Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Michael Coren's corrupted Catholicism

Michael Coren appeared tonight on a rather pedestrian television program from Hamilton, Ontario with Damian Goddard. The two debated each other, with the two moderators. Coren is a bully, though he called Goddard one repeatedly. Yet it was Coren that did all the interrupting. He even called Goddard a hater. 

I won't quote everything but Coren stated that Jesus never preached on homosexuality.

This statement does not merit a rebuttal.

Michael Coren, stop identifying yourself as a practicing and faithful Catholic. Stop appearing to defend the Church as if you are speaking on Her behalf. You are no theologian. You have no standing to go on regional or local television and speak for the Church. 

Your opinions are heterodox and please, stop complaining of cancellations and the loss of income from Catholics. Certainly all your new friends should be able to make up the difference.


Murray (mgl) said...

Has Coren been complaining? I haven't been paying attention to him. If so, I'll take some small satisfaction in thinking that my email to Catholic Answers may have resulted in one such outlet closing itself off to him.

Brian said...

Coren is a spiteful sucker punching pitchman, who uses guests and debaters as means to interview himself.....really low journalism. When it comes to Catholicity, he has all the depth of a parking lot puddle. He is a flip flopper like his illustrious country man.....Henry Tudor. So, he is loosing income from cancellations? Good!