Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Vladimir Putin and Russia are not my enemies!

Vladimir Putin is not my enemy.

Russia is not my enemy.

Ukraine is Russia or not, I don't care. Not my problem. 

This is not my fight.

This is not your fight.

So, what then is Joe, "You're an SOB" Biden doing? What is Justin doing by threatening to not remove the potential of Canadian troops in Ukraine. These demonic monsters are out of their minds. They are covering for their COVID virus failures. NATO is a failure and an anachronism.

Push back against these globalist monsters.



Nik Monk said...

Canadian troops in Ukraine? What are they going to use as weapons, broken beer bottles?

Phlogiston said...

Pfft! Joe "dumb SOB" Biden is just protecting Hunter's gas company.

mazara said...


Unknown said...

With Putin pushing radical ideologies of respect for the Orthodox Church, traditional marriage, strong families and standing tough against godless lgbtq agendas, no wonder the West is in a panic. Putin is already on record for acknowledging the failed efforts of the Bolsheviks. To not oppose him runs the risk of perhaps becoming more like Hungary, Poland, Czech republic!
Robert Mignella