Monday, 10 August 2015

Pope Francis laments loss of trees for human food - ignores the obvious

In a stunning comment to on Argentine Radio Saturday, Jorge Bergoglio,. the current Bishop of Rome stated:
“It hurts me in my soul when I see deforestation to plant soy,” said the pope in an interview with two priests at Radio Parroquial Virgen del Carmen in Campo Gallo, a tiny parish radio station in the poor northern province of Santiago del Estero in his native Argentina.

“It will take thousands of years to recover. Look after the woods and water.”

The world is groaning in pain from sin not deforestation. Forests can be managed; if soy is planted, then that is food for humanity. On one hand, this Pope talks about feeding the poor and on the other condemns the efforts to do so. All of us must be good steward of the environment, that goes without saying. None of us, including the Pope, know the specifics about which forest is referred to or the circumstances. 

He has failed to say one word about the sodomite marriage vote in Ireland, the decision by the United States Supreme Court to create constitutional law on so-called marriage between the same-sex and not one word, not one word on the dismembering of babies by Planned Parenthood in the United States and no doubt, by other such organisations throughout the world.

Asia Bibi
He has an obsession for the environment over the lives of babies in the womb, sodomite and lesbian "marriage" and the slavery, persecution, torture and murder of tens of thousands of Christians in the Muslim world and what we get from Jorge Bergoglio, Bishop or Rome are platitudes and best wishes to these Mohammedans on their feasts and Asia Bibi still languishes in jail and her husband and family rebuffed in St. Peter's Square.

NOTE: I have been told quite firmly that the above paragraph is not true, that indeed, the Pope has spoken out on all of these issues. Mr. Thomas is correct, he has spoken out against abortion, gender ideology and the persecution of Christians. I have written incorrectly and I apologise publicly. Let me say that he has not spoken out enough, nor has he spoken withe the necessary clarity nor have the people around him ensured proper communication. Let us see an encyclical on these issues. Let it be proclaimed on a daily basis. There have been no comments about the specifics of Ireland or the U.S. court decision or the dismembering of aborted babies. That fact remains. Perhaps these are diplomatic niceties but they are not acceptable. He has surrounded himself with wolves, perhaps the ones who drove away Benedict XVI, wolves who are out to threaten Catholic doctrine and the family. He appointed them. He created this process and synod. He refuses to genuflect at the altar yet grovels on the floor to wash feet, he refuses to bless the press corp, he has allowed the persecution of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, he has called people names. Perhaps then, I should say nothing and just let it all happen because I'm just a "traditionalist," though I am only a Catholic, and trads are responsible for all the problems.
As Catholics, we must stand up and proclaim the Truth. We must not fear to even go so far as to criticise the Church's leadership. It is our duty to proclaim the Truth, even if they do not. The current Bishop of Rome has surrounded himself with advisors that believe that anyone who opposes the agenda on climate are "right-wingers," who write books on kissing and have been caught in homosexual laisons whilst working in the Vatican's diplomatic core. These are the likes of men around Jorge Bergoglio and the Synod is two months away.

It is time for Jorge Bergoglio to behave as the Successor of Peter and profess nothing more than salvation through Jesus Christ and Him crucified and resurrected and in His Holy Catholic Church or to renounce the Papacy and return to Argentina.


Anonymous said...

Vox Cantoris have you seen the video of the faithful Catholic Man confronting the Panel of speakers at a Laudato Si conference held at the Christ Cathedral in California? It is posted at Pew Sitter. Thank God for this brave man!!

tommy0274 said...

Bergoglio is an anti-Pope. He is an apostate. It is manifestly evident he does not possess the Catholic Faith.

Anonymous said...

The full length video of this Laudato Si conference at the Christ Cathedral in Orange County California

TLM said...

This 'earth worship' is PAGANISM. PURE AND SIMPLE.

TLM said...

Demented how these people (and PRELATES) cry over trees and Lions killed but say not ONE SYLLABLE about HUMAN BABIES being murdered in utero chopped up and sold to the highest bidders. People are so blinded by sin they cannot see the Diabolical agenda behind it all. Satan is laughing now, but he will not be forever.

Mark Thomas said...

"He has an obsession of the environment over the lives of babies in the womb, sodomite and lesbian "marriage" and the slavery, persecution, torture and murder of tens of thousands of Christians in the Muslim world and what we get from Jorge Bergoglio, Bishop or Rome are platitudes and best wishes to these Mohammedans on their feasts and Asia Bibi still languishes in jail and her husband and family rebuffed in St. Peter's Square."

I am sorry to say that the above statement is false. Pope Francis has time and again condemned the Culture of Death. He did so forcefully in his Encyclical Laudato si.

Time and again Pope Francis has condemned abortion. On May 12, 2013 A.D., early in his Pontificate, Pope Francis participated in Rome's March for Life and exhorted Catholics their and everywhere to defend human life from conception to natural death.

Time and again Pope Francis has condemned the persecutions of Christians in the Middle East and throughout the world.

Just five days ago, there were major news media articles that reported Pope Francis' latest forceful condemnation of persecutions against Christians.

Just last month, His Holiness Pope Francis declared that the world has plotted today against Christians in a manner that is akin to the early days of the Church.

Pope Francis' statement last month is very ominous as Pope Francis sounded the alarm that Christians today have arrived at the brink of a return to the catacombs.

Last year, on a Monday, just one day after the close of October's Extraordinary Synod, Pope Francis convoked a major public meeting with Cardinals that focused upon the horrific persecutions of Christians in the Middle East.

That was a major story within the Church and world.

Dear Vox, did you report that story? I had searched many Traditionalist blogs last October for that story. I did not find one blog that reported that story.

Certain Traditionalists continue to claim that Pope Francis has been all but silent on the persecutions against Christians that mark our world today. But the truth is that time, after time, after time, Pope Francis has called attention to said persecutions.

Funny, but the "liberal" news media, just as they had done five days ago, have reported on Pope Francis' numerous condemnations of the persecutions that have raged against Christians.

Sorry, but it's Traditionalists who have been silent in reporting on Pope Francis' constant denunciations of those who persecute Christians.

Dear Vox, did you report on the major news story that appeared just five days ago...where Pope Francis once again condemned persecutions against Christians?

Vox, I am certain that you at least scan news headlines. How did you miss that major story?

Why have you not reported Pope Francis' constant condemnations of abortion?

Pope Francis visited the Philippines last January. During said visit, Pope Francis time and again exhorted Catholics to embrace Humane Vitae, reject artificial birth control and abortion.

Pope Francis exhorted Catholics to resist "powerful forces" that promote homosexual "marriage."

Did you report those stories? I don't know. That is why I asked.

Did you report the news story that during a Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis praised Catholics who work to pass laws against homosexual "marriage" and the adoption of children by homosexuals?

Dear Vox, are you unfamiliar of the massive amount of times that Pope Francis has promoted the Culture of Life and condemned the Culture of Death?

If you desire, I will be happy to supply you with a tremendous amount of news stories that have reported Pope Francis' promotion of life, authentic marriage between a man and woman, and his numerous condemnations of abortion, persecutions against Christians, and Culture of Death.

dear Vox, thank you for having allowed me to express myself on your important blog.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Dear Mark, can you provide us news or statement from our Pope or other church hierarchy against the monstrosities revealed these past couple of weeks about planned parenthood. Can you provide us with a statement or news from our Pontiff outlining in great detail (as with our environmental responsibilities) the evils and gravity of abortion, contraception and homosexuality. Not vague "who am I to judge statements" but clear, concise statements on Church teaching, on the sin of abortion, sodomy etc. etc. Thank you,
God Bless !

Mark Thomas said...

Dear Vox, if you (and your many readers) are interested, seconds ago I typed in the following at Google News Search: "Pope Francis Christians Persecuted."

There were 36,000 results.

Vox, here is a handful of recent headlines from my Google News Search in question.

-- Pope Francis calls Iraqi Christian refugees as the 'martyrs of today' ... inhumane and inexplicable persecution of those who in many parts of the ...

-- Pope Francis Says Believers Are Suffering, Martyred for the Gospel ...

Christian Post-Aug 7, 2015

-- In message to Iraqi refugees, pope condemns the world's silence

Crux: Covering all things Catholic-Aug 7, 2015

-- Pope Francis sees Christian 'genocide' as persecution affects...

ChristianToday-Jul 29, 2015

-- The mounting persecution of Christians around the world has reached such a point that Pope Francis and other religious liberty advocates ...

Pope, Religious Liberty Advocates: Christians Facing Genocide

Newsmax-Jul 27, 2015

-- Pope slams 'atrocious, inhuman' persecution of Christians

Yahoo News-Aug 6, 2015

Vatican City (AFP) - Pope Francis on Thursday slammed the "atrocious, inhuman and inexplicable" persecution of Christians and minorities, ...

-- Pope Francis laments persecution of Middle East's Christians

Catholic Culture-Aug 6, 2015

-- Pope Blasts 'Atrocious' Persecution of Christians

Breitbart News-Aug 6, 2015


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Dear Vox, if you are inclined to do so, please allow me to post the following news headlines that I have just found during a search of Pope Francis' comments on abortion.

Thank you.

-- Pope Francis Condemns Abortion, Population Control in ...

National Catholic Register

Jun 18, 2015 - VATICAN CITY — In his new encyclical on the environment, Pope Francis condemns attacks against human life, such as abortion, embryonic ...

-- Pope Francis Condemns Abortion -

-- Jun 3, 2015 - Pope Francis is condemning abortion, euthanasia, war, violence and other offenses against human life. Speaking to a crowd at the Science ...

-- Pope condemns abortion as product of 'throwaway culture'

Catholic News Service

-- Sep 20, 2013 - VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- In his strongest public words to date on the subject of abortion, Pope Francis affirmed the sacredness of unborn human ...

-- Pope Francis Condemns Euthanasia And Abortion As 'Sins ...

Nov 15, 2014 - Pope Francis condemned the right to die movement on Saturday, stating that “playing with life” in ways such as abortion and euthanasia is ...

-- Pope Francis Condemns Abortion -

Nov 18, 2014 - Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: "In Ancient and Modern Thought 'Kill' Means the Same Thing"

-- Pope Condemns "Scourge of Abortions," -

Jun 1, 2015 - On May 30, Pope Francis visited with a group from the Science and Life Association and praised parents of children who suffer from major ...

-- Pope Francis condemns 'horror' of abortion, blaming it on ...

Daily Mail

Jan 14, 2014 - Pope condemns the 'horror' of abortion and blames it on today's ... Pope Francis, whom conservatives in the Roman Catholic Church have ...

Pope Francis Condemns Abortion, Population Control in ...

Pope Francis Condemns Abortion, Population Control in New Encyclical. Published Thursday, June 18, A.D. 2015.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mark,
However have you noticed that most of the accurate reports are on pro-life or catholic media outlets? The secular media post only fragments of the Pope's words/statements to their advantage, which has caused great confusion over the past two years. I have read many of the articles you posted, my concern is that although the Pope speaks strongly of these evils, why as the head of the Church is he doing nothing about it. How is it possible to host a Gay/straight alliance club in a Catholic Church (where the members many of them are 'married' to their same sex partners) How is it that the crs contributes funds for contraception and abortion? How is it that there are many, many openly gay (who support gay unions) priests/ nuns within the Catholic Church and the hierarchy are doing nothing about it? There is persecution here in the West as well, maybe not physical persecution like our brothers and sister in the middle east, but it exists here too. Why are we the Catholics marginalized even within the church, when we raise questions of liturgical abuses (which go on in almost every church I have attended) why are we called bigots, homophobes, not compassionate, not merciful, when we speak the truth. I was told by a friend that someone she knows who worked for social services was asked to remove her cross and her wedding ring as it might be offending to someone. I pointed out to a priest that during holy Mass there were a group of people eating, others playing on their phone (asked if they could somehow make announcements before Mass reminding people where they are) He told me I was being judgemental, that I should focus on the Mass not people around me (yes that is true that I should focus on Mass but it is difficult when two rows in front of you such distraction, irreverence occurs) What about Archbishop Cordileone? There are clergy who are against him, he is speaking and standing for the Truth, why does the Vatican not make an official statement and 'clean house'. This is where actions speak louder than words, one may say this and that is evil but if you do nothing to stop it, words do not mean much even coming from the Pope.
God Bless