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A corporal work of mercy.
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Friday 11 January 2019

Viganò Vindicated! Bergoglian minion Donald Wuerl lied about his lack of knowledge of the pervert McCarrick - are we surprised?

Catholic News Agency

Cardinal Donald Wuerl. Credit: Michelle Baumann/CNA

By Ed Condon and JD Flynn

Washington D.C., Jan 10, 2019 / 05:13 pm (CNA).- An allegation of misconduct against Archbishop Theodore McCarrick was reported to Cardinal Donald Wuerl in 2004, despite Wuerl’s insistence he knew nothing about McCarrick’s alleged sexual misconduct until 2018.

Wuerl forwarded the report to the apostolic nuncio in Washington, DC, the Diocese of Pittsburgh said Thursday.

A spokesman for the Archdiocese of Washington confirmed to CNA that an allegation against McCarrick was presented to Wuerl while he served as Bishop of Pittsburgh, as part of a complaint made by laicized priest Robert Ciolek.

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Catholic gal said...


Lazarus Gethsemane said...

Mark Shea hardest hit. Nah. Just kidding. Shea doesn't do reality. He'll cleverly detect the telltale signs of a dastardly conspiracy against his beloved Pope Flatulence in all of this by those evil Christianist Trump Nazis. Because.... reasons...

TLM said...

Just as importantly this proves that Arch. Vigano was correct and + Wuerl is indeed a 'shameless liar'. Recall Arch. Vigano's 1st letter bomb: 'Wuerl's denials are laughable, he is a SHAMELESS LIAR'. (Paraphrasing but pretty close to what he said)

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

I'd urge caution here.

Vox and others here know exactly my view about paedophiles/pederasty and the Hireling.

However, let's be clear in this specific instance. An allegation is said to have been made. What if the allegation had no proof? What if the proof fell below the provable standard? What was the allegation? Was the allegation investigated? If it was investigated what was the outcome? If the allegation wasn't investigated why wasn't it investigated?

I'm not trying to defend McCarrick or Wuerl here. As far as I am concerned there is more than enough cumulative evidence from other cases regarding McCarrick to prove him to be the paedophile/pederast deviant that he is.

Was Wuerl covering for McCarrick? I think we need to be very careful here. We need to know the circumstances of the allegation and what action, or inaction, happened as a result of the allegation.

If Wuerl is shown to be derelict - he too much be fired and laiscised.

Anonymous said...

Lazarus Geth: the sad thing to discover is that neither do opus devils do reality. It's just one big opus devil washing machine churning up a spin to get power for their own. How is Vigano vindicated for only attacking Wuerl--there were no other bishops/cardinals who knew about McCarrick other than Wuerl? Why don't they call for the head of Cardinal Edwin O'Brien? Or Cardinal Dolan? How is Vingano vindicated when he stopped an investigation into Neinstedt who was guilty of the same crimes as McCarrick? How come Neinstedt is yet to be defrocked (Neinstedt was employed by Opus Devil Napa Institute servicing powerful (worldly), high roller Catholics the kind converted by Fr. Grope McCloskey who once used are found smothered in opus devil hunting lodges)?

Rather than declaring him 'vindicated,' why isn't the opus devil spin machine calling for the defrocking of Vigano for covering up the vulnerable seminarian raper Neinstedt (and surely his whole time as nuncio Vigano covered up ALL the crimes being committed in the U.S.-- but only Wuerl is guilty? Only Wuerl must go?)?

If Wuerl is a liar (and surely you don't believe he would not craft answers w/lawyers that are technically true), then isn't Vigano a liar also and aren't those who are behind Vigano (the opus devil machine) also liars for not telling the WHOLE truth?

Why isn't the opus devil machine up in arms against pelosi (CM has yet to mention her this year, but obama, obama, obama (maybe they like black babies being murdered along w/the ginsburg & schumers)), the bloody baby butchering war criminal of the U.S.? Why aren't they callin' for the california bishops to take action against her? Why are they silent on the opus devil congressional coup that saw paul pedophile coverupper opus devil ryan engineer the retirement of so many republicans in the house that power went to stonewall butcher pelosi? Will archie gomez be banned from the west coast walk for life 'cause he gives communion to Xavier Becerra who prosecutes pro-lifers? Isn't 1.2 million baby murders a day a small price to pay (just like jfk's murder & the 911 hoax) to get power? Nancy's leadin' the spanish invasion of the U.S.A. -- and that's fine w/Spanish opus devils. Who is their 'faithful,' 'manly' candidate to replace Wuerl (is he from latin america like mariadiaga, bergoglio, gomez etc?)?

Why don't the donna (christendom rape & jfk murder coverup) bethells clean out their own stinking stable and get rid of Philadelphia Burbidge (who's as big a sodomite as Wuerl (as was Loverde)) --I guess cause he's faithfully leading the spanish invasion of virginia.


The opus devil scum who use 'prolife' and the catholic church to advance themselves are no different than the sodomites and communists who use the catholic church to advance themselves. Vigano is vindicated only in opus devil propaganda organs.

P.S. The only time these 2 contingents join forces is to attack those who've gone out into the desert like St. John the Baptist and Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Wow , I copied and pasted and circulated "anonymous" 1:18's comment above. Looks like someone here actually does do research and actually reads well documented material and can actually parse the truth from the fake . Bravo!

Here's a typical "opus devil"diversion tactical article.
"Author G V Bradley is Opus Dei – The Witherspoon Institute is OD’s multi-million funding agency in Manhattan.
Gerard V. Bradley is Professor of Law at the University of Notre Dame Law School and a Senior Fellow of the Witherspoon Institute, where he is Chair of the Academic Committee of the Simon Center on Religion and the Constitution"

Anonymous said...

This so called pretend Pope lies on a daily basis, are we expected to believe his mafia men don't lie. God Bless his true apostle,Vigano, Vigano, Vigano!

Montejurra said...

Date: Fri, Jan 11, 2019 at 2:18 PM
Subject: Re: Register: The PA PervReport “promises to expend scarce law-enforcement resources on one of the few institutions in America that has largely reformed itself” OK?

NO, it is not OK. This Opus Dei owned rag seeks to deflect the spotlight. Opus Dei is supporting the LIES of pope Francis to provide cover for the homosexual takeover of the Vatican & the Church at large and to provide cover for the "evolution" of Catholic Morality. Opus Dei's hiding of admitted sex abuser Father McCloskey at its Reston Center in northern Virginia is one more example of the Opus Dei policy of pretending to be champions of orthodoxy while in practice promoting Revolutionary Modernism.

Anonymous said...

The strange case of Archbishop John Clayton Nienstedt Part IV – Opus Dei's Role in the Viganò Affair

Tom A. said...

Vigano is also a Novus Ordo modernist. He is no savior or defender of the Catholic Faith.

Anonymous said...

Lie and conspiracy on top of lies and conspiracies......
The b/s is soo deep none of us can breath !

Anonymous said...

Now the Christendom College/FBI/CIA neo-con opus devil contingent is going to use the March for Life to hold an 'important' demonstration against Wuerl! They act like they are prolife but they are just using murdered babies to advance the opus devil agenda which is to make us serfs to their deep state elite. They lie as shamelessly as Wuerl! When did you hear CM object (or even mention Opus Devil Tim Busch buying CUA's business school w/the Jewish pro-abort, pro-sodomite marriage Koch Brothers (who were and are against Trump just like Timmy 2 kid Busch) timmy even called the Koch brothers secret Catholics). You need cheap labor to run a Napa winery -- what better cheap labor than unskilled Latin Americans! What better allies than pro-abort, pro-sodomite marriage, anti-Christ Jews to restore catholicism to D.C.? Have the Koch bros picked the next bishop of DC?

It wasn't CM, EWTN, Catholic Register, LifeSite News shaming Wuerl in 2013:




But what did opus devil w/their neo-con paul ryan (running mate to nitt romney (working for sodomites in the BSA since 1994!) just pull of in the U.S. Congress - won't hear about that in Church Militant's 'election coverage,' -- won't hear about that w/Tim Busch Koch brother controlled opus devil -- as they turn red america blue w/illegal aliens.

What do DiNardo & Wuerl have in common -- they're both from Pittsburgh -- and opus devil is after them both (to steal the papal foundation?).

Donna Bethell calls herself catholic laity and concerned catholic -- but look her up for yourself who she is, who her husband is (neumeyr), and connect the dots -- all these 'lay' colleges w/out convents/seminaries that are SO catholic (18 rapes in 16 years--but prez of Christendon don't have to go!); check out the chrystal cathedral 'campus' that is the same as protestant mega churches (tim & steph buschies idea of the two-kid rich jew protestant priestless, sacrifce-less christian) -- these scum are doing the same to the church as the sodomite communists. Who is their 'real' bishop? How is archie gomez any different (covering up for Mahoney when francis orders him to) than wuerl? Lifesite news, EWTN, Catholic Register, Church Militant are manipulating the conservative catholics to advance opus devil's agenda -- but that's never mentioned. And they have the nerve to call other people liars!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:59.......

But here we praise Vigano as a hero and on CMtv.
Please for the sake of clarity.


Even Voris had to admit there was a timeline discrepancy in Vigano's testimonial about Nienestedt ( Just in case something more is revealed).

Read https://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/sex-money-clericalism-papal-foundation/

and the this

People , it ain't YOUR Church anymore and certainly not even Our Lord Jesus Christ's . No it belongs to the opus dei global political devil.
Take it back.

Tom A. said...

Vigano has much more in common with McCarrick than any traditionalist has in common with any Novus Ordite.

Anonymous said...

There is no hope for the Church when we still have garbage such as Vox Cantoris operating on the web. Disgusting blog.

Irenaeus said...

Anonymous at 12:01 - Well, if you find Vox's blog so "disgusting," what are you doing reading and commenting on it?

Anonymous said...

Ah, I’ve been gone a while but I see the Traddie circular firing squad is back. Please take your meds and lie down a bit.

Tom A. said...

Ah the circular firing squad analogy. Translation: stop discussing those topics that are too controversial and lets get back to simply bashing the liberals.

Anonymous said...

Tom—I suggest a course in logic.