Saturday, 10 December 2011

Scarboro Foreign Mission Syncretism

One post below is the evidence of liturgical abuse of the Holy Mass in the new Roman Missal translation by the Superior General of the Scarboro Foreign Missions, once known as the China Mission" a Society of Apostolic Life in the Archdiocese of Toronto.

Based on their infamous "Golden Rule" poster where Catholicism is just one of a number of options, what else can we expect?

I wonder what Monsignor Fraser would think?

"The Golden Rule" poster promulgated by the Scarboro Foreign Missions


Young Canadian RC Male said...

Hello Vox

I've seen this poster on occasion in a few places. To me this is general "syncretism" and/or "all faiths are equal" garbage and a blatant misinterpretation of Vatican II or Catholic ecumenism of the Scarboro Missions. True Catholic ecumenism is dialogue, meaning in crude terms "hey lets have a faith discussion, well DIALOGUE but I'm not compromizing my Catholic beliefs to play nice and hey I am even doing apologetics and get you thinking too."

Having been 2 weeks into the New Translation, I cannot see what the connection between this poster and the translation constituting a liturgical abuse is. Can you expand the post or clarify here in the comment section?

Steve G said...

I had never seen that poster before. Good grief. Another "Catholic" social justice organization that has lost its mind.

When will it ever end?

By the way, Scarborough is in the Toronto Archdiocese, right? +Collins? Where are you?

mariaklara said...

What is the problem with this poster? I think it's really interesting and informative. It illustrates a similarity between faiths. God made Buddhists for example, and if God loves everything and everybody (doesn't he?), then isn't it nice that there is "common ground" between Catholics and Buddhists. This poster encourages one to feel brotherly/sisterly to the rest of the world. It encourages one to a feel a little less special, doesn't it? Isn't that what it's all about in the long run?

Anil Wang said...


Actually, the poster displays exactly the opposite, how Christianity is different from all other religions.

The majority of religions say, "don't do what is harmful". A few have a generic "we're all connected" statement which means nothing and might justify persecuting the few "for the greater good".

Only Jainism and Christianity have an active "do good" message. The difference is striking. In most religions, not being a good Samaritan is okay since you're not causing harm.

OTOH, you are bound to help if you are a Christian or Jain. But Jainism is so broad that if there were two critically wounded roaches beside the almost dead human, you'd be forced to attend to those roaches and let the human die.

Only Christianity bounds us to do good (love God) and love man (love our neighbour). If scarboro missions thinks this is syncretism, they need be properly catechized and go to a course on logic.

Vox Cantoris said...

YCRCM said: "Having been 2 weeks into the New Translation, I cannot see what the connection between this poster and the translation constituting a liturgical abuse is. Can you expand the post or clarify here in the comment section?"

Well, the connection comes from a mind set. The ideas that spawned this poster also played fast and loose with the liturgy for the last 45 years. Thinking that a corrected translation would fix this is a mistake. If you're bold enough to put "Christianity" in this little circle with all the others as just "one other option" than you will do whatever else you think in other areas of the faith.

It is these "social justice at all cost" types who also engage in the worst liturgical abuses.

The two just seem to go together.

Barona said...

There are two points: 1) there is a nexus point between rejecting "for many" and syncretism; and 2) the poster is flawed in that the Cross of Christ is the Unifier of humanity. This poster places Christianity along with other religions, which are, except for Torah Judaism, which Our Lord practiced, bringing Judaism to its full completion.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Ah missionaries, they are a special and brave lot. And sometimes they make mistakes

One way to lead to conversion is to start with how the religion the student now practices is similar to Catholicism. It is a pretty standard way to start. Then you are supposed to expand and explain from there how Catholicism and Christ is the basis for all those beliefs etc, etc, etc, until you get a conversion. Standard technique used for ages.

Unfortunately a poster like that doesn't do a good job of converting anyone to anything. It merely shows what we have in common, which is great place to start, bad place to end it.

Funny thing the word verification is: cheesse

Teresa B. said...

This is the basis for the Grade 11 World Relgions course.