Sts. Peter & Paul Sung Latin Mass

Sts. Peter & Paul Sung Latin Mass
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Monday, 22 December 2014

Padre Marcos Ribverto Pires - Reason #1001 for Summorum Pontifcum

An absolute disgrace of the Mass. An egoist for a priest. An arrogant and repulsive abuse of the sacred liturgy and Our Blessed Lord's sacrifice. Shame on this priest. Shame on his bishop and shame on the stupid sheeple he is leading to Hades!

This is from Brazil. It is an example of the condition of the Church in South America.


Anonymous said...

Francis would love him. Give the people what they want-bread and circuses. He is in full communion while the FFI and countless traditional priests suffer. This is the new religion and who are we to judge...

Barona said...

This blasphemer should be removed from the priesthood. He has no vocation.

Eskimo said...

Shame! Shame! Ignorant! This priest ( is one in my parish) do not know one bit of the Holy Sacrifice. There is more like him.