Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Father Isaac Mary Relyea - The Church in Crisis: What Should Faithful Catholics Do?


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What he said.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and PLEASE SSPXers nota bene : he says Traditionalists should NOT be naive and think that the TLM is not vulnerable to these wolves..........

God help us , it is a perfect place for them because parishioners are so grateful for the ancient Mass they will defend these indefensible demons in their naivete and often attack the whistle blower without impunity, most often accusing the victims or those who have knowledge of the same ,as having an axe to grind, which in truth, is rarely the case.

The above being the very reason victims have failed and still fail to speak out.

Anonymous said...

And so it is,the Pope is leading souls to Hell!

Anonymous said...

Not to change the subject, but check out the pope's twitter feed:




Peter Lamb said...

What a lovely, holy, brave and good man! He is so close to the Truth - yet so far, because a miss by one centimeter is as good as a miss by a mile!

1. He can't grasp that the NO church is NOT the Catholic Church. The barque of satan cannot also be the barque of Christ. Nothing can be its opposite at the same time. Leaving the NO church is NOT leaving the Catholic Church.

2. He has no understanding of sedevacantism. He does not understand the difference between a BAD, (immoral), Pope and an HERETICAL pope.

3. He does not understand that the Ordinary Universal Magisterium is just as important and as infallible as the Solemn Magisterium is.

4. He understands the judeo-masonic, homosexual, communistic invasion
of the Catholic Church and resultant creation of the NO church intimately and now raises the question as to what good Catholics should do - i.e. how should they react to their current situation?

5. He answers: We must consult Holy Scripture, Sacred Tradition, the Holy Fathers, Saints and Doctors of the Church, The Encyclicals of the Magisterium. Amen to this advice!

6. And then he ignores the teachings of Saints,Popes, Vatican I, Doctors, Fathers and theologians of the Church, who clearly and unambiguously state that an heretic cannot become Pope, or hypothetically, if a Pope ever were to become a public heretic, he would be instantly deposed by the Divine Law. An heretical Pope is a complete refutation of the dogma of the indefectibility of the Church and an impossibility!

I pray that Our Lady will bring this beloved and faithful son to the Catholic Truth and that he become a sedevacantist miles Cristi. He is 99% of the way.

MaryP said...

Who has an hour and a half to listen? How about a transcript?

MaryP said...

Never mind, he is great to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Excellent video.

Anonymous said...


nazareusrex said...

I agree with almost everything Father Isaac Mary Relyea says except that it is impossible for a heretic who had apostatized from the Catholic faith in Argentina to become a Catholic pope. The heresiarch Bergoglio is not a pope. https://gloria.tv/video/KzqopZSWk4Jj1kbhJEWUipz8F Nor is he Pope because Pope Benedict never renounced the Papacy as the successor of St. Peter but to the office of Bishop of Rome. https://fromrome.wordpress.com/author/marcianusaristides/

Tom A. said...

If you look at what Ratzinger has written, said, and done over the years, you will conclude that he too apostatized from the Catholic Faith.

Anon said...

At Tom A and Peter Lamb

I think that where the Church is is much more fluid than your rigidity. In the OT we are told that there were only two kings that were good in the eyes of God. Did He say come out of her? No. He sent chastisements. At the well Jesus told the Samaritan woman that salvation was from the Jews, even though they had apostatised mightily, and He knew that the Cross yet to come would change all that. In this diabolical disorientation, when I seek resource for the sacrament of communion and confession from NO priests, are they invalidated because they are NO? I would say not, because despite this fog God does not leave us orphans. How is it that some of the most recent Eucharistic miracles have been confected by priests in the NO church. Their priesthood is not invalid.

We cannot judge a pope. Maybe Benedict XVI with other post VII popes said or wrote things that were seemingly heretical to the faith. But woe betide you who judge them. That is reserved to Our Blessed Lord alone.

About Francis.It is not alone his heresies that seemingly invalidate his papacy. It is the fact that Benedict XVI, who in his priesthood espoused some openly contradictory teachings against Church teaching in relation to the nature of the papacy, has been used by Our Blessed Lord to checkmate Bergoglio. By attaching himself to erroneous ideas of an expanded papacy he has fooled Bergoglio and his minions into making his move. Benedict, a holy and erudite man of very profound learning, didn’t resign the office; and in not resigning the office, he protected the papacy from evil men. It is canon law which invalidates Francis papacy rendering him an antipope. What Benedict did brilliantly imho was to bring the puss to the fore so that it’s manifest evil could be evident.

We have to say that Benedict did some pretty important changes to the liturgy, to pursuing the filth in the priesthood, freeing the Mass of all ages, almost bringing the Society of St Pius X into the Church proper. I would say that the graces that protect the papacy made him a great pope, maybe one of the greats who saved the papacy.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Anonymous at 4;39 pm,

Thanks for your response. The Catholic Faith is not fluid. It is very definite and defined. One accepts and believes it all, or one rejects it all.
The NO priesthood is invalid for various reasons:

1. montini and roncalli were judeo-masons. They were therefore automatically excommunicated. Therefore they had zero authority to summon, or promulgate a council. Therefore all the changes made to liturgy and sacraments made by montini and the council are invalid and meaningless.

2. The NO rite of episcopal consecration is definitely invalid. Therefore priestly ordinations are at least doubtful and the Catholic principle is a doubtful sacrament is no sacrament. The Eucharistic Consecration is invalidated by changes in the form of the Sacrament. Please google and read the writings of Henry Patrick Omlor and "The Catholic Writings" of Fr. Rama Coomaraswamy on the Sacramental Theology involved.

3. You are absolutely correct in that no man can judge a Pope in his field of authority i.e. in teaching Faith and Morals and the governance of the Church . He is judged by God alone. But the conciliar "popes" were/are demonstrable public heretics - every one - and are not Popes. They can certainly be judged to be public heretics by their words and actions by any Catholic with a good grounding in and knowledge of the Faith. That is why we are taught the Faith - so that we can know good from evil; so that we can know the canons of the Faith. So that we can know heresy when we hear, or see it!

4. benedict is a raging modernist heretic as were/are all conciliar "popes." Here are a couple of examples of the utterings of the miscreant:

1. Benedict XVI: "The Catholic Church has no right to absorb other Churches. A basic unity of Churches, yet remain Churches, yet become one Church--must replace the idea of conversion." (See Theological Highlights of Vatican II, Paulist Press: NY, 1966, pg. 61, 68--before "election" as "pope".

2. Benedict XVI: "I would respond by saying that the first and most important thing for ecumenism is that we keep in view just how much we have in common, not losing sight of it amid the pressure towards secularization – everything that makes us Christian in the first place and continues to be our gift and our task. It was the error of the Reformation period that for the most part we could only see what divided us and we failed to grasp existentially what we have in common in terms of the great deposit of sacred Scripture and the early Christian creeds. The great ecumenical step forward of recent decades is that we have become aware of all this common ground and that we acknowledge it as we pray and sing together, as we make our joint commitment to the Christian ethos in our dealings with the world, as we bear common witness to the God of Jesus Christ in this world as our undying foundation." ( See "Pope" Benedict XVI's address to the representatives of the German Evangelical Church , September 23, 2011;)

Bear in mind that it is a DOGMA of the Catholic Church that "Extra ecclesiam nulla salus est"! Outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation. (Except in case of invincible ignorance.) False ecumenism as expounded by wotjyla and ratzinger is HERESY!

Charlotte Wilson said...

I recently discovered Father isaac Mary Reylea via Thomas the Hermit and St.Joseph Battalion.
I love him and although i have ADD, I find his speaking the truth very refreshing. He reminds me of what I learned about my Catholic faith before Vatican 2. I am not as smart as some that have made comments here. But I am on a journey to learn the truth.

Unknown said...

Peter, May I point you to read Joel. The priests and the people will wail and lament when the perpetual daily grain and drink offering are cut off from the citadel temple -then you will know that the time of the Lord draws near. He is ready to come back! I paraphrase one of the translations of Joel. Then he goes on to say.-You will know that the time is at hand, the return of the Lord when you see the abomination set up in a wing of the citadel temple. Know that He is right there ready to pounce. He will return of course to the Mt of Olives in Bethany where he ascended.

The wheat and drink offering is His todah offering that becomes the lamb and it is from His offering of Himself that the sacrifice system of Judaism was abolished of course. The veil is torn. Jesus gives us His body and blood as food through his perpetual sacrifice of thanksgiving. A daily sacrifice that allows us to eat the sacrificed lamb in thanksgiving for our healing is a todah. By a miracle it becomes the body and blood of the lamb.

Many non Catholics believe this will be the old Temple Mount that was destroyed in 70 AD, and now is the site of the Muslim Temple. It is not though Israel will try to rebuild. It is all the Vatican, the citadel temple. For Joel would have called it by name had he seen the Temple Mount of Israel. St Peters Basilica is the Citadel Temple with a wing, where the abomination will be displayed by the antichrist.

What sacrifice offering would make Jesus angry enough to return? What Jewish or other sacrifice would have Him chomping at the bit to come?!! Only His!!! This is what Jesus showed me.

What church or temple with an abomination displayed would draw our Lord back finally, would say to Him it is time!??? We know the Catholic Church has taught this is the Vatican but Protestants and Jews think it is going to be a new Temple Mount. Problem with their reasoning is there is no wing in that Temple. It is a rectangle. St Peters of course is a Cross.

Satan has attempted to topple the universal church of Christ from Day 1, for 2000 yrs. Fatima is all about Satan entering of the church itself to topple it from within. Satan finally enters to take it down and destroy Christ. The mother church of 1.3 billion faithful of 2 billion Christians today.

What denomination should 1.2 billion Catholics go to? There is no church able to handle this. It will all become as one as in the days of Acts of course before Jesus returns. All will be integrated in homes WW. Correction in dogma apparent. Broader understanding and enlightenment will finally come to those who are the faithful.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless all of you who read this and hear!! Ready yourself and be loyal to the end. You will not have any fear if you pray continuously, are filled with the Holy Spirit and receive communion daily.