiocese of Toronto? Both have had their facilities raided by the drug squads of the secular police, but the Archdiocese has what should now be called the unHoly See beat by 33 years - oh the irony.