Monday, 15 August 2022

Rosary extremists and anti-Catholic bigotry

Daniel Panneton is a Toronto writer. This Toronto blogger has never heard of him. Then again, I don't read The Atlantic, nor, do I watch TVO, funded by my taxes and therefore, part of Mr. Panneton's income. His Tweets are "protected." I am sure he is blaming nasty rad-trad Catholics. Mr. Panneton equates the pro-life movement in Canada with white supremacists. I know of none. The man calls himself a historian. Mr. Panneton's claim to fame is the article linked above at The Atlantic. It has to do with his equating the Holy Rosary with the extremest gun culture. 

I read a little of the diatribe. One minute lost forever. Seriously, the man quotes Massimo Beans Faggioli and we're to take this seriously.

How vile that this article would appear on August 14 - the Memorial of St. Maximillian Kolbe. Perhaps, if Mr. Panneton wanted to write on history, he would promote how this rosary-toting Franciscan gave his life up in a NAZI death camp to save another. How vile that it would be published on the Vigil of Our Lady's Assumption into heaven.  

Mr. Panneton is right. The Rosary is a weapon. It is a weapon against the hate and anti-Catholic bigotry that he displays. A weapon against the evil that is all around us. It is a weapon that will defeat all the paid dupes and Marxist shills who hate me, hate you and mostly, hate Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The next time rosary bearing Catholic blows himself up and takes others with him, do let me know. 


Cybro said...

Well now... The devil's minions are coming out against the rosary... Their demons must be in a lot of pain... Thanks for the heads up dude... I personally have amped up my rosaries from one decade a night to all three... So I'd like to think I should get some credit for this screeching article... Ha.

Kathleen1031 said...

I too, read about a minute's worth and had to end it. A little pimple of a man, wet behind the ears, too lazy or poorly educated to actually care about truth, he threw down some easy words on a screen, quoted a biased nitwit, sent it in, and it was accepted by the agenda-pushers he works for, and most importantly, he gets paid. Some people who dislike Catholics will read it and nod their bigoted heads. The gaslighting continues, where the actual victims are blamed for whatever ills the oppressor class wants people to believe they are guilty of. This guy is in the oppressor class because he spouts the right words which fit the oppressor's agenda. Padre Pio said "The rosary is the weapon for our times." No one interpreted that to mean he was a horrible Christian nationalist or violent extremist, because that is a diabolical lie.

Ipsitilla said...

Always one to try to find the humor in things, I posted my response to this article in the form of a battle hymn.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I haven't read The Atlantic in years. I've read a few articles going after the article, but, really, life is to short to spend it reading his article and writing a letter. Poor man. Mary is so faithful to those who show her even a little respect. Imagine what her Son thinks of someone who attacks her through her holy rosary. I'm saying a Hail Mary for him.

John the Mad said...

Ipsitilla: I just listened to your Battle Hymn of the Weapons-Grade Rosary. Brilliant! As we keep marching on. Left, right, left....Vivat Jesus.