Thursday, 12 February 2015

Is there something unholy in the water in Aurora, Ontario?

My wife, the Fox, hails from your Newmarket and Aurora community. She is as gobsmocked as I am with what you brave Anonymous folks from Aurora write in the combox. She also grew up in a parish where Father Scanlon was Pastor and he had dogs then, golden retrievers, but they were never, ever brought into the sanctuary. Frankly, Cardinal Ambrozic would have gone ballistic on him. She was as poorly cathechised as you, until one day she found out about it and took it upon herself to find out what the priests and teachers failed to tell her. St. Paul wrote "faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through the word of Christ." Romans 10:17. At the end of the argument, if what you "heard" was wrong or heard incorrectly, it is now your duty as an adult to rectify it.

I've tried. I've really tried to inform you, to help you understand -- that is the whole purpose of this blog. Yet, you have not read the posts for the purpose of learning, you only see what you don't like and give an opinion. Well, you know what opinions are like, everyone has one and everyone but yours, stinks!

Let me repeat once again.

1. The Holy Mass is the Sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary re-presented forward in time by the priest on the altar. It is not the Last Supper and the Eucharist is not just a meal. In Lauda Sion, the Sequence for Corpus Christi, -- of course, you've never heard of the Sequence because most priests ignore it and option it out of the Novus Ordo Mass, though it is intended, and you should be mad about that too -- there is a phrase written by St. Thomas Aquinas; "vere panis filiorum, non mittendus canibus" which translates as "the true bread of the children, not intended for the dogs." It is to be interpreted literally and as a metaphor. Dogs are beautiful creatures. I have a dog. I love dogs. Dogs do not belong in the sanctuary during Mass, period. The Mass is the Holy of Holies as in the Temple of Jerusalem and the Jews would never have taken an animal inside. It is sacred. It s not for dogs. It distracts the "children" from the Mass. Stop justifying the dog because it is cute. 

2. Collections are taken up for various causes ordered by the bishop. We do not take from the collection plate for our own purposes or charities, even if we mean well. There must be accountability. We refer the poor to the St. Vincent de Paul Society or it to them. The Society is very, very active in York Region. Special collections are for what the bishop determines, the north and our native peoples, ShareLife, Shepherd's Trust, the maintenance of holy sites in Israel and Palestine, and so on. It is not for a priest or a parishioner to decide otherwise. If the priest or the individual wishes to take money from their pocket to directly help the poor, that is their business. We refer to our Catholic agencies supported from the collection. We do not give directly from the plate because it is not accountable! What don't you get about that?

3. Pope Francis is not an issue to be compared to in this regard and he would uphold the law as set by the Bishop, so leave the Holy Father out of this and stop misinterpreting him. He wants the homeless in Rome to be clean and have hair cuts, so he ordered a facility built just off St. Peter's Square. He did not sell a fresco and give the money to the poor which could be used as an enabler for alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn, prostitution or other purposes which would be harmful to the individual or his or her family. To suggest that the Pope would support what you think in this case is beyond absurd.

You really are impoverished -- and I'm being charitable.

If you want to learn and have valid questions, leave them in this combox and I will answer you with facts and references.

In the interest of your salvation, my friends who doubt what I am saying, sit down for 16 minutes and listen to this homily:

Our time is short. A storm is coming, indeed; it is already here.


Brian said...


Pope John XXIII, once said: "You can teach the ignorant but not those in error." Those, pertinacious in error, with a culpably low docility quotient are the worst. They are just not teachable. They reduce the principle of authority to themselves, and that is it. "I believe what I believe. Justice, freedom, equality, truth, goodness, beauty are what I say they are and don't tell me different."

But never give up! Keep posting. Some are hearing.

Roger said...

Amen, Vox!

We hear frequently from clergy about how there are so many Catholics are leaving the Church. Quite honestly, that's not my concern - my concern are the remaining ones.

Perhaps less evangelization, and more catechizing.

Anonymous said...

Your wife must have grown up at a different church than the rest of us then. I can tell you that there WERE dogs in the sanctuary every Sunday just about when Fr Bill was at St John's........