Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hey Moncton: Stand Up for Yourselves and Kneel Down!

Here we have news reaching us today from Moncton giving me another reason to publicly thank Archbishop Thomas Collins.

I imagine the "
link" will only work for a few more days. Catholics in the Maritimes have sure had their pain to endure not the least of which has been the preying on their children by wicked homosexual priests. The liturgy is a mess, church attendance is poor and vocations are almost non-existent.
6. Posture of the Communion Rite: The time of receiving communion is a sign that unites us as we all come to be fed at the Lord’s table. This is not about a private, devotional time between me and Jesus. It is a time that we, the Body of Christ, come to share in the Body of Christ, and so to go out to be the Body of Christ to the world. We do this as a community of faithful disciples. This is also another time in the liturgy when we take the same posture as the presider. And so we remain standing until the last person has received communion. At this time we will all then be seated for sacred silence, a time to give thanks for this blessing that God offers us. Of course, there are those in our midst who would not be able to stand for this period of time. It is most acceptable that they are seated as they need. The rest of the community remains standing as we sing together, notice our sisters and brothers who approach to receive the Body and Blood of Christ. We stand with our music ministry who lead us in song during this time. We stand as resurrected people. We stand in unity with all who come to the table. And we sit to give thanks in silent prayer once all have been fed.
Hey Moncton; any vocations?

When was your last ordination?

Let's remember our Catholic brothers and sisters in Moncton and Saint John and Halifax, and Antigonish and Newfoundland in prayer that they will soon have priests who will work to rebuilt His Church there.
Now, good people in Moncton; from a half Maritimer (my late mother was born in Fredericton) go and sit down and write, then stand up for your rights and kneel down for your LORD, if you choose to do so.

Antonio Cardinal Cañizares Llovera
Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments
Palazzo delle Congregazioni,
00193 Roma,
Piazza Pio XII, 10
Vatican City


Patience said...

Wow that sounds so Protestant! These priests seem really angry. PS even if the link no longer works; it will live on in My Documents! LOL

Gabby said...

Did you note that they are to remain standing at the Consecration in the parishes where that has been the norm? Did you also note that they misquote the GIRM by referring to the priest genuflecting/bowing after the elevation?

Then again, that's the diocese where I attended a Mass celebrated by the bishop at which he broke the Host at the Consecration and the vessels used were glass.

Georgian said...

Reminds me of the diocese of St. Georges when Bishop Lahey was there. At the cathedral the bulletin deceptively quoted the rule on posture for persons unable to kneel through infirmity or disability as the norm. Everyone was to stand and it was imposed as if it was required by law. It would be interesting to do a study of the connection, if any, between deviance and the perversion of the liturgy. Sometimes it is lay "authorities" who are in or whose relatives are in "irregular" or "inappropriate" living arrangements who call the shots but the buck stops with the bishop.

Vox Cantoris said...

Ah, Mr. Lahey, the man who gave us CBWIII that wretched little destructive gem and whose name is forever immortalised in each book.

Actually Georgian, the question is being considered.

Homosexuals are often narcissistic and that is from where the liturgical abuse often stems.

He did and many others do it be stealth and the people must wake up and understand that they have been deceived for decades.

Did you know that the "red" in the new Missal says...

"...facing the people, the priest now says, Pray brethren, that my sacrifice and yours..." and again at the Peace, it says; "...facing the people the priest now says, the Peace of the LORD..."

So, if it tells him that he say this "facing the people" where does the Missal actually presume that he is facing?