Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Synod was a Set-up!

The Catholic Church's teaching on sodomy is clear, it is a mortal sin and one of the four deadly sins crying out to heaven for justice. Holy Scripture is clear throughout on the abomination before God and the crime of this behaviour. Until just over 100 years ago, it was the sin of sodomy until the word homosexual was coined and until nearly 50 years ago, it was considered a psychiatric disorder. The act is sinful, it always is sinful and it can never be good, it can never be accepted. It is an act against God, it is an act against the soul, the person and it is an act against nature. As the Catechism of the Catholic Church states, those who practice this behaviour suffer from an "intrinsic disorder." This is the truth, it is the law, it is magisterial and it is infallible and that applies no matter what trash comes out of Rome.

Are persons suffering with same-sex attraction to be hated? Of course not; but we can hate the political and social movement of homosexualism that has taken control of our culture and clearly, our Church! 

Are people with same-sex attraction to be welcomed in the Church -- in our parishes and loved and respected? Absolutely; and I know many and one is now married to a woman and I had the pleasure to be a Lector at their wedding. 

For the last thirty years of my life, the Churches which I've attended have either offered the Mass in the traditional rite or the new rite with solid liturgy and orthodox preaching. At these churches there have been people who identified as "gay" people divorced (myself at one time) and a myriad of suffering humanity. Were they/I all accepted as brothers and sisters? 


So, what on earth is this synod all about?

The idiocy and evil by those at the Synod and I use those words in their full meaning, is profound. They wish to leave people suffering from same-sex behaviour in their sin. There is no call for repentance!

Look, people with SSA (same sex attraction) are not beating down the doors to get into Church. They can come just like anyone else if they choose to do so. If they repent and amend their lives they can come to Holy Communion. If they do not, they cannot. Neither can I if I live a life of adultery or fornication or drunkenness or deny just wages. Are we to reach out to them? Absolutely, with the truth! 

It is a false mercy to think otherwise.

The relator at the Synod blames an Archbishop who inserted three paragraphs without anyone knowledge. Really Eminence; we are to believe this? 

The Bishop of Rome's morning homily from the morning of the release of this document was all about the law and the "god of surprises" (the lack of a capital is intentional).

What does that tell you?

The Bishop of Rome, Jorge Bergoglio, must not only have known of these three paragraphs, he must have agreed with them!

Our good friends at Rorate are reporting today on Sandro Magister:

"The coincidence must be fortuitous, but on Monday, October 13, precisely on the very same day on which in the Italian political arena both the party of [Socialist prime-minister] Matteo Renzi as that of Silvio Berlusconi [the main "conservative" party] announced their will to legitimize homosexual unions, on the other bank of the Tiber the special secretary of the Synod on the Family, archbishop Bruno Forte, said that he also hoped for the same thing, because "it is an issue of civilization."

Has Rome, have these bishops and cardinals, has the Pope himself lost his mind?

This is a disgrace! It is a crime against the Church. It is a betrayal of our faith and of the truth. Can it be a set-up from the very beginning and from the highest office? The damage has been done, the global media will report that the Church has changed and our argument is now lost and if we stand for the truth, we will be mocked, we will now be the problem.

It is Peronism at its finest, eh? Even Saul Alinsky could not have imagined that this would actually happen and make no mistake, they are using all of his rules (for radicals). That homomafia is alive and well and still very active in Vatican City.

The Vatican is clearly backtracking today that "a value has been attributed to a document which does not correspond to its nature. As Mundabor writes, "this is not even a fig-leaf. This is like staying naked in front of the journalists and making a declaration that one is clothed."  He rightly questions which is more "stupid" the Relatio or this declaration but he when he writes, "probably the text is more blasphemous and heretical, but this declaration is every bit as offensive."

A breaking report from England quotes Archbishop Nichols that  the document was "composed under pressure." If this revelation is true, and there is no reason to doubt the Archbishop, then the document is illegal and the whole legitimacy of the Synod is in doubt.

Matt C. Abbott today at Renew America quotes Cardinal Napier, "We're now working from a position that's virtually irredeemable,' said South African Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier, referring to the media coverage. 'The message has gone out that this is what synod is saying, that this is what the Catholic Church is saying,' he said. 'Whatever we say hereafter will seem like we're doing damage control." Through his own network, Matt has asked for comments and Father James Fargalia writes, "Pope Francis has correctly criticized the plague of clericalism within the Catholic Church, but Monday's document is the most disgusting example of clericalism that I have ever seen in my almost twenty-seven years as a faithful and hardworking Catholic priest. In fact, the entire synod is an example of clericalism in its most horrendous form. How many of the participants in the synod have ever served in a parish?" He continues, "I used to dismiss the conspiracy theories regarding Pope Benedict XVI's resignation. In light of Monday's horrendous Vatican document, I entertain those theories as a plausible possibility." Father Richard Perozich says that "A pastoral practice that allows sin to be mixed with grace is neither pastoral, nor compassionate, nor merciful. Any such accommodation would teach others to abandon biblical guidance, to follow human desire, and to separate themselves from God."

Now we see the agenda, eh?

This was all about Kasper and his Holy Communion for the divorce and remarried without a decree of nullity, Now, it is revealed that it is really about a blanket acceptance of sodomy, a watering down of marriage, Holy Communion for everyone, a false mercy. 

If they truly believed that Our Lord Jesus Christ was present body, blood, soul and divinity in the Blessed Sacrament would they permit this? They would admonish the sinner and they would prevent him or her from eating "unto their own condemnation."  This is mercy and they can only have lost the faith. 

Father D. Vincent Twomey, S.V.D., writes today in Catholic World Report, that "It is gravely irresponsible on the part of the Synod to cause further confusion in a pastoral situation that, in the absence of little authentic instruction on the part of the bishops and priests over the past forty years, is causing havoc in people's lives."

I think the most salient quote today is this one from Father Hunwicke; "When you have a problem with some word or action, you lean over backwards to see it in the best possible light. But your duties of faithfulness to Christ do not mean that you have to be pathologically sycophantic towards whoever happens to be the current bishop of Rome." I've said it before papolatry (papal-idolatry) is not Catholic; no matter how many nice pictures and how humble the Vatican spin doctors dress this up. So, let us get over this idea that the "wonderfullest pope evah" can do no wrong. He can and he has.

The Synod is a disgrace, it is bordering on illegitimacy and is enveloped in a level of unprecedented secrecy and manipulation. This is not the working of the Holy Spirit, of that we can be certain. In Poland it is being called a "hermeneutic of treachery!"

I've read in a few places of people despairing and some say that they will leave the Church.  I am not despairing but I am bloody angry. 

Look, you cannot leave the Bride of Christ over this. Where else are we to go? The Orthodox who remain schismatic? The SSPX without Faculties? 

We stay right where we are. We do not have to obey on matters that dissent against the Magisterium. If these Romans do this, they call St. John Paul II a liar. If they do this, they call the man they are about to beatify, Bl. Paul VI a liar. They call St. Paul a liar. Now, I would not put it past any of these, and I mean any, to try but know what this is:

This is the devil. He has seized these men by their necks and by their hearts. They are old men, withered and bitter. They have lost the faith, they are out of touch. They are modernists, some are heretics and 100 years ago they would have already been tried for their lies, their heresy, their sodomy and malfeasance. They are sterile and they have no progeny. They represent a dead church and a dead theology.

As our beloved Benedict said, "the Church of the future will be smaller." The people behind this poisonous synod, this betrayal of the law, this new crucifixion are a declining number and they know it. They know too, as does their father of lies, that their time is short.

The next pope is there in Rome. He is witnessing this horror, and he is being called to truly rebuild and re-evangelise the Church. He will uphold the faith and he will restore all things.

The next year is going to be a trial. Then, some time in 2016; Jorge Bergoglio, Bishop of Rome will issue his Apostolic Exhortation.

A lot can happen between now and then.


Aged parent said...

There is no question that it was a rigged game from the beginning, or to be more exact, a well thought-out publicity campaign. The fact that last year the Vatican hired the prestigious public relations firm Ernst & Young, an extremely pro-sodomy organization, to handle its "advertising campaign" does suggest that professionals were at work here, creating a "campaign" designed to sell a product.

I'm writing a blog post on this right now.

Brian said...


Perhaps the final report itself, for this synod, is already complete. Yes, I think that this synod is a setup. Kasper, Forte, Bergoglio and company are worthy successors to the members of the Rhine gang which, fifty years ago, got what they wanted then. This ruthless coven will get what they want now. Many bishops, around the world, will, if they haven't already, simply throw in the towel. What we are witnessing is another unfolding of the New Theology. Get ready, there is more coming, with this Bergoglio mess. There was a time when the Rhine did flow into the Tiber. Not anymore, the Tiber and the Rhine are the same.

Unknown said...

This is my 1st day on your website. I'm guessing that you wrote this article, "The Synod was ..." b/c I can't find an author. Regardless, I was very surprised to read "and I had the pleasure (?) to be a lector at their wedding". By either being at or partaking in a "homosexual wedding" (which does not exist in the eyes of God) you are consenting to and endorsing this sham against God. :(

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Diane J,

Please read again the quote from my blog post:

"Are people with same-sex attraction to be welcomed in the Church -- in our parishes and loved and respected? Absolutely; and I know many and one is now married to a woman and I had the pleasure to be a Lector at their wedding."

Notice that he is "now married to a woman" and there is a link to his blog about overcoming same-sex attraction.

I trust this will satisfy your concern.

Thank you.