Friday, 5 July 2019

Bye-bye Tom

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ell, our serial plagiarist, litigious loser and homosexualist priest, Thomas J. Rosica, has now effectively disappeared. 

Stripped of academic honours and more even the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has removed all of his writings. He has been tossed overboard by the failing Salt + Light, and his social media propaganda outlets at Twitter and Facebook have gone dark.

The filthy pervert-protecting Bergoglio has lost his chief water-carrier in Canada.

This writer was on to this clerical fraud a decade ago. It was this writer who relentlessly called out this intellectual bumpkin for his statements and speeches. It was this writer that first publicised his plagiarism five years ago. It was this writer who suffered by his arrogance and his rich Toronto Italian neo-Catholic friends (you know who you are and so do I) by his frivoulous and vexatious attempt at a law suit.

As I look back now, it was that lawsuit attempt and the massive blogger publicity worldwide through the great help of Michael Voris that was the beginning of the end for this man. His assent was to continue for a short time more, but the die was cast. He would be brought down by his own hand. His own words. His own writing, or lack-thereof and his own arrogance.

The record of this filthy malefactor's work will reside on this blog. It will not be removed nor will the link at the left. It will serve as a testament of his rotten work.

My hope for Tom is that he now rediscover his vocation and work out his salvation with fear and trembling. Yet, based upon his priestly work I doubt he ever really had one. Someone close to Tom contacted me numerous times over the last few years and filled me in on his youth and the family and the history of the family and the Basilians in Rochester. On one occasion he said to me, "You must do everything you can to prevent (him) from every becoming a bishop."

I did.


Anonymous said...

Is not God just? indeed says the Lord vengeance belongs to me! :)

Anonymous said...

Vox - God is good.

Amen and


Dad29 said...

Here's the question: who will be the NEXT water-carrier in Canada?

Anonymous said...

Wow! This news is hard to believe because the Pope covers for his nefarious pals. It looked like the smug Rosica would never have to face any consequences for his anti-Catholic activities. Simply because, as you say, Rosica was Francis' "chief water-carrier in Canada." Thus, enjoyed Papal CYA.

And how about that little ditty about Francis being a Jesuit Pope who openly rules the Church as an individual, "rather than by the authority of Scripture alone or even its own dictates of tradition plus Scripture.” Therefore, Francis can break with “Catholic traditions whenever he wants” because he is “free from disordered attachments”. Not even an official smack-down came of it. Outrageous!

I agree with you, Vox, that hopefully Rosica will work on his salvation as well as his priestly vocation. Instead of being another agent in the undermining of the Church and Her teachings.

Next smug, arrogant, rat to go is Slim Jimmy Martin, Ess Jay....Hopefully, soon!
Vicky Hernandez

Anonymous said...

O Dear God, I beg you to remove every homosexual or satanic cardinal, bishop and priest from our Canadian soil! For far too long, this lavender mafia is undermining and destroying Catholic Church in Canada! Our churches are more and more empty, our youth are loosing faith in monstrous numbers in our CATHOLIC schools(!), where they are thought water-down and convenient Christianity, which has nothing to do with teachings of your Son Jesus Christ! Homilies in our churches are a total joke, lacking simply the FULL TRUTH!!! They are preaching with fear of not offending anybody: abortionists, atheists , homosexuals, adulterers and any other grave sinner, whose souls might just be saved, if they will have courage to tell them, that their sins will lead them to hell... O hell, in this - they do not believe either! Many of them do not believe even in you!

Dear God, send us the army of many Saint Pauls, to rebuilt and renew this completely destroyed and barely breathing Canadian Catholic Church! Breath the Holy Spirit of Purification on this weak, spiritually sick and in many cases sinful clergy, who most likely has no idea, that in the eyes of God they are guilty of destroying His flock!

We are closing your churches in thousands o Lord and I am not hearing a single voice talking about this, as well as many other horrible issues eating from inside out our Catholic family. What a shame! Instead of being sincere with his flock, they are lying to us by pretending that nothing wrong is happening; just kicking this can down the road. How long o Lord! How long we will have to suffer this anemic and fruitless leadership, who is hiding behind closed door and just enjoying their many fundraising... like nothing else matters!

Clean your Canadian Church o God and renew its face, so it will be satisfying and pleasant to you, and you alone! Amen!

Michael Dowd said...

Good work Vox. Persistence pays. Prayer pays better. Both are needed.

Kathleen1031 said...

Can I tack on America to your prayer Anonymous? We are in the same dire straits.

Vox, every once in awhile, we see justice happening before our eyes.
What pains to know is he is not one iota worse than the thousands remaining.
Odious men. We see them all now with clear eyes.

Anonymous said...

Watch him pop up in Rome.

Anonymous said...

Vox, he is only apparently dead, be alert still. I compare such creeps to cockroaches—they never die. To make sure they do once you see one is not to use insecticide spray but slam it with a slipper.

Anonymous said...

Well done Vox - you were brave - because clerics use laypeople's donations to fund their use of the fanciest of lawyers.

As is said here in Ireland, "no priest died in the Famine".

[quote from John B. Keane's 'The Field']

Anonymous said...

Bye-bye, Rosie.

Michael said...

I am sorry you had to experience the humiliation he caused. I know you didn't exactly anticipate this blog being anything more than a little info blog for people wanting to know the chants of the Church.

Fr. Thomas Rosica is an awful person. He counted among his friends a truly diabolical person, and he professed his admiration for a servant of satan, Gregory Baum, on camera. Thanks to his scuffle with you, I might never have known about it. Something always seemed "off" about him to me, but seeing that interview demonstrated to me that those two men are nothing other than servants of Satan.

I have my vices. I'm no better than he is. I've wandered into some pretty evil stuff throughout my life. Still, not once have I ever tried to twist theology to justify immorality. I know what I've done is not OK, and I'll never say it's OK to anyone. I know I'm not living right. I need the Church to call me back. I don't need false prophets who claim to speak for the Church telling me that I'm OK, even though I know I'm endangering my soul.

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Michael,

All of us have a past that we don't wish to remember. Some of us have a present where we fall. You know what to do, my brother. God love you and thank you for your kind remarks.


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