Sunday, 28 October 2018


The era of the homosexual pervert bishop, the coverup and the financial corruption is about to be exposed.

Donald Trump is being used by God to serve His Holy will.

May He be praised.

This will reach Bergoglio.


Barona said...

This investigation, since it includes activities (including the practice of moving known abusers between rehabilitation centres) that cross international boundaries, will finally expose the decades long involvement of Southdown. This means that when RICO gets going, the Archdiocese of Toronto is going to be implicated in some very, very serious wrong doing.

Will we see our American friends issuing warrants for the extradition of Canadian churchmen for trial in the US, for criminally conspiring to move and counter-move child molesters?

We know that it is a well know practice for the Basilians to cross border ship their homosexual abusers.

Will we see the bankrupting of not only hundreds of dioceses and archdioceses, but also religious Orders?

Will we see Canadian authorities finally launching an investigation of their own into what is going on this country?

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

This is one of those times, when a villain has cornered himself into position of a victim. Pedophilia is practiced in government and in other religions - Islam, Judaism, and Protestantism. It is rampant in children's charities, social services, schools and among pediatrics practitioners and sports coaches.

Nothing excuse Bergoglio and his sodomites and sodomite allies for cover-up of sexual crimes. But they have become the main target, when so many others should be investigated, in order for satanic forces to continue to destroy the Catholic Church.

I suspect that Bergoglio and his army of sodomites would have preferred to destroy the Church on their own terms.

Anonymous said...

Did they think that the rules don't apply to them? I hope the feds look into the financial records too, and not just the priests personnel files. Were taxpayer-funded grant dollars being used for pensions, payoffs and psychiatric treatments for pedos? (40% of the USCCB budget is federally funded)

Everyone and every organization under the USCCB that had access to children, such as orphanages and foster care agencies should be investigated too. If they didn't hesitate to go after altar boys who had families I shudder to think what may have happened to children who had no one at all. Root them all out and instill the fear of God in them.


TLM said...

Yes indeed, the financial records will be looked at as well, with a fine tooth comb. So much more will be uncovered besides predator behavior. Money laundering, child trafficking, embezzlement and God only knows what else. Hang on people. This is going to get VERY VERY UGLY. I saw a lawyer had said to a friend of his on twitter: "Bishops are going to go to jail". This I do believe is the real housecleaning that's going to have to go on. Yes, government funds will be shut off, bankruptcies filed and Churches closed but sometimes God uses His enemies to make pure what needs to be cleaned. And yes, this will also have tentacles reaching into other countries. It doesn't make sense to me that God would clean only one little country when others are also infested with swarms of cock roaches. As Donald Trump says: "This is going to be YUGE". This, I do believe is the straw that is going to break the camel's back. We will have to rebuild after the rubble clears.

Ana Milan said...

PF must indeed be 'boiling with rage' (to quote Edward Pentin) but he & his cronies have brought this upon themselves. They are all part of a worldwide criminal set-up which must be exposed & let there be no doubt that it includes other religious organisations, governments, teachers, media personnel etc. Once the investigation takes hold it will lead to just about everyone in public life including Mafia, Despots, Drug Cartels, Clintons, Soros et al & the outcry so great that imprisonment won't satisfy. Interesting times in which to live. Trust in God to see us through.

Anil Wang said...

It's now clear why God allowed Pope Francis to be elected.

Imagine what would have happened if all this was exposed when Pope Benedict were in charge? True "stuffy" Catholicism would be tarnished and the "cure", more liberalism, would be promoted endlessly, and true Catholics would cower in a corner to avoid the heat as they have done since at least Vatican II.

But since Pope Benedict handed the grenade to Pope Francis and Pope Francis surrounded himself by the very explosive liberals who were at the heart of the covered up scandal, modernism has been dealt a critical blow -- even among moderate moderates. If the next conclave can be kept from being too rigged, a true Catholic reformer will be put in charge, because true Catholic bishops have been made tougher under Pope Francis and moderately modernist Bishops want to avoid persecution from secular authorities.

Kathleen1031 said...

May God truly be praised! There is so much to say here, it has to sink in.
We all know the church is full of homosexuals, but the ugly tentacles and reality of that cannot be fully understood by those of us on the outside. This is simply an astounding development, because here is the biggest mistake the pope and the bishops have made. They have been arrogant to the people. They have treated faithful Catholics poorly, and we began to beg the US federal government to investigate, and since President Donald Trump is the quality man he is, he or his team heard, and answered.
Child molestation has become a worldwide practice and sickness. The cries of children and especially young boys and destroyed young men have reached the ears of Our Lord, and He is answering that cry.

We love our faith and what the Catholic Church is in her essence, still, but we would rather see the church burn to the ground than continue to act as a huge sex trafficking ring, harming boys and young men and daring to continue promoting these abusers to high positions! This pope has spit in the face of God and faithful Catholics, his arrogance and venom is obvious, there for all to see. He is a devil. He spoke honestly a few weeks ago, only a devil would intentionally cover up for boy molesters and promote them, as well as work so hard to destroy the faith.

Please God in heaven, let this happen and finally, FINALLY, bring disinfectant to your church so as to clean out the infection of homosexuality and subterfuge, diabolical coverups, financial misdeeds, sex trafficking and all the other grievous sins that have blackened the church over so many years.

Anonymous said...

It's all disgusting.
Randy Engel has been exposing the holes in Vigano's testimony. Yes they all knew about McCarrick but Vigano cannot paint himself as a snow white doe when it comes to Ninestadt. He shut down that investigation and he knew what Ninestadt was doing.
Note mention of "subsequent investigations" into Vigano's "testimony".

I wish people would get a clue that wealthy catholics who have invested in Vatican sanctioned New Evangelization projects also see theie investments drying up because of Borgoglio and the priest abuse reports coming to light. Think Opus Dei, Legatus and red hat lists.
All being done for the good of the Church or their god of Mammon?

Anonymous said...

Here is the powerful segment on "60 minutes"exposing the Bishop of Buffalo whose Executive assistant copied and released the clerical abuse files to the FBI.
Scroll down the page to watch the segment.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that while reading the Wanderer many years ago, I noticed that DiNardo was very hostile and niggardly toward the Latin Mass.


Anonymous said...

IF the pursuit of TRUTH results in VENGEANCE, falsely veiled as JUSTICE, this investigation will do more harm than good.

Mercy and Justice must be 1.


Tom A. said...

Which is exactly why we should never put these NO prelates up on any pedastal no matter how much we may agree with them on an issue. At the end of the day, these NO prelates have been formed by the NO protestant mass they offer.

Anonymous said...

Tom A, more like the NO Prelates have been formed by Vat 2 which was brought to us by the spawn of Bella Dodd's homosexual fertilization of our seminaries with Communist Party members.
They are the ones who brought you the NO , the inverted catechisms , The Movements from hell like the Legion and Opus Dei ,on trial now for sexual child abuse of a poor child in one of their own schools in Spain.
They are the ones who opted to cover up abuse and transfer pederasts to abuse again and again, rather than turn them over to the legal authorities and sorry Barona , but under the Pontficate JP2 who "loved children so much" , the Bishops were all directed to do so.
No CATHOLIC Pope would have kissed the Koran!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kathleen1031. She wrote..."Please God, let this happen and finally, FINALLY, bring disinfectant to your church so as to clean out the infection of homosexuality and subterfuge..."

The rot in the Church is so pervasive that a nuclear option is required, IMO. Yes, it will be ugly, and the innocent will suffer as well as the guilty. God does allow for a chastisement by non-Catholics. The government is not Catholic, and it doesn't care about the Catholic Church, but it can still be used by God to clean out the filthy stables.

M. Ray

Anonymous said...

When I was a child our parish church was defiled when a 14 year old girl was attacked and raped in it. All parishioners were notified there would be NO MASSES in the Church until the church was Exorcised and Re Consecrated.
Why havn't we heard the same being done in all the churches where altar boys and girls were sexually attacked? a priest named Florencio Tumang is still wanted by the FBI in one of our former parishes for molesting adolescent girls in the church confessionals. There was no exorcism or rite of purification done in that church, in fact the pastor ,Fr LaForge died in another state while doing his sentence of community service in another Diocese after slipping Tumang five thousand dollars to leave the country.Note the call for Exorcism in this Church
Church Law states ......." Church Law teaches that sacrilege occurs when sacred objects are used for an unworthy purpose.This includes profane use of sacred vestments.Church law also teaches that defiling a sacred place by sexual acts is sacrilege."

Tom A. said...

Anon 1:48, no need to exorcise anything because the NO gang no longer believes in that mumbo jumbo. Jesus is simply a social worker now. Besides it doesn't work when done in the Novus Ordo format.

Anonymous said...

Here's what happens when priests bishops and Cardinals CEASE to Believe
"Witches & Wizards Usurp
Catholic Church"

Peter Lamb said...

"Please God, let this happen and finally, FINALLY, bring disinfectant to your church ..."

Christ's Church is His spotless Bride - always spotless; always perfect and NEVER EVER IN NEED OF DISINFECTING! The judeo- masonic nwo church is NOT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. So simple, so basic, yet so hard for some to understand. Nothing can be itself and its opposite at the same time. One cannot be hot and cold at the same time; good and bad at the same time. No "church" can be Christ's Church AND the devil's church, which is precisely what one is saying when one says that Christ's Church needs disinfecting.

NIdahoCatholic said...

Remove a sodomite; remove a heretic. It's a twofer!

Melanie said...

Peter Lamb, This is exactly what many are saying now; that the Catholic Church is the Church and anti- Church. That the Antichrist can lead the Church but we should just ignore him. This has GOT to be a heresy; it totally invalidates the entire purpose of the Church. And even if Jorge isn’t THE Antichrist, he is anti-Christ. I don’t understand how Catholics are just nodding their heads to this idea, it’s totally evil and a lie.

Anonymous said...

Tom A, No I would not call them simply social workers now.
They can rightly be labeled LGBT Apologists.

Anonymous said...

I hope something happens to bust up the Novus Ordo V2 church hierarchy and its support for the homosexual clergy among both priests and nuns. While I pray for a return to Catholic morality inside the V2 "church" one should notice that Democrat Pa AG Shapiro hasn't said a word since his much publicized press conference in August. I'm thinking that he was told by liberals who pay the bills not to capsize the homosexuality movement inside the V2 church. Protecting children and bringing perps to justice will always come in a distant second to protecting homosexual power for AG Shapiro. Not sure US Justice Dept or FBI will be any better.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Peter Lamb

Dear Peter, how then shall one understand all the impurities and crimes in the Church before Second Vatican Council?

Peter Lamb said...

It helps if we remember that Christ's Church is not a human organisation. It is a supernatural one, composed of Our Lord as Head, the Church Militant, Suffering and Triumphant. It is also important to distinguish between sins against Faith and those against Morals. Sins against Faith,(notorius heresy, apostasy, schism), lead to automatic excommunication and loss of membership of the Mystical Body. Sins against Morals do not lead to loss of membership. So, the Borgias, sodomites etc. are STILL CATHOLICS on their way to hell, unless they repent before death, but judeo-masonic modernists are heretics and are therefore NO LONGER CATHOLICS. The Church Temporal (which I'm sure is what was meant), can be "disinfected" from unrepentant clergy who are sinners against Morals by defrocking etc., but not from heretics, because heretics are NOT MEMBERS of the Church Temporal.
Bottom line - the Catholic Church can never contain heretics, or heresy. So, bergoglio et al are masquerading as Catholic Clergy and their "church" as the Catholic Church, but they are not Catholics and their "church" is not the Catholic Church.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Dorota, by the Church before VII, I think you mean the Church Militant before VII. We all have fallen human nature, which inclines us to sin. We are all sinners and depend on the Grace of God to bring us to our final end. (God.) The Church has always had saints and sinners. Sometimes we sin venially; sometimes mortally. Our outcome depends on repentance, grace and God's mercy - "Though your sins be scarlet, you may yet be made white as snow." The Church has always had rotten apples at all levels of the Clergy and laity, who grossly sinned against Morals - impurities and crimes - and are now hopping from coal to coal in hell.

1. The Catholic Church is the one and ONLY Church of Christ.
2. The Catholic Church is Indefectible - Divine Revelation and the Catholic Faith CANNOT change.
3. The Catholic Church is protected from EVER teaching error, or ANYTHING harmful to the salvation of souls by the Holy Ghost.
4. The Pope is the Vicar of Christ and teaches by Authority of Christ Himself.
5. There has NEVER been a Pope who promulgated heresy. Both Vatican I and St. Robert Bellarmine have established and taught this fact. The Holy Ghost would NEVER allow a Pope to teach heresy, otherwise the Solemn and Ordinary Magisteriums could not remain infallible.

So, to answer your question: The Church Militant has always been and always will be a mixed bag of apples - Saints and sinners - i.e. Saints and sinners against Morals. It has no sinners against Faith, because they automatically exclude themselves from the Church. Remember Our Lord chose 12 Apostles of whom one went to hell; one denied Him and they all ran away when He was arrested. But the Bride of Christ, the supranatural Catholic Church always remains, like her Spouse, infinitely perfect and inviolate.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Melanie, You are perfectly correct. It's called Recognizing and Resisting.

c matt said...

Not sure if this preservation letter is sufficient - it is to the USCCB, which really does not have any authority over individual dioceses(sp?). It would need to go to each individual head bishop of the each diocese. Of course, whatever information the USCCB has itself would be covered. But I am not sure this would be sufficient to prevent a local ordinary from "accidentally" failing to preserve some documents/information.

Of course the feds - being the feds - don't necessarily have to follow the law to the letter in order to get their way. Disobey them at your own risk.

c matt said...

Dorota, one can look at it as a destruction, but it can also be viewed as a cleansing. It is preferable that the destruction come from without, as it is less likely that an outside force would know where the true heart lies, and will therefore more likely to strike down the internal foe. Destruction by insiders is always aimed at the faithful remnant, not fellow internal destroyers.