Saturday, 29 January 2022

Mark Steyn: Canadian anti-mandate truck convoy is most inspiring story a...


Evangeline said...

Yes indeed. What kind of life do we want. Not everyone answers the same to that question. Perhaps at some point we will need to live in different areas, one area embraces complete subjugation and tyranny and willingly injects whatever the government demands, the other looks at data and gathers information and makes private medical and societal decisions based on those, with an eye toward liberty, as we always have before Covid.
God bless the Canadian and yes the American truckers who are participating in the convoy. America and Canada are united in this. Stay the course friends. The world is watching and praying for you.

Anna said...

Now it’s time for all the Catholics - especially the men - to gather crowds of faithful in front of every Catholic Church and call out our corrupt bishops !!!
This is our last chance ! Where are the Catholics protesting, demanding their freedom for the right to worship God - without being muzzled like dogs and sanitized to death ! This is the time - we can no longer go along with this evil narrative- the bishops have complied- they have sold out - they do not care for their souls - they do not care for your soul!
How much longer will we be settling for crumbs - oh let’s just keep masks on so they don’t close all churches down - close them all down - it will be suffering - but suffering is better than submitting to a lie !
Do you not think that if all the Catholics refrained from one Sunday attendance, as a sign of protest- withheld their silver - in every diocese- just one Sunday (and remember we do still have the dispensation in place) that the corrupt bishops would not notice ? Oh they would because they would notice their bottom line - how much longer will we allow them to rape the bride of Christ ??
We the lay are enabling them to keep abusing us - we are enabling them by going along with their narratives - their protocols
This is not about obedience- they are just as tyrannical as trudope - and I dare to say maybe even more so, as they should know better ! God help us all !
‘To whom much is given , much will be required..’