Friday, 17 October 2014

Cardinal Kasper obfuscates and denies and slanders

German Cardinal Walter Kasper continues to obfuscate the truth of what he said in Rome about Africa and its bishops.

Two days ago, the friend of Jorge Bergoglio, Bishop of Rome said that Africans "should not tell us too much what to do." When this broke on Zenit, pressure was exerted upon Zenit to remove the story and His Eminence denied it was said.

The journalist issued his own statement (below) which included a recording and states that the interview took place in St. Peter's Square in the presence of two other journalists, the Cardinal could clearly see that he was being recorded and at no time indicated that the conversation was off-the-record.

Now, instead of simply acknowledging his error and apologising to all involved, Cardinal Kasper attempts to discredit and defame journalist Edward Pentin accusing him of not using "reputable journalistic methods."

This is unbecoming of a Cardinal. It is unbecoming of a Pope to allow this kind of behaviour to continue by someone professing to speak for him.

Kyrie, eleison.


Cardinal Kasper's Confusion

 Thursday, October 16, 2014 6:43 PM Comments (12)
Cardinal Walter Kasper denies giving reporter Edward Pentin an interview after the conversation appeared on Zenit Oct. 15.  Yet the interview did take place. 
Pentin approached the cardinal outside the synod hall on Oct. 14.  The recording is here.
The problem is Pentin had identified himself at that time as a Register correspondent, which he is. And the Register did publish Pentin’s story with the Cardinal’s remarks (which can be read here).
Pentin is a freelance writer so he also pitches news to other outlets, including Zenit. After filing the story on the cardinal’s interview with the Register but before it was published online, he posted the transcript at Zenit. Pentin has since apologized for not making known to the cardinal his intention to publish at Zenit.
But the cardinal's confusion should end there. The cardinal was shocked that his words appeared at Zenit. But he shouldn’t be shocked by the interview’s content. The words are his — and now anyone can listen to them. Really the confusion is why would he say them?
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