Friday, 21 August 2015

Canada's Bishops once again betray the faithful and the fullness of the truth! Do they subliminally suggest a vote for Justin Trudeau?

Canadians are in the early stages of a federal election campaign set for October 19. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, of the Conservative Party of Canada, called the campaign and is opposed by Thomas Mulcair of the New Democratic Party, a party founded by western farmers who were actually devout protestant Christians and has long since become a hard-left, radical democratic-socialist cabal. Other than the irrelevant Green Party the other is the once-great Liberal Party of Catholics, immigrants and the common man lead by Justin Trudeau, the drama teacher, snow-board instructing son of Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Mulcair and Trudeau are both Catholic and from Quebec with Mulcair also being a citizen of France. 

Both Trudeau and Mulcair are radical and proud abortion supporters. In fact, one cannot run as a candidate unless one promotes the religion of "choice" to kill the baby in the mother's womb up to the moment of birth in either Party. Justin Trudeau, pictured at the right "praying" in a mosque, also has committed to taking Quebec "out of Canada" should legislation ever by adopted that would restrict abortion or same-sex, so-called marriage. These are "Quebec values" according to this sage and philosophical moron. He also likes to kiss other people's new wives for the camera and pose with half-naked girls and appear alongside child-porn convicts.

Stephen Harper has brought forward not one ounce of legislation to protect the unborn. This is a tragedy. Private Members Bills on the matter have not passed Parliament. Despite the hope by Conservatives, he has not moved beyond the status-quo which in Canada is absolutely no law regulating abortion and a law that "personhood" begins when the child is outside of the birth canal.

As a Catholic, this makes voting for Stephen Harper extremely difficult and the others are simply out of the question. The local candidate may or may not be "pro-life" but at least the Conservative Party as Government has many who are and one may hold the pro-life position in Parliament. Local riding candidates that run have no chance as Independents and the peeling off of votes to them, in some ridings, will result in a Liberal or NDP seat which would make matters even worse.

One is left then to vote for the Party that will do the least evil. The stakes for Canada are very high in this election. I will have to hold my nose as a I cast my ballot. 

Fundamentally, "pro-life" officialdom in Canada has failed. It has marginalized itself. It has backed fringe candidates who have no other skills to offer. It has helped start parties that have peeled off a core lobby which in some cases lead to the forming of worse governments as happened in Ontario with many ridings taken by the left while votes split between the once Confederation of Regions or Family Coalition taking votes from the Progressive Conservatives (an oxymoron, I know). It has taken an "all or nothing" approach. It will not support incremental progress and so, we have no law. It directs people to fringe parties and candidates instead of finding strong, electable, pro-life candidates who can work from within. 

I spent a decade as a political organizer at the riding level and as as a paid professional in the former Progressive Conservative Party of Canada which went through a metamorphosis 
to merge with the Reform Party under Harper to the Conservative Party of Canada. I was a Special Assistant in Ottawa on Parliament Hill under the Mulroney government when the Supreme Court struck down the last limited abortion law. I was at Queen's Park in Toronto as an advisor under the Harris government. Progress could have been made in these years. I know something about politics, organisation and messaging. In all of the years since, not one iota of legislative accomplishment.  The pro-life movement in Canada must advance with a new generation who understands this political failure and the political reality. The work is at the grass roots riding level, it is sheer numbers and it is in the mainstream parties. The March is necessary and better every year. Direct action in crisis pregnancy centres is saintly work. Yes, to postcards showing the reality of abortion. The political arm has been a failure and will continue to be until in mass numbers, pro-life minded people take out party memberships riding by riding and exert influence. The rest has not worked, though ultimately we know that stopping abortion means changing peoples hearts.

So, we are let down by a pro-life movement that has no political sense and into this comes the Canadian Bishops

Oh my, are we in trouble. 

Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness provides an erudite and detailed assessment of this document and I urge you to read it. Church Militant has an exclusive interview with Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition that is a worth reading.

The Bishops have released a guide on voting. The first section includes the need for the voter to discern that candidates take up a position "Demanding the right to life for even the smallest among us – the human embryo and the foetus – since they too belong to the human family, while also providing assistance to pregnant women facing difficulties." The section continues with "Respecting the life and dignity of the dying, accompanying them until their natural death and promoting greater access to palliative care;" and, "Raising our voices against practices like physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, which deny the intrinsic value of human life,"

Let us give credit where it is due. 

Yet, the majority of the document then steers into social justice and environmental issues -- all part of the "seamless garment" philosophy which has suddenly made a return. It reads like a manifesto founded upon liberty, equality and fraternity for one and all.

The major problem with this document are the few references to the matters of life compared to the other policy questions. If one was to assess a candidate or party platform based on the whole of this document, a Catholic would find justification to vote for the radical pro-abortion Liberals or NDP, both lead by Roman Catholics from Quebec. 

Further, it actually refers to building a "Just Society." 

Now, is it just me or did the father of the Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau not coin that phrase back in 1968

Have the Canadian Bishops subliminally told us to vote for Justin Trudeau?


Anonymous said...

Cool story

Barona said...

The endorsement of Development and Peace's "Guide" and the Canadian Council of Churches" shows us where they wish to lead or (mislead) Catholics.

FLOR solitaria said...

Mulcair is the one being now pushed by the media. They've sensed that most people are tired of Steven H. but a lot of them still don't trust young Justin, so the NDP has become the media favourite. Doesn't really matter who wins, they will all do as they're told, but appearances must be preserved.