Thursday, 9 March 2017

By the Cross and by the Sword

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Christ has already won, they can do nothing to us.

To the degree that we remain faithful to Him and to His passion and take up our own cross and sword, we will be victorious. His passion and death and our belief in it and in Him will justify our battles on earth. Everything we do, we must do for Him.

In twenty years, , ten, I think five, it will be a lot different than it is today.

Sterility is their product. 

"Motus in fine velocior, - things accelerte toward the end. 

Indeed, "his time is short." The Devil himself knows it. He will stop at nothing to achieve his ends. He will use anyone and everyone he can, but he will not succeed. They can take a little battle here and there, but we will rise up to triumph in Christ yet.

You, must do your part to remain faithful to Him and to take up our cross and sword.

Remember friends, they can do nothing to us, Christ has already won it.

Let the Voxers discern.


Ana Milan said...

Well,if the predictions are correct, it seems October next will be the end of the 100 years Our Lord gave Satan to destroy His Church. I have never read why He gave Satan such power over His Church & wonder if anyone else has any idea about this? It seems incredulous that He would put so many souls at risk, or did He want Satan to flush out those individuals who were not true followers of His?

Anonymous said...

Yes the evil one will stop at nothing and use everything and anyone at his disposal...even clergy, the Vatican, and the very seat of Peter.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

You know more than you can tell, Vox?
Yes, Bergoglio seems in a hurry. Gradualism in dismantling the Church is no longer cautiously applied. The demolition is now open and bold. How many unsuspecting frogs were boiled? - I wonder.

Joy313 said...

@ana milan

I think it is something like in the Book of Job -- in God's good wisdom he allows these periods of testing to confirm the faithful and condemn those whom He knows (through His foreknowledge) would have been condemned anyway. Even if our souls are at risk in these times, we still can be sure that we are being grace sufficient enough to still be saved. That is just my guess though.

Eirene said...

Ana - My Confession Father always tells me NEVER to ask GOD Why!
Also never to question the Almighty's motives! I have found this to be good advice - stops my brain from exploding! Instead, he said, pray
"Thy Will be done"! With the days shortening as they are and evil SEEMING to gain the victory, Almighty God is showing us here on earth (and indeed the whole of Creation) Who is Good and Who is evil! This is necessary for these pre-Judgement times! For His Judgements are true, just and right and no-one can speak against them God needs to be SEEN by His Creation to be Just. Hence, those evil-doers are being truly exposed for their evil deeds in the view of the whole of Heaven and Earth!

TLM said...

Eirene: Funny you should bring this up, in regards to not 'asking God why'. I just read recently of Lifesite News about Archbishop Luigi Negri(a retired Archbishop in Rome), who reportedly is close to Benedict XVI and has visited him several times since his abdication. He said in an interview recently (by John Henry Weston, Lifesite News): "I am certain the truth will emerge one day showing GRAVE liability both INSIDE and OUTSIDE the Vatican. (this he said in response to the question about Benedict's abdication) Further in the interview he said as he approaches death the 1st question he is going to ask St. Peter is "exactly about this issue."

What struck me was the recent letter of petition to President Trump from several Catholic groups, asking him to investigate the possible connection between the pressure on Benedict to resign and Bergoglio to be elected, by the Obama White House. Would that possibly be the 'outside' the Vatican pressure?

This I am sure will all be visible some day. I do believe the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is now beginning.