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A corporal work of mercy.
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Sunday 26 October 2014

Holy Father! What of Asia Bibi?

Your Holiness, Pope Francis,

We've heard a lot from you in the last eighteen months about mercy. Yet, during all of that time, our Catholic sister has languished in a prison in this failed state while you invited a cleric of the political-religio fascist cult that put her there to pray to its god in the walls of Vatican City.

With all respect Holy Father, what are you doing, to see this woman freed from the earthly hell which she is in? You have spoken out about the death penalty and life imprisonment for people who have brought this upon themselves. 

Our sister has written you a letter; does she not deserve at least some consideration as you did for woman living in adultery in Argentina?

What will you do?


Sentenced to death Asia Bibi wrote a letter to the Pope

Date of publication: 2014-10-26 7:00
Date updated: 2014-10-26 7:49:00
Sentenced to death Asia Bibi wrote a letter to the Pope
Convicted for alleged blasphemy against Muhammad Pakistani Asia Bibi wrote a letter to the Pope. Christian asks him to pray for his release - reports Internet portal "Vatican Insider".

"Pope Francis, I am your daughter Asia Bibi. I urge you: pray for my salvation and my freedom. At this point I can only entrust to God Almighty who can do anything for me" - we read in the letter.

Last week, the Court of Appeal confirmed Lahaurze released in 2010, sentenced to death for alleged blasphemy against Muhammad at Asya Bibi. The 43-year-old woman, mother of five children, in fact, told only her friends - Muslim about their faith in Christ. For more than five years in prison.

Lawyer Asia Bibi, Naeem Shakir, said that the appeal presented by the defense was rejected. The writing explains why the witnesses are unreliable and false accusations. At the same time announced the appeal to the Supreme Court, which is the highest court of Pakistan's judiciary.

Asia Bibi was imprisoned based on allegations neighbor, the wife of a local imam who could not, however, provide any evidence. Two Pakistani politicians who have been pushing for the release of Asia Bibi, paid with his life: Governor Salman Taseer of Punjab province and the Minister. Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti. Its complete release appealed on 17 November 2010, Benedict XVI.

About as soon as possible to grant the appeal against the death sentence on Asya Bibi's appeal to the Supreme Court of Pakistan Christian non-governmental organizations from different countries of the world. They also call to the prison afforded her better, and above all, safety.

Source: IAC

Read more: http://www.pch24.pl/skazana-na-kare-smierci-asia-bibi-napisala-list-do-papieza,31722,i.html#.VEzPNvd8hrw.facebook#ixzz3HFuDa0VD


Aged parent said...

Thank you for this timely post, Vox. It will be interesting to see if the Pope does something about this.

Barona said...

Her plight is all over the Catholic media in Poland.

Barona said...

The CCCB has released this staement, seeking de facto "dialogue" with Jihadis< Hijabis and Sharia advocates. Yet, they are slient in demanding a true dialogue to release this young, Catholic lady.

And where are these Islamists who went through the usual nonsense following the Islamist terrorist attacks on Canada?

Where are the Islamist protests outside the Pakistani Embassy and consulates?

They were quick to turn up in Edmonton shouting "Heil Hitler", quick to beat up Jewish women and girls at these "protests" (in reality open advocacy for terrorist groups -- where the hell was the RCMP!!??).

Is it any wonder why we are loosing the war, with terrorists and sympathizers running rampant?