Can you help Chris O'Leary? Click the photo for the story and to find out how. God bless you.

Can you help Chris O'Leary? Click the photo for the story and to find out how. God bless you.

Friday, 10 March 2017

It is all progressing as it should

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”  


Eirene said...

On Thursday 09 March Francis, in an interview with the German Newspaper Die Zeit
said "Populism is evil . . ."! You can follow it, Vox, if you so wish! This is just a heads up and I'm not sure if you have any other way for News Tips! If you do, maybe you could let me know! God bless you and your Lenten observances!

TLM said...

How much do we know about Fra Cristoforo? It seems he is the 'Julian Assange' of the Catholic world. Instead of 'Wiki Leaks, I'll call it 'Wican Leaks'. An article on Canon 212 today about how he is going to expose a 'letter' on how Benedict XVI was forced out? He seems to have all kinds of information about inside dealings in the Vatican. Wondering who this guy is?

Michael Dowd said...

Mysterious are the way of the Lord as Gandhi seemed to understand.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

A week or two again I got into an exchange in the comment boxes on LifeSiteNews.
I was told that morality changes every two decades or so. Sodomy is good and so on.

Vox, we can't win in this world any more, people have been thoroughly demoralized and dumbed down. Those who still engage in conversations, can't think. Yet they themselves superior and very enlightened. The others, the younger ones, scream: No platform for fascists! - and proceed to hit, spit, chant nonsense, drum on drums and blow on whistles.

Before it gets better, with this kind of barbarism spreading, it will have to get much much worse.

Oh, the barbaric Trudeau (who probably receives the Holy Communion on Sunday, unless he is twirling in a mosque) just gave 600 million of our dollars for world-wide abortion that Trump tried to kill.

Greg J Ben said...

Lesson should be learned:

Read the Bible, put it into practice, especially be humble and deny yourself, that's the first thing to do if you want to be a Christian. And nothing else matters. The pope, the Vatican, the entire Church won't be any use to you on Judgment Day.

LaurelMaryCecilia said...

TLM...........Fra Cristoforo might even be several people - male and female - who are pooling gleanings from meetings, conferences, dinners, etc. for us. I'm thinking one person would be easier for the perpetrators of church destruction to identify. In any event, if this stuff is true, I hope this person/persons are careful.

TLM said...

LaurelMary, never thought of 'Fra Cristoforo' being possibly a 'group' of people, but good point! 'Safer in numbers'?? Yes, whoever this is, he, she or they are very courageous indeed! Pray for the people who are fighting to bring us TRUTH.

TLM said...

Anonymous: LOL.......CHRIST IS WINNING! 'We' may loose a few battles, but in the end CHRIST WINS, and I think you know this. Which side are you on? Pray God on the side of the truth of Christ in His Church!......otherwise..........YOU BURN!