Friday, 9 December 2011

"For All" or "For Many"...whatever

I have said it before and I will say it again.

A corrected translation is not enough.

Why does this priest change the words of the Opening Greeting, the Penitential Rite, the Offertory, the Consecration?

He chooses not to say "for many" but does not say "for all" just, "for you."
We have a mixing of the old and new.When is this going to end?

Why does Salt + Light TV which broadcasts this daily, not deal with this problem?  Can they even? I appreciate that this is again, not a Salt + Light production but surely over the years, they've known about this kind of liturgical carelessness and innovation. I feel for them; they need to broadcast the Mass and they buy it from the National Catholic Broadcasting Council.

Well, who exactly are they?

The priest here is Father Jack Lynch, Superior General of the Scarboro Foreign Missions once known as the China Mission.

Father Lynch, this is causing great distress amongst the faithful, read the comments on Youtube. This is a against Sacrosanctam Concilium the teachings of Blessed John Paul II and the GIRM. Please stop changing the words. Please celebrate the Mass according to the words.

The one above, the first week of the new Roman Missal was no mistake or accident. He does it again below:

National Catholic Broadcasting Council

Salt + Light Your Catholic Channel of Hope
(416) 971-5353 or toll free 1-888-302-7181

52. All of this makes clear the great responsibility which belongs to priests in particular for the celebration of the Eucharist. It is their responsibility to preside at the Eucharist in persona Christi and to provide a witness to and a service of communion not only for the community directly taking part in the celebration, but also for the universal Church, which is a part of every Eucharist. It must be lamented that, especially in the years following the post-conciliar liturgical reform, as a result of a misguided sense of creativity and adaptation there have been a number of abuses which have been a source of suffering for many. A certain reaction against “formalism” has led some, especially in certain regions, to consider the “forms” chosen by the Church's great liturgical tradition and her Magisterium as non-binding and to introduce unauthorized innovations which are often completely inappropriate. 

I consider it my duty, therefore to appeal urgently that the liturgical norms for the celebration of the Eucharist be observed with great fidelity. These norms are a concrete expression of the authentically ecclesial nature of the Eucharist; this is their deepest meaning. Liturgy is never anyone's private property, be it of the celebrant or of the community in which the mysteries are celebrated. The Apostle Paul had to address fiery words to the community of Corinth because of grave shortcomings in their celebration of the Eucharist resulting in divisions (schismata) and the emergence of factions (haireseis) (cf. 1 Cor 11:17-34). Our time, too, calls for a renewed awareness and appreciation of liturgical norms as a reflection of, and a witness to, the one universal Church made present in every celebration of the Eucharist. Priests who faithfully celebrate Mass according to the liturgical norms, and communities which conform to those norms, quietly but eloquently demonstrate their love for the Church. Precisely to bring out more clearly this deeper meaning of liturgical norms, I have asked the competent offices of the Roman Curia to prepare a more specific document, including prescriptions of a juridical nature, on this very important subject. No one is permitted to undervalue the mystery entrusted to our hands: it is too great for anyone to feel free to treat it lightly and with disregard for its sacredness and its universality. Blessed John Paul II, ENCYCLICAL LETTERECCLESIA DE EUCHARISTIA


Barona said...

Excellent post. As a viewer of these Masses when they were broadcast, I was deeply disturbed - especially - by the very severe abuse of changing the words of Consecration.

Mike said...

Is this why and how it's happening?

Vox Cantoris said...


Good points raised by the Father at Southern Orders.

Everyone, but a new Roman Missal from Midwest Theological Forum or CTS in the U.K. and follow along.

Teresa B. said...

This is a mass prayed in the Archdiocese of Toronto.
Should not a copy be sent to ABCollins?

Anonymous said...

Ummm, I happened upon this for a split second on Wed. Listen to 13:12.... Father quotes the Koran.... That's the part I heard, then I turned off the TV. Sigh...

Vox Cantoris said...


I wrote a very polite letter to this priest and sent a copy to

A while back I got a "read receipt with dates something like this":

"Your message of March 24, 2009 was deleted on September 14, 2010 without being read."

I'm afraid that that email address is a black hole.

Vox Cantoris said...

Anon 11:27;

I don't think I could stomach to review that, but thanks for the information.

Anonymous said...

Why does he keep looking at the camera?

Or looking at the people?

Isn't he praying to GOD?


Anonymous said...

It seemed to me he was reading directly from the missal - consistently - apart from the one reference to "you" rather than "the many."

You can't be serious about Salt and Light TV. They are the last ones whom I would expect to care about adherence to liturgical rules.


Teresa B. said...

Well, if he is praying the Wednesday mass again - then it was taped at 5pm today. We'll see if there is a change tomorrow.

Teresa B. said...

Look who was celebrating the mass today! ABCollins!