Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Patricia Jannuzzi is a class act!

The Fox and I made a contribution to Patricia Jannuzzi during the campaign for funds to support her and her family following the unjust leave and information that she would be without a contract come September 2015.

As we know, she has been reinstated, and Bishop Bootkoski, the Monsignor of the parish and the school administrators suitably embarrassed for their deceitful treatment of her.

Mrs. Jannuzzi has much more class. I received a letter from her today of thanks and a note from her lawyer that all contributors will have their funds returned.

God bless our sister for her act of class and integrity. Something that the Bishop, Susan Sarandon and the gaystapo clearly lack.


Catholic Mission said...

I had mentioned in a post on my blog that Bishop Paul Bootskowski uses Cushingism to interpret Magisterlal documents including Vatican Council II and this is being taught at schools in Methuen.

Probably Patricia Januzzi as a teacher of theology and religion also taught this error.

School children in Catholic religion classes are exposed to doctrinal indifferentism.They are not taught that outside the Church there is no salvation.Since the indifferentism is there in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, when it says God is not limited to the Sacraments.
Could Patricia Januzzi comment on this ? Is this the indifferentism which is being taught at Immaculata ?
Does she have to keep silent on this issue too?

Anonymous said...

Good job sending her money..I had none to send.

It is appalling that those inside the Church would be so persecuted.

What a scandal!