A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Wednesday 31 July 2019

Canadian Jesuits admit being behind Toronto's "gay" church movement

On this feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, I present to you some of his sons. May he intercede before God almighty to drive these filthy perverts out of the Society of Jesus. May he slay them and execute God's holy judgement on these filthy perverts as this image suggest with Heresiarch Luther.

Gilles Mongeau, S.J. allegedly offering Holy Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Toronto

All Inclusive Ministries : 6 years as a bridge between the Church and LGBT+ Catholics
By Stephen Noon, SJ
July 23, 2019 — This summer marks the sixth anniversary of All Inclusive Ministries (AIM). AIM is a real gem in the collective mission of the Society here in Canada (and perhaps also one of our best kept secrets). We are based at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish and gather once a month to celebrate the Eucharist together. This monthly mass, and the social that follows it, brings together a richly diverse group of LGBT+ Catholics. This short video will give you some flavour of who we are and what we do:


Brian said...

Then this "mass" must have the approval of Tommy Collins. What a joke.

Peter Lamb said...

Thank God the whole show is invalid - "priest", "mass', "communion."

Anonymous said...

My comment has been repeated over 10.00000 times,and as the end of time draws closer it will be repeated over and over again. The smoke of Satan has entered the church, her very foundation will treble but Christ promised he will never abandon us. This can only mean the end is very near,as Cardinal Burke said 2 years ago,perhaps we have arrived at the End Times.

MaryP said...

"My name is Inigo Loyola, and I want my Order back." (Barnhardt)

susan said...

Vox, have you seen this utter abomination?...demonic doesn't begin to describe it. Fr. Z has a few comments at his blog about it...Jesus truly must be coming back soon. PLEASE!


Kathleen1031 said...

If only the Roman Catholic Church had a system where a man was in charge of the church such that this abuse could never happen for long without being addressed and punished. Someone who is sanctioned by God to keep and pass along the Catholic faith and teaching in total so heretics could not change it according to whim or fancy...
oh...right...he's the problem.

Santa said...

It has become apparent that Holy Mother Church has become a preposterous parody of itself. Stay in the state of grace everyone, only a miracle can save us now.

Tom A. said...

Holy Mother Church is the spotless Bride of Christ. The parody you are observing is not Holy Mother Church, it is an heretical sect. Do not confuse the NO V2 heretical sect with Holy Mother Church. To do so is blasphemy.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that my stops by here are less and less. There is so much wrong on every side, but it is far worse when I used to have some respect for you, recently. I do not care one bit who dislikes this comment. You are all, unworthy to receive the Body of Christ. You are all adulterers, just as Jorge and his ilk are.

You divide the body of Christ.

You are aall mostly, one note symphonies.

Me, me, me. me. me.....

You are all scandalous. I know what I am saying.

Vox, Thank you for allowing anonymity.


Santa said...

Perhaps I should have put quotation marks around "Holy Mother Chourch". Nevertheless, no apologies for my comment.