Thursday, 12 November 2015

Fomenter of Something

As you've probably read by now, Bishop of Rome Bergoglio delivered a nearly hour-long address in Florence. Coupled with yesterday's audience statement on the Eucharist, bread and that "all" are to be included, it gives a not so subtle or subliminal message as to where he is going. If where he is going is in to heresy and Eucharistic sacrilege , I will not follow.

It was a "forceful" address, we are told; emphasizing that the "Catholic Church must change." The Catholic Church will never "change!" She cannot "change." This is a heretical notion that it must "change." This "change" is nothing more than political, Marxist bile - do you remember Obama and "change we can believe in?" "Change" and "forward" - two words used by revolutionaries to push their agenda. 

While in Florence, the Bishop of Rome visited a food bank. I always understood from Scripture that you do not "let your left hand know what your right hand is doing" and that you do these good things in "secret" so as not to seek the praise of the world. The whole Vatican press office is nothing more than a screed machine of propaganda that would have made Goebbels himself jealous. No pope ever before took a bus, or carried a briefcase or visited the poor, "ostentatious humility" as someone recently stated. Poppycock!

As for the Florence talk, it was a typical jumbled mishmash of jesuitical gibberish that we have been cursed with these nearly three long and tumultuous years. Much of it came from that lutheresque curse of environmental waste, Evangelii Gaudium, ghost-written by the archbishop of kissing, Heresiarch Fernandez. author of Heal Me With Your Mouth. Pure and utter bile, on all counts.

The most stunning statements delivered in this Peronist Papacy are these:
"We are not living an era of change but a change of era.”
Spoken like a true Freemason. A "change of era," a "new world order." What a pile of dung. "fomenter of coprophagia" he has said of some; well, if the anything but red shoe fits. The only "change of era" will come after the LORD strikes down the Antichrist and his False Prophet and we enter the time of peace prophesised by Our Blessed Lady when Russia and the entire world is converted through Her Immaculate Heart. However, since this is not what he referred to, nor is it even hinted at, then we must assume that he means something else. If the Church needs to "change" it is to change from the wrong direction It has been on under these modernists for the last sixty plus years.
“Before the problems of the church it is not useful to search for solutions in conservatism or fundamentalism, in the restoration of obsolete conduct and forms that no longer have the capacity of being significant culturally,”
This statement is so blatantly upside down as to be diabolical. It is only through a return to the fundamental roots of our faith found in unchanging tradition that our future lay. It is, in fact, through what he sees as "obsolete conduct and forms" that will lead to any "restoration" of the Truth and Faith of Our Fathers. He has used the word "restorationist" in a derogatory sense on numerous occasions. One only need to recall his statements on those who presented him with the humble gift of a Spiritual Bouquet to experience his thoughts. Outright insult to the simple, humble gesture of Catholic faithful.

He continued that:  
"The reform of the Church then, and the church is semper reformanda … does not end in the umpteenth plan to change structures, It means instead grafting yourself to and rooting yourself in Christ, leaving yourself to be guided by the Spirit—so that all will be possible with genius and creativity."
It is "us" that require endless reformation, not the Church. It is we who must be reformed and conformed to Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Church is His Mystical Bride and cannot be "reformed." What must be "reformed" are the modernist notions and liturgical banalities, the false hermeneutic, the errors of the last sixty years and that which lead to these. What "spirit" is he talking about? I wrote in the post below what comes from the Holy Spirit. If what we experience is the opposite of the "coolness in heat" and the "warming of the chill" and the "sweet repose" then it is not the Holy Spirit, it is a spirit from another places. These people blaspheme. 

Please, if it is out of my simple ignorance that I cannot understand what this man is saying and I am wrong, tell me; but my Catholic heart has not betrayed me yet. Nor has it betrayed Barona who has smoked out the comments from our friends Rosica, Beck, Spadaro and Martin.

Be at peace friends. It is all coming out in the open. What some of us have known since March 2013, is rapidly being made known to many. The desire to vomit, the cold chills, they were for a reason.

Fill your lamps.


Ana Milan said...

The lack of belief in & honour for Our Blessed Lady beng shown by the Popes & entire Hierarchies we have had since Her request that Russia be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart is mind boggling and very distressing to say the least. It underlines the fact that this situation has been going on for twice as long as we initially thought and the hundred years given to Satan are almost up, hence his impatience to get things done. It certainly appears that no Cardinal is going to call out PF on heresy, as there have been many times they could have done so, and neither are they going to insist that the Consecration of Russia take place in the proper manner immediately for world peace. They don't apparently have the faith either and this whole carry on is more political than religious orientated. All we can do is keep praying the Rosary and put our trust in God & His Mother to relieve us of this torturous journey we and our families have been forced to endure - there is no one we can depend on in the Vatican or elsewhere in our Dioceses.

Sandpiper said...

You, I, and all who are paying attention who possess any Catholic sense can see this how poisonous these words of the Bishop of Rome are. Why, oh why, are the cardinals and bishops of the world silent? I ponder this question daily. Are they nervously chuckling among themselves, simply hoping the pope's days are numbered? He may live for several more years and is a whirlwind of destruction. Do our cardinals and bishops not recognise the cosmic scale of what is occurring? Jesus' Bride is being besmirched over and over.

Dorota said...

In addition I would like to say that I have seen the sharing the pope calls for. As long as we had sharing and wealth redistribution back in Poland, we lived in dilapidated, dirty apartment buildings. We waited for these apartments for decades, we waited for phone installations for years. Many could never afford the down payments, so they lived with their parents, many persons in each room (all rooms were living rooms during the day and bedrooms at night), or emigrated, like I did (with university degrees).
As soon as the communist regime was removed (most of it stayed in power, which we did not know, and found out in the two following decades), and enforced sharing stopped, our apartment buildings were provided with extra insulation, painted and are now cleaned regularly.

A right to keeping and sharing one's property according to one's own preferences (not global governing body's) is at the foundation of all prosperity and... basic cleanliness. If something belongs to everyone, human nature won't allow individuals to care for it. A few will care, but most will ruin, even steal, and have no regret. Nature will dictate to them that stealing, when something belongs to no one in particular, is a virtue, a sign of industriousness.

This pope is ignorant, arrogant. History has taught him nothing.

James said...

Dear God, save us from Pope Francis!

Greg J Ben said...


Let me put it bluntly, stripped from feelings:

If the Faithful Catholics were able to bribe those who are running this Vatican and filled their coffers, bank accounts, with loads of money and personal expensive monetary gifts, Traditional Catholicism would have never left the Vatican.

Yes, my friends, this is the reality we are living in.

I know, of course, that we would have never done it because we are Christians. But I'm just saying it just to show you the kind of wicked human beings we are dealing with in Rome.