Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Make him Mr. Lahey Now!

I was going to post little this week and generally stay away from controversial issues, but this has caused me to rethink that. Instead of his putrid defense and his waxing about renewing his past "homosexual" relationships, he should be accepting his sentence with no defense and spending after that civil penalty a life or prayer and penance in a monastery for his crimes against the Church, children and his own soul.

Well, he lives on in CBWIII, another reason to rid our churches of that wretched little book of his handiwork. Imagine, he was wrecking our liturgy whilst being a sodomite in bishops clothing and looking at little boys, naked, in sexual positions on his computer.

You know, this guy and Mr. Weakland really show how the buggery committed by these sodomies really darkens the conscience.

Perhaps Salt + Light might want to think this post that this man is "a kind and gentle pastor, particularly sensitive to the needs of those who have suffered the scourge of sexual abuse."

Seraphic is equally disgusted and has kept her cool, I will write no more, I cannot keep my cool.

At the risk of committing a sin, I will refrain from writing anything else on this except for this:

Defrock him now!

Read the putrid story here.


Patience said...

Geez I just want to slap this priest. Whatever his sexual orientation; he had child pornography on his laptop!! And I really think his only regret was that he was caught. These guys are all like that. I'm studying computer forensics now so maybe in the future I can help put away a few of them!

Freyr said...

Anger is a secondary emotion usually masking a much deeper hurt. This man's fate is pretty much settled. After he is convicted he will be defrocked whatever you may do. adding one more voice to the mob is pointless at this time. The real question is how we go about healing the hurt and pain he has caused.

Kitchener Waterloo Traditional Catholic said...

Sorry Freyr, putting blame on the faithful isn't proper. We should all be outraged at this clergyman and the others who not only broke their vow of chastity but assaulted children.

At least someone finally admits the Church doesn't have a pedophile problem - but a homosexual one.

Serious damage has been inflicted on the Church by these 'spirit of Vatican II' homosexuals and their cohorts. Most of the laity sat silently in their pews the past fifty years, but no more.

Vox Cantoris said...

Quite frankly, his "defense" is putrid. He should fire his lawyer and throw himself on the mercy of the court; serve whatever sentence the State feels appropriate for his disgusting crimes and then retire to life of prayer and penance.

What I want to know is who knew he was doing this and who covered it up for all these years?

Freyr said...

How you got blame out of my comment is beyond me. Should I wish to blame you I would point out that you are a sinner. You have inherited the sin of Adam and have added your own. You have fallen short and but for the grace of God you would be capable of any of the sins you rail against.

Anger is not a virtue. Most of the time it is a temptation to be guarded against. Unfortunately this blog is not helpful in my struggles in this area. Most of the time, in fact, it is a clear and present occasion of sin. I will therefore remove myself.

Barona said...

This story raises issues that should be dispassionately examined by Church authorities. How was it possible for this man to engage in the behaviour that is admits to without anyone knowing? Obviously the immediate reply will be that is was all most secretively done. This no doubt carries with it some truth.... However, no one lives in a vacuum. A bishop - presumably - is engaged with many, many people. A bishop lives - presumably - modestly (hopefully in community with other priests) and is engaged in a life that truly is prayer and work.

From the article, one can raise questions as to the way this man managed his life. I believe he had a private apartment when he traveled to the city for diocesan business...He had two - presumably expensive -- laptops. He traveled - so we are told - quite extensively. Many questions remain unanswered; how such a lifestyle could fly under the "radar" without anyone knowing, suspecting. Are there others in some sort of network? Did anyone else know, suspect etc. either cleric or lay staff? Was this man involved in these crimes prior to his elevation to the episcopacy? What type of seminary formation did he have? ...

I will leave the final judgement of this tragic and objectively evil man to God. His greatest crime has been - let us never forget - to defile the Church of Christ. And yes, by extension, to create an atmosphere that can draw many Catholics into bitterness... this is the work of the Evil One.

Vox Cantoris said...


You probably won't read this, sorry about that; but you compare truth telling with something else.

There is such a thing righteous anger. If this blog has offended you, that is not my intent.

You seem a bit confused.

You all seem to forget that Jesus made a whip of cords and beat these kinds of people out of the temple. John the Baptist called them a "brood of vipers."

I would like your thoughts, but alas, I shall not have them.

Angry? Yes. Justified? Absolutely.

JP said...

Anger CAN be a sin, but it isn't always. I think what you do with anger is what makes the difference.

While our definitions of just what is bad liturgy may differ, I suspect both David and I get angry at bad liturgy.

I cannot imagine why anger that arises upon hearing about a breach of trust, breach of faith, etc. would be a bad thing, as long as the person or people feeling anger do not dwell on it.

Some things need to be fixed. If anger can get that process started, then it is a good thing.

Young Canadian RC Male said...

JP, probably because some people have less tolerances than others for this sort of thing. For some people, they have a lower tolerance limit, mabye even none for these kinds of Catholic Church liturgical/moral issues and it causes those people to want to lash out at every bishop and priest who's lax even the slighest in their liturgy or theology.

Now, this is definitely a major crime and worthy of righteous anger, no guilt here. Lahey is a sick perverted individual who is homosexual, one of those so hinted at by Voris who snuck their way into the Church's lax period during and post Vatican II, who were allowed to fester until society woke up and realized how sexual abuse and child abuse is wrong (took psycholgy 40+ years but darn it they finally woke up just enough!) and destroy's the person's ability to function in society untreated (and sometimes regardless of treatment). And boy did he get caught red handed (though I was tempted to say pants down, but so far, there is not an absolutely proven case in court he raped someone, yet. I'm just waiting for someone to bring up an old rape case against him yet with the publicity.)Worse, he sounds like if he did go crazy, he'd be a perfect ephebophile predator as the CR article describes him as having "...gay sadomasochistic fantasies where he is the submissive partner,..." and a "sexual interest as a “strange mix of homosexual masochism and hebophilia,” which is an attraction to peri-pubescent or post-pubescent boys. Oh man I hope he didn't do anything to altar boys who were in his company.

He definitely deserves rightful anger for a) being the sicko he is "action-wize" b) for embarassing the Catholic Church and feeding the hunger of hatred of our anti-Catholic enemies and c) for besmeeching the holy and sacred order of the Priesthood and making all priests look bad, nevermind bishops (though that's included).

However going back to your comments JP, sometimes even just one story like this is all it takes to stir people in a frenzy, and for them to exhibit prudence, temperance, and not succumb to the deadly sin of anger, they must refrain almost wholly from such issues, no different from a recovering alcoholic who must abstain from alcohol to remain sober and in control of themselves and their lives.

For me, I'll admit, it's Voris. He was right on the sex crisis in the Church though (and he is similary in arguments to other apologists like online blogger Catholic Knight and Canadian author and journalist Michael Coren). Currently, I only watch Voris when the topic is interesting. If I get bored, I turn it. If the title catches my eye, I watch the video. However, I've had to refrain myself from daily watching as early in my "reversion", watching him daily gave me the attitude of "all post Vatican II priests and bishops not involved in the EF are preaching evil, the Novus Ordo is an Evil product of Annibale Bugini the Freemason bishop, hate hate hate, Church is infected, etc." This made my spirit really sour. That and some other blogs did not help either as they were on the extreme traddie side (one even posted writings from a German mystic discouraged or banned by the Vatican). Reducing or deleting exposure to those blogs and adding a few others in the mix, with reduction in Voris consumption has helped curb my spiritual attitude, though I still have critical eyes now at my institutional Church and choose not to go the opposite way and turn a blind eye and live in "Jesus loves everybody land".

JP said...

@ Young Canadian RC

I think I agree with everything you have said. And yes, I do believe that not all causes are for everyone of us. Some people DO in fact need to watch their exposure to some thing in order to avoid an occasion of sin.

I am one of those people, and for me, liturgy can actually be one of those topics.

The shame that has been brought to bear on the Church by the horrific actions of some individuals is something I can handle. I do believe that if they have truly been found guilty (and I believe there are a great many falsely accused) then they do need to be subject to the full force of law, both civil and ecclesiastical.

Kitchener Waterloo Traditional Catholic said...

To clarify, by "homosexuals" I don't mean the honourable and holy clergy who carry their same sex attraction like the cross God intended it to be. I do refer to the practicing sodomites who have infested the Church with their own brand of liturgy, music, theology and spirituality. Their sins are for a higher authority to judge; the consequences are unavoidable and permanent.

Barona said...

I'd like to divert this discussion to the CCCB's attitude on this affair.

I've spent a bit of time reviewing their website and have noticed the following: a condemnation of child sexual abuse - but : 1) no condemnation of Bishop Lahey; 2) continued photographs, articles, speeches etc. about and by this man on the website; 3) no apology to Catholics about the terrible scandal it has caused the faithful.

I would agree that this tragedy must be approached with caution by Catholics; yet, the wound remains open until the Bishops of Canada deal with the tragedy.

I would suggest that Catholics -respectfully - write to the CCCB asking why this man and his works remain on the website. Yes, he was at one time a diocesan bishop, that fact can never be erased. But to retain his writings?!

Thesy said...

"Let the person who is without sin cast the first stone" ......
Some of our greatest saints were "sexual" sinners - St. Madeleine, St. Augustine - and I'm sure there are others.
I'm not condoning Bishop Lahey's action but as a sinner I know Christ is calling me to forgive him and I pray that like St. Augustine, he will repent and become a saint as we are all called to be. Jesus dined with sinners - Jesus forgave sinners - Jesus remembered the sinner on the cross - will I?