Saturday, 29 August 2015

No "shaking" on Sodomy

Ignatius Ayau Kaigama, Archbishop of Jos in Nigeria
We are approaching the Synod on the Family, Round II. The sodomites in Germany and Switzerland and their sympathisers in the episcopacy, either because they are sodomites themselves or are being blackmailed for other things or their inaction on abuse, are ramping up to undermine doctrine and the faith. Make no mistake. These evil, filthy men are out to destroy the Church of Christ. This is not a new battle, it is just that it is now out in the open.

The leadership is coming from Africa and bishops such as Ignatius Kaigama of Jos. Where are our Canadian Bishops? Where are our American prelates?  

And who planted the seeds in Africa so many decades ago?

Marcel François Marie Joseph Lefebvre!

Ironic, no?

‘No Shaking’ on Sodomy

Nigerian bishops: "The culture of same-sex marriage is alien to our understanding of the family"

by Ryan Fitzgerald  •   August 27, 2015   34 COMMENTS
JOS, Nigeria, August 27, 2015 ( - The Nigerian bishops won't budge in their firm stance against same-sex "marriage."
That's the latest word from Abp. Ignatius Kaigama, president of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Nigeria and leader of the Jos archdiocese.
He told a recent Catholic assembly in his archdiocese, "The culture of same-sex marriage is alien to our understanding of the family and should not be imposed on Nigerians."
These words were met with heavy applause.
The archbishop then shifted to Nigeria's Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, which took effect in 2014. He is an ardent supporter of it, and at the time he lauded Nigeria's president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, for signing it into law amid heavy criticism from other world leaders.


Barona said...

Excellent post, let up keep praying that the Polish bishops will remain as strong as they were in October 2014. I believe they will. The lay faithful in Poland, will never accept sodomy,as they have not been softened up yet with decades of pro-homosexual propaganda.

Maudie N Mandeville said...

Yes, Marcel François Marie Joseph Lefebvre! But try posting that on CM.

TLM said...

'This is not a new battle, it is now just out in the open.' And might I add, it is ESCALATING at the speed of light as well. Yes, it's been there for many decades, but the sodomites are so emboldened by Francis that they are on the fast track. Like I said before, October, which BTW, is the month of the Rosary and feast of Our Lady of Fatima, is going to be a confrontation I do believe between Our Lady and Satan. PRAY THE ROSARY EVERY DAY!!!! If the faithful do this together, it will be powerful. The Rosary has been known to stop WARS! And believe you me, WE ARE AT WAR!! This is an EPIC BATTLE.

TLM said...

And, might I add, this entire Synod has been engineered around the sanctioning and promoting of sodomy within the Church. Make no mistake about that. 'Irregular Marriages' is only a cover for their real agenda. The grand prize for these perverts is condoning and blessing sodomy. It's the golden ring.

TH2 said...

"And who planted the seeds in Africa so many decades ago? Marcel François Marie Joseph Lefebvre!"

Very good observation, Vox.

FLOR solitaria said...

The 'grand prize' will be decriminalized paedophilia. These are just stages toward it.

TLM said...

YES INDEEDY FLOR! This I believe to be the supreme goal. It is soul shaking to realize and watch such EVIL coming from our hierarchy.

And by the way, Vox, I haven't seen a piece yet on the Children's books on sodomy that Pope Francis gave his 'blessing' to the author, telling her to 'Go ahead on her pathway'. If I knew how to link....sorry, I am SOOO technology challenged sometimes, it's not even funny. You can find it in many places online.....'Catholic Family News' and 'St. Corbinian's Bear'. Haven't yet looked, but maybe 'Life Site News' has it as well. The Vatican (Monsg. Wells) has published a 'clarification', which is typical 'modernist behavior' but the damage may well be done. Check it out.

TLM said...

OOOPS!! Sorry, disregard that last paragraph Vox. Didn't scroll down to see your article on it...MY BAD. Should have realized that you don't miss much:)


Anonymous said...

Be careful quoting the Church in Nigeria. Half of their priests are living with woman. Polygamy is accepted with benign neglect. They are not good to quote.

TLM said...

Wow....didn't realize this Anonymous. I knew they had a problem in some places with polygamy among the people, but Priests living with women? Shouldn't be a surprise I guess, the smoke of Satan has infiltrated in every corner of the world and the Church as well.