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A corporal work of mercy.
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Friday 19 August 2022

At this late date Jorge Bergoglio peddles the "Vaccine" as "An act of love to save us together." Not Jesus Christ, but a vaccine! But what of Thomas Collins?


It must be now clear to everyone that Jorge Bergoglio is not just a heretic and an apostate and stupid but he is evil and may even be perfectly possessed. There is much in that above quote directly from the Vatican's YouTube page. What stands out is that he actually says, that, the so-called vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 will "save us together." What blasphemy. What can we expect from the Pachamama, Four Wind Grandmother Walking Stick worshiper? How much more proof is needed of the evil of this man to wake people up that he would actually, at this stage, put out a video demanding Catholics take the still experimental injection that does not work, does not prevent spread, does physical harm and causes death.

Pope Francis' Vatican Brothers In Harm | Canada Free Press

Follow the money 
The evidence is in and all around us. Athletes dropping dead around the world. Fourteen doctors in Canada at last count dead after the apparent fourth jab either unexpectedly, suddenly or with accelerated pre-diagnosed cancers. Young, physically active people and so many more suffering or die because of people such as Bergoglio.

In Toronto, Thomas Cardinal Collins used the coercive teaching office and pulpit to push this poison. The chancery manipulated near minimum wage parish secretaries to take the jab or pay for their own $40 test or be fired. Some were. Priests that refused the jab have been ostracised, moved, excluded and some publicly outed and mocked by their priest brothers. All under the watchful eye of Collins. Quite the legacy for him.

Plummeting birth rates across Scandinavia. Child stillbirths rising in Canada and Israel. Those of us that warned of these were banned from social media, ostracised and mocked. Everything we believed and said about this is coming to pass and here we see the very Vicar of Christ on Earth lying to the global public. Even the Centre for Disease Control in the United States is walking back its actions. 

CDC Admits to Botched Covid Response, Announces Overhaul — Critics Say Plan Doesn’t Address ‘Unholy Alliance’ With Pharma - LewRockwell LewRockwell.com

What would Jorge Bergoglio or Thomas Collins say to this father?

"Why don't you tell the parents"

"Because we would scare them and then they would not want to have their kids vaccinated."

A question for Tom Collins in Toronto. After pushing this poison from your pulpit and cathedra, how do you sleep at night?

Watch the video below.



Brian said...

Hey Vox
Do you recall the Hithcock thriller, "Dial M For Murder"? How about, "Dial M For Modernism", staring stage four Modernist, Jorge Bergoglio. No shortage of supporting cast among the bishops. Hey timid Tom Tom Collins, 'what stage are you?'

Robert Mignella said...

The typical answer to the question posed...crickets - except they are all being harvested for protein replacement.

Robert Mignella

P. O'Brien said...

There is a time for anger. Thank you for yours.

Kathleen1031 said...

Once you fully accept the terrible reality of the situation we are in it's gets easier. These people have no moral conscience that troubles them. All is done for their own good, not yours, not mine, not the poor people who trusted them, not the poor young people, the teens, the children, the babies. Not the dear olds. It is beneficial to the spouters of lies to have you take that shot. The profit, literally, so you must. They do not care if you suffer like so many have, or die, which many are doing now. Do it for them. And for yourself, because if the state flogs you they will stand back and nod approvingly. They will help them. These are not your friends, they never were. Yes, it's a cold, cruel world, but if it were a scale, your side would clang down on a hard surface and make a tremendous sound, because you have God on your side, and they are empty shells, without belief in or love of God.

mazara said...

It's downright sinister what is taking place.I notice the scowl on his face when he holds the Monstrance compared to the look of glee when he is presented with something pagan. There's something decidedly off there.

Carlos said...

No comments needed, just read

mazara said...


Father John Matthew Duffy said...

I have not been vaccinated - at all - for ethical reasons. I have not even sneezed in the last three year. And now I am now up to 100 Marine Corps push-ups a day. Also, I don't own any Pfizer stock - but I think that Pope Francis has some in his portfolio...