Friday, 9 December 2011

More on St. Michael's Cathedral Music

A few weeks ago, I posted an article about changes at the Cathedral in Toronto over some unfortunate tinkering to the sacred music program provided by St. Michael's Choir School. Dorothy Cummings Maclean has written a feature in the Catholic Register on the Cathedral and the Choir School. (N.B. the picture embedded in the online edition is an error and is actually of Notre Dame Basilica Cathedral, Ottawa.)
An ancient treasure chest of music

Written by Dorothy Cummings McLean

Living as I do across the Atlantic Ocean, I still manage to keep abreast of events in Toronto. The Internet is like a seashell, sighing in my ear.

The most recent news is that St. Michael’s Cathedral is altering the order of its famous music, provided since 1937 by St. Michael’s Choir School.

Dorothy Cummings McLean originally from Willowdale in Toronto now lives with her husband in Edinburgh,, Scotland where she attends the parish administered by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. Her brother attended St. Michael's Choir School and there she developed her love of the liturgy and sacred music.  She is the author of the blog Seraphic Singles and the book of the same name; and the blog Seraphic Goes to Scotland.

We did not know each other at the time, but we both attended St. Michael's Cathedral in the 1980's. Me, as a returning Catholic and she as the sister of a choir boy.

The result of course, was the same.

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