Friday, 17 March 2017

Support LifeSiteNews!

Dear Friends,

Where would we be without the work done by LifeSiteNews and John-Henry Weston and Steve Jalsevac? I urge you to read their appeal and support them.

If my posting an appeal for the folks at LifeSiteNews serves to put into a rage those who wish me ill, then all the better.

Now, go support LifeSiteNews so they can continue to do what they do best!


Dear Friends of Vox Cantoris,
First, a quick update: Today is Day 3 of our crucial spring fundraising campaign, and we have raised $20,223 of our $225,000 minimum goal. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far! (To donate, click here)
If you’ve been reading LifeSite for a while, you already know how vitally important our quarterly fundraising campaigns are to our mission.
Without the incredible generosity of thousands of readers like you, we simply could not continue functioning or reach the literally tens of millions of people who visit our site every year to learn the TRUTH about abortion, marriage, faith, freedom and so much more!
But if you’re newer to LifeSite maybe you’re wondering why you should consider donating to our Spring campaign, and what the money will be used for.
Those are good questions, and I’m happy to answer them!
Will you help us reach the goal today with a gift of $35 or more?
In some ways, the answer is pretty straightforward.
LifeSite is not just the #1 most-read pro-life website on the Internet. We’re also the only global news agency with a team of trained, professional, full-time journalists whose job it is to provide the BIG PICTURE perspective of the battle between the Culture of Life and the Culture of Death!
There is literally no other news website where you will find original, in-depth, professional reporting on every aspect of the culture wars around the globe from a fearlessly, and uncompromisingly pro-life and pro-family perspective.
At LifeSite we don’t just cover abortion, but also marriage, the growing threat of gender ideology, euthanasia and assisted suicide, religious freedom, embryonic research, and countless other topics. And we reveal and educate our readers about how all of these attacks by advocates of the Culture of Death are inter-related!
As the battle between the Culture of Life and the Culture of Death heats up, LifeSite has continued to expand to meet new needs, growing our staff, launching new initiatives, and redoubling our efforts to reach tens of millions more people with the life-giving message of life and family.
LifeSite now consists of 25+ full- and part-time professional pro-life journalists, editors, and support staff - dedicated 100% to fighting for life, family, faith, and freedom! Meanwhile, our sprawling website now hosts over 60,000 articles going back 20 years, and welcomes some 25-30 MILLION visitors every single year!
And yet, with the growing chaos and confusion in the culture, and even within the Church, it has become clear that there’s still so, so much more that we need to do!
Indeed, what you might not know is that LifeSite is also much more than a pro-life and pro-family news agency!
In fact, there’s so much going on at LifeSite these days, that it can be difficult to keep up.
Some of the other projects we have either launched or are involved in right now are:
  • - a complex, cutting edge pro-life petition platform built by LifeSite, which has already been used by literally millions of pro-life grassroots activists like you to create real pro-life and pro-family change on the ground
  • LifeFacts - LifeSite’s ambitious, ongoing effort to compile in one place the absolute best information and research on abortion, and related pro-life issues
  • Faithful Insight - A magazine launched by LifeSite aimed at high-information Catholic readers who are interested in getting the absolute best information about what’s going on at the Vatican and in the Church around the world related to the faith, life, family and freedom.
  • Voice of the Family - A coalition of lay pro-family groups co-founded by LifeSite in response to the confusion surrounding the Synods on the Family at the Vatican, and intended to defend traditional Catholic teaching on marriage and the family
  • The Rome Life Forum - An annual conference in the heart of the Vatican, founded by LifeSite and hosted by Voice of the Family, that brings together global pro-life and pro-family activists, as well as faithful members of the Catholic hierarchy like Cardinal Raymond Burke, and Cardinal George Pell
And then, on top of that, there’s the speaking engagements, conferences, media appearances, vital networking and strategizing with other pro-life leaders, long-term research projects on which our staff spend weeks or even months - all dedicated to one simple mission: to facilitate and generate cultural change for the protection and promotion of life and family.
For the past 20 years, LifeSite has been an almost completely crowd-funded independent news agency! It is only thanks to that growing army of many thousands of committed readers and supporters like you that any of this has been possible.
Meanwhile, the loyal support of our thousands of donors has left us completely free free to report the hard (and, sadly, in our increasingly secular culture, often unpopular!) truths, without having to worry about losing corporate sponsors, government grants, big advertisers, or other financial interests!
When it comes to our mission, LifeSite is answerable to one person only: God, who is TRUTH.
Please, support this truth-mission today with a donation to our Spring campaign
I always like to remind readers, especially those new to LifeSite, that by supporting the online campaigns, every dollar you give goes straight to funding this unique news service. Your donation does not go towards costly direct-mail fundraising.
Nearly all of our staff work from their homes, so your donation is not used to pay for large overhead costs associated with maintaining office space.
Your donation directly supports the mission of LifeSiteNews: producing and delivering fearless, hard-hitting, truthful pro-life and pro-family news, analysis and commentary!
Here’s something to think about: today, between 150,000 and 200,000 people will visit our website to access our news reports.
They will be leaders, activists, parents, politicians, and everyday readers who want to stay informed on breaking, always reliable, professionally-researched news related to life and family issues - written by journalists who are far freer than most to report the whole truth.
If even just 1% of the visitors to our website today alone donated $100 or more, we would reach our goal in a single day!
If just 10% of our visitors could give as little as $10, we would reach our goal!
Our readers have never let us down. In a world where the mainstream media controls so much of the information that people access, our readers have never taken LifeSite for granted!
We, in turn, never take your support for granted! Every single donation we receive inspires us to work harder to spread the beautiful truth of the Gospel of Life to as many people as possible!
Thank you in advance for whatever you decide to give towards the LifeSite mission!

John-Henry Westen
Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder
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TLM said...

Yep, already donated. I try to donate to them fairly regularly. We NEED them! Please donate whatever you can people!!

Ana Milan said...

I agree. They aren't afraid to call things as they are, whereas others are too concerned to offend advertisers, readership etc. & often give the impression they would quite like this chaos to continue so as to ensure a healthy base line.