A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Monday 16 February 2015

Really Father Rosica?

Does Father Tom Rosica support Holy Communion for the civilly divorced and remarried without benefit of a Decree of Nullity in accord with Canon Law and the Holy Scriptures?

I mean, if you "Re-Tweet" something, that would generally mean that you agree with it, right?

Please Father Tom, tell us what you really think? (P.S. you barred Vox from your Twitter, not my dog!)

We report. You decide.

NOTA BENE: See also, "Does Father Rosica think that Cardinal Burke is a "dissenter?"


TTC said...

As my grandmother used to say, there are no flies on you!

I am in love with your wikiplayer!

Anonymous said...

Shame on Rosica. His attacks on JP 2nd a Catholic saint-Pope, benedict 16th and AB Burke are disgusting on S&L TV by him and his minions there in Canada. Even worse is his ludicrously BAD mistranslations of what Pope Francis in reality said on many many subjects Shame on him. He should be Fired and sent back home a member of the laity NOT a alleged priest.

Unknown said...

Father Rosica should reconsider where he stands, with Christ or with the evil one? Thanks to sites like this, the Modernists no longer leave me perplexed, they are like a bunch of comedians. With Blogs like this one, modernism will fall a lot quicker. God Speed!

Michael said...

I'm sympathetic to your views on most things, but I don't think you can say retweets are endorsements. I wouldn't retweet something I didn't agree with, but people do it all the time to poke fun or raise awareness. I'm just saying you shouldn't jump to that conclusion.