Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Pope Francis rebukes Father Thomas Rosica - Holy Family is indeed, "regular"

A satirical reflection on the absurd.

In a stunning rebuke of pronouncement of the President of the Internet, Father Thomas J. Rosica, that the Holy Family was "irregular." said in association with the Synod on the Family and at the same time that the "irregularity" of families was being discussed; Pope Francis today at his audience contradicted the earlier reports by the Vatican's English-language spokesman and Executive Director of Canada's Pepper + Darkness Our Catholic Channel of No Hope, has pronounced that the Holy Family was indeed, "regular."

Catholic faithful around the world are deeply grateful to the Holy Father for this statement that does not insult or degrade the faithful but provides salve to the wounds of the smelly sheep in the periphery with clarity and charity.


W.A.C. said...

Excellent post. A simple juxtaposition of the facts exposes Fr. Rosica's bias.

Fr. Rosica, for all his intellectual clout and shrewd business sense, misses the mark on too many basics. Not the least of which is his cozying up to the thought of the heretic Gregory Baum.

Barona said...

The Baum interview exposed Rosica for what he is. His desperate attempts to censor those who raise this issue confirms his awareness that he is playing an ugly game of duplicity. All the claims e.g. of loyalty, admiration for the Popes ring hollow.

Rosica should resign from Salt and Light, and for the good of his soul, seek out a small parish and devote his life there as a curate.

Lou Iacobelli said...

I'm gald you posted this about Fr. Rosica. How could anyone let alone a priest call the Holy Family "irregular." The Vatican should take note. Thank you for your post.

Aloysius Gonzaga said...

Ah ha ha! That's one clever reading of the Pope's tweet.

Lee said...

I am very pleased to see our Holy Father remarking about the Holy Family being regular. The one mission that His Eminence Cardinal Burke has given us as Marian Catechists, is to defend the sanctity of the Holy Family. An attack on the Holy Family, is an attack on Everything we as Catholics believe in.
Saying Mary conceived out of wedlock is a favourite of heretics within the Church's walls.
I wrote an article about this topic here at